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 "Climate change does not respect borders; it does not respect who you are - rich and poor, small and big. Therefore, it is what we call 'global challenges,' which require global solidarity."
~ Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations


Decarbonisation After Lockdown

There’s $10-20 Trillion to get us to the Paris Target …or there will be if the post Covid recovery package is designed to avoid even more pain. That’s one of the main ‘take-homes’ from a Radio 4 interview featuring Christiana Figueres, Former Executive Secretary of the UNFCC. Recovering from this horrific part of our human history must have decarbonisation at the centre, ensuring both sustainable economic wellbeing and physical wellbeing for all.

Read the full transcription of what she had to say about post lockdown recovery here.

Top 5 Ways to Act on C-19 & Climate

Current guidelines restricting life to basic functions have left many feeling as though their ability to implement emission reductions is decreased, e.g. perhaps through not being at work. However, many of the actions we’re taking have a positive effect, both against the spread of COVID-19 and the severity of its wider impacts, as well as helping to mitigate our impact on climate change.

Find our top 5 here.

Distance Delivery of Carbon Literacy

We wanted to bring you a quick update as to where we are in terms of distance delivery of Carbon Literacy in these ever-changing times. We’ve been working with a group of CLTOs, CLOs, and partners that deliver CL at scale to develop best practice and guidance on how this can be done successfully.

Further details on the creation of a useful platform are available here.

Your Guide to Green Cleaning

Everything we buy has a carbon footprint attached - from the manufacturing process, to the transport of different ingredients, all the way through to disposal. As we’re all avoiding the shops as much as possible at the moment, whilst trying to keep surfaces extra clean, why not try using some bits you probably already have around the house to create your own DIY cleaning products?

Click here for our favourite recipes.


The Carbon Literacy Project is a unique project, working with everyone who lives, works or studies, to offer a day's worth of training to the Carbon Literacy Standard. Once Carbon Literate, we have an instinctive understanding of the carbon impacts of our activities, are able to make informed choices, and, driven by the urgency, act positively to address climate change.

Upcoming Events

Carbon Literacy for Interested Organisations - Distance Delivered
06-20/05/20: Caroline Harmon

Carbon Literacy Open Course – Distance Online Learning
11-15/05/20: Cynnal Cymru

Carbon Literacy for Local Authorities - Distance Delivered
Various dates from 14/05/20: APSE

CL Pioneers Zoom Network Meeting 
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