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 "Climate change does not respect borders; it does not respect who you are - rich and poor, small and big. Therefore, it is what we call 'global challenges,' which require global solidarity."
~ Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations

Patagonia Action Works

International outdoor apparel company Patagonia, has launched Patagonia Action Works in the UK - a digital platform that connects its community with local grassroots organisations working to save the planet. The Europe-wide launch follows the huge success of the platform in North America, where it has seen half a million people take action to support environmental issues.

Read more about the platform and The Carbon Literacy Project's involvement as a Patagonia grantee here.

Global Climate Strike

Friday the 20th of September saw the biggest global call to action the world has yet seen on climate change, led by the world's youth demanding deeper and faster action. Over a million citizens in cities all over the world turned out to protest against inaction and demand change. The many organisations involved chose to support the strike in different ways.

Click here for a few examples of what some of our partner organisations and others did.

Spotlight on - Studio 91 Media

Studio 91 Media has worked hard to achieve Silver Carbon Literate Organisation status, through a drive to make a positive impact both on digital platforms and on their physical environment. They've focused on how to reduce their carbon footprint, particularly in terms of transport.

Click here to find out more about their CLO journey, and what else they've done to decarbonise.

Call for Applications - CLO Awards 2020

If your organisation is interested in becoming a CLO as part of the next wave, you have until 31st of January to get your application in. In March 2020 we will be holding our third Carbon Literacy Awards!
Engaging with Carbon Literacy and becoming a Carbon Literate Organisation is a fantastic way for organisations to accelerate their climate-change action, show their commitment to the low carbon agenda, and help reach our climate targets.

To find out more about becoming a CLO, follow the link.


The Carbon Literacy Project is a unique project, working with everyone who lives, works or studies, to offer a day's worth of training to the Carbon Literacy Standard. Once Carbon Literate, we have an instinctive understanding of the carbon impacts of our activities, are able to make informed choices, and, driven by the urgency, act positively to address climate change.

Upcoming Events

Patagonia Action Works Café - CL Workshop
10/10/2019: 15 Broadway Market

CL Train the Trainer
17&18/10/2019: Manchester Metropolitan University

Carbon Literacy for Registered Providers (CL4RPs Wales) Launch
24/10/2019:   Newport

Carbon Literacy for Registered Providers (CL4RPs) GM
04/11/2019:   Autotrader, Manchester

Carbon Literacy for Interested Organisations (CLIO) 
28/11/2019: 9.30am - 5.00pm   Great Places Housing, Manchester

Carbon City Zero: A deck-building card game where players race to create the first zero-carbon city.

It launched on Kickstarter in September, with all proceeds going to charity. You can read more about the game and its design process here.
Recycle your broken and unwanted electrical equipment, free of charge with ICT Reverse. ICT Reverse picks up and packages your unwanted or damaged computers, free of charge.  IT and telecom equipment donated to ICT Reverse via The Carbon Literacy Project generates funds directly for The Carbon Literacy Trust (Registered Charity Number 1156722).

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