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Due to overwhelming response to our recent Member Depot Tour notice, we have added an additional tour at 9:00am on Tuesday, July 26. There are also some spaces still available for the 5:30pm tour on Wednesday, July 27. To sign up, email with "Depot Tour RSVP" in the subject line. 

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Only two weeks left to complete RMRS's Customer Satisfaction & Awareness Survey

We have been overwhelmed by the number of people who have responded to our Survey! We now have over 1250 responses and will be spending the next while compiling some pretty interesting stats. We look forward to sharing the results and using them to help us serve you better!

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Meet Annie! 

Hello! I’m a lifelong Maple Ridge resident, going into my third year of studies at the University of Victoria. I am very excited to be home for the summer, and my dog and I plan to spend as much time as possible up at Golden Ears and out on Pitt Lake. I am one of the Community Education Assistants, which means that you will be sure to see me out at all kinds of events this summer- please come over and say hi!
Over the past month working for the Recycling Society I have found the scale of how much is collected to be overwhelming. 1000 pounds of plastic bags are received every day at the Depot, the majority of these bags could be replaced with reusable totes or bags. I also find it hard to see the bins of single- use water bottles that are collected daily. While I appreciate that these items aren’t going into the landfill, it still seems unbelievably wasteful to me.
In an effort to reduce my contribution to the plastic that is collected at the Depot, I have been taking part in the Plastic Free July Challenge. This Australian-based challenge is aimed at eliminating (or at least reducing) single-use plastic items. The challenge is to avoid all of the single use packaging you can, and any items you cannot avoid must be put into a “dilemma bag” to review after the challenge is done. I am choosing to participate in the challenge for the entire month of July, however some residents are participating for a week or even just a day.
Every piece of plastic ever produced still exists somewhere in our world, and often finds its way into marine life, causing significant damage to fish, birds and other wildlife. While recycling is very important, the Plastic Free July Challenge focuses on refusing, reducing and reusing single use plastic items. If any of you are interested in learning more or participating in the challenge, more information can be found at

Ridge Meadows Recycling Society gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the Government of Canada through their Canada Summer Jobs Grant program.

Ordered Your Rain Barrel Yet?

Rain Barrels help lower municipal water demands and save energy at water treatment facilities by reducing water pollution and storm water runoff. Rain water, free from chlorine and water treatment chemicals, is an excellent water source for lawns, plants and gardens.

• Unique shape and neutral color that blends into any garden-scape
• 208 litre / 55 gallon capacity
• Content of up to 50% recycled materials
• Mosquito mesh to keep bugs and leaf debris out
• Lid that can be screwed onto base for added safety
• Easy installation with existing downspouts
• Overflow hose that can be linked to another rain barrel orcan be directed away from the house
• Contoured, easy-to-use spigot                    Above photo courtesy of Barry Fuller
• Installation instructions, spigot, screws, overflow hose and clampincluded
• Cover included

Order yours today!

Black bears are around us all year long. The two busiest times for bear calls is May/June when last year's Cubs are out on their own for the first time and in the Fall as the Bears pack on the pounds for Winter.
This Spring no bears were destroyed because of garbage habituation. Some of the reasons were the abundance of berries and the increase number of bear resistant bins. Having secure garbage and organic bins help keep the wildlife wild and our community safe.
The Recycling Society is offering for a limited time bear resistant bins for $100 which is discount of 50 percent off retail.
A secured bin not only reduces wildlife conflict, but also avoids wildlife fines up to $230.

-Dan Mikolay, Maple Ridge Wildsafe BC Coordinator

Solar Cones, Rain Barrels, and Bear-Resistant Organic Containers are on sale NOW! Order online at, in person at the Recycling Depot, or by calling 604-463-5545.

Ridge Meadows Recycling Society is a community-based, non-profit organization, advocating zero waste, operating responsible waste reduction services and providing environmental education.
We employ people with developmental disabilities assisting their integration into the community.

Vision: A waste free, socially responsible community

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