Carbon Literacy Trainer Discount Scheme
If you are a member of our LinkedIn Pioneers Group (sign-up link below if not!) you may have already seen that we are currently running a discount on our CLT accreditation. If you have been waiting for a sign to apply for your CLT certificate – here it is!
Under the current discount scheme the cost of the CLT accreditation is reduced from £150 to £99 until 31st May 2022. 
The CLT Award...
  • Provides a visible badge that can be used to demonstrate your CL delivery experience and proficiency, with a uniquely numbered certificate and a suite of logos.
  • Qualifies you for inclusion in our Trainer Directory.
  • Grants you access to exclusive trainer resources, events and external opportunities.
To hear from your fellow Pioneers about their experiences, please watch our new Becoming a Carbon Literacy Trainer video!
Pre-purchase Option
If you still have some steps to take in becoming an accredited CLT, but would still like to take advantage of this discounted price, you can pre-purchase your accreditation this month, whilst submitting your application later in the year. 

Please download our Carbon Literacy Trainer Pack and get in touch with us at to register your interest and ask any questions! 
Carbon Literacy 'Pioneers Network' Event
We have now scheduled our next Pioneers Event for the 24th of May, 14.00 to 16.00. Our Pioneers Events are an informal space for facilitators, trainers and consultants, both accredited and informal, to come together and meet with us and one another. This session will be held virtually, making it accessible for trainers from a wide variety of locations, and will focus on important CL developments. During the session, we will be reviewing new documents and resources, discussing our proposed new CL trainer event (and how you can get involved in shaping this), alongside how to make sure you are notified about new trainer opportunities as and when they arise.
The link below will take you to the event page, where you can see the running order and reserve your free ticket. We hope to see many of you there! 
Sign-up to our Pioneers Event
Carbon Literacy in Action - A Call for Photos!

We would love to see more photos of Carbon Literacy in action, to help both you, as the trainer, and us, as The Project, to promote your CL course, and to better illustrate the increasing spread of Carbon Literacy throughout diverse communities around the world. 

  • Photos can (and should be) a variety of landscape and portrait orientations.
  • Videos (short clips only) are welcomed too! 
  • Permission is important. Please ask for your participant’s permission to share their photos, and please share your own level of permission when sharing photos with us via our Media Consent Form.
  • Send photos, permission forms, and any further questions to

You may also consider encouraging learners to share their own Carbon Literacy in action photos using the hashtag; #ShowUsYourPledge


The #ShowUsYourPledge hashtag can be used by learners to share photos of themselves implementing their pledges. For example, if a learner has pledged to...

  • Carry out a retrofitting project? Share a photo of it underway!
  • Commute via public or active transport rather than by car? Share a photo on the bus or on your bike! 
Ask learners to share these directly on social media, tagging you and CLP, with the hashtag #ShowUsYourPledge. The most creative photos, demonstrating the most impactful pledges, might just get featured as #Pledgend of the Month!
Trainer Resources - NEW!
  • CL Certification: A Guide for Trainers – This document goes through the certification process in detail, and bullet points why it is integral to get learners to this stage. We have collated some tips that you may consider if you have struggled to get learners to apply for certification in the past. 
  • Guide to Microsoft Forms - We have created a Microsoft Forms template version of our Participant Details and Evidence Form to make evidence collection and submission easier. Please read the document carefully before use as answers given on non-duplicated forms will be lost.
  • Trainer Tips: Promoting Your CL Course  – The successful promotion of your CL course can ensure a higher take-up of available spaces. If you have a new course in the pipeline or would like to increase the reach of an existing course, this document contains some promotion strategies you may wish to consider. 
Please visit our Documents and Resources pages for more. If you can't find something you are looking for, let us know.
✓ Reserve your free space at our Pioneers Event on 24th May, 14.00-16.00.

✓ Send any high-quality photos or videos that you have with permission to share to, and add #ShowUsYourPledge to your slides or follow up email.

✓ Many of our accredited CL Trainers are yet to be added to our Trainer Directory. There is a high demand from external organisations with limited experience of CL, to receive some external consultancy through someone with familiarity of the CL structure. If you would be interested in this kind of opportunity and are a certified Facilitator, Trainer or Consultant, please make sure you have a profile on our CL Trainer Directory.

✓ Please ensure that you are using the most up-to-date version of our Participant Details and Evidence Form (online or offline version) and Certification Request Form. Use of older forms, or missing information (particularly on the Certificate Request Form) can delay your submission. Get in touch if you have any questions about the forms or if you would like us to confirm your course ID number. 

✓ Read the new trainer resources above and get in touch with if there are any topics you would like to see addressed in future blogs and resources. 
The Pioneers Network

The LinkedIn Pioneers Network is a space for discussion and collaboration between trainers; the group can be used for sharing tips, advice, resources and co-facilitating opportunities. Use the button below to join the group and start a conversation!
CLP Pioneers LinkedIn Network
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