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Responding to Suggestions

Octobers new look

September spun, it dragged and kicked and screamed with delight as we pushed the clock hands round, counting off days. It had bouts of uncontrollable giggles and heart wrenching tears, it's been a busy month and I'm sure that sentiment is felt by many,

As October dawns how have we changed through our experiences. I have learnt to double check the wiring before we move into a new house, because expensive electronic equipment like laser printers go bang far too easily. I also have learnt to let go of my site design and in doing so make it easier to navigate and easier to view on small screens, .

'Letting go' of parts of the design was hard, I truly loved the look of the original and though many bits had been tacked on I clung onto what I originally drew. It's a problem many churches face, and one I know I've been guilty of upon many occasions. Somebody has a idea and turns that vision into a reality, but then reality takes over, it gets bigger than that one person, and it has to change to rise to the new heights. The original person must let go or watch their initial dream suffocate itself, crash and possibly burn.

What are you holding onto too tightly? Do you need to loosen your grip, be open to compromise, or just take a step back in order to let it more fully flourish?


Gaius had a great paper craft, (above) this little pop up scene closes to become a seemingly normal envelope!

Finishing Goliath, these rolling heads were a laugh to make. a touch ghoulish but less than many Halloween decorations.

Not wanting the younger ones to miss out on the paper craft action Gaius' second craft was this adorable spinner

ps. Want to see the popup card in action? There is a video on facebook!


The blog page has been quiet this month, but extra's have been posted in a variety of places.

The only blog offering looked at team training, specifically relating to the children who choose to say goodbye,

The Make pages claimed an extra post about making customised hero capes, a much enjoyed special treat for my church.

And the Facebook page went digging through the archive.


This Month

The next character and first craft is a request, a well known New testament character, but the rest of the month is a blank page ready to create!

As always I'm open for requests
send me an email
comment on facebook


He may be unknown, but Gaius, the recipient of Johns third epistle, is easy to relate to and a great lesson on hospitality, mission, and expressing love.

Before Gaius could come we needed to finish the very well known Goliath, a lesson on Size.

The new character is all ready to go, it's been requested and you'll see her appear on the site in a few days.


Behind the scenes.

Obviously the changes have kept me busy, I've had a keen eye on the numbers as I've tried to eliminate or fix weaker parts of the site. the videos and craft by photo page have waved goodbye for now. I hope you like the new arrangement and I'd love to hear any feedback.

Huge thanks to the three generous donors this month, who have helped me order a new laser printer after the last one went bang. Thank you so much for your belief in this site and for making it possible for me to keep the whole site free for those who can't afford to give. Does your church have a budget, could you afford to share the blessing?



This is another little craft I made up specifically for another persons lesson.
God is often seen as fire, the pillar of fire, the burning bush, the story of Pentecost, not to mention Elijah.
This craft depicts the city of God, but the template includes 4 silhouettes, the city, the twigs of the bush, altar stones and a crowd.

Cut the top off a clear plastic disposable cup,
cut flames from tissue paper or plastic bags and cover the edges of the cup.
Cut the silhouette shape and tape in place round the bottom of the flames.
Add an electric T-light inside the cup.

These fire cups could be made with cloud shapes too

download template

Prayer Requests

We are so very grateful for those who pray. 

After 2 months in the new house it's firmly turning into home. Many thanks to those who have been praying.

have a small medical issue which could be a storm in a teacup or something more serious. I'd appreciate prayers for healing. Medical care is expensive and stressful for me, please pray for peace, especially peaceful nights

Lastly could you pray for more opportunities to be a living witness in this new community, especially as the winter comes and heating bills threaten many surrounding us who are already struggling with poverty.
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