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After being advised of measures being taken to prevent the public from seeing the president when he visits Laguna Beach, we have determined what we thought would be an exercise in the First Amendment right of assembly and free speech will not be allowed.  Accordingly, we have decided to cancel the rally against the president's failed policies in Laguna Beach, called for in our message yesterday.
Although the president is being flown on Marine One into a public school and state park complex, transported on public roads, with state, county and city public servants diverted from their duties serving local taxpayers and citizens, the public is being denied access to any public area in which he can see or be seen by his fellow citizens.  The rights of the public to assemble to see their president pass by, to wave and cheer or exercise their First Amendment right to express their political beliefs, is being completely denied.   
Instead, President Obama is being whisked into a private gated enclave of the super rich with its own insular private security force and fire department, for a private $32,000 a plate one hour 
breakfast fundraiser and photo opportunity, with no official or public purpose, all at taxpayer expense.  Even if the federal government is reimbursed partially by the president's campaign, Laguna Beach taxpayers will not be reimbursed for an estimated cost to the city exceeding tens of thousands of dollars.    
For one week members of the public in Laguna Beach have been told their business with the city will have to wait until the following week, due to the demands made on their time because of the president's one hour visit.  Yet, the president and his handlers do not see any value in allowing him to have any contact with the local populace that are paying for his visit in their town.  
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