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Station Spotlight

kuncThis month KUNC (pictured, photo courtesy of Jim Hill) out of Northern Colorado, and KETR in Northeast Texas, offer two case studies that demonstrate the importance of leveraging digital assets for news reporting.

KUNC's online traffic skyrocketed (1500%) amid the worst forest fires in Colorado's history.  How did they do it?  Editorial Specialist Ki-Min Sung explains what KUNC did right, including posting web-first stories, creating engaging content, and providing valuable and timely news to their community.  Read more here.

Livestock is big news in Texas, especially when an animal turns up dead. So when a rare white buffalo was found slaughtered, KETR News Director Scott Harvey jumped on the story. The web-first coverage delivered a surge in traffic and solidified the stations commitment to digital news. To read how they did it, go here.

The Team

teresaThe NPR Digital Services Editorial Training team has more than doubled over the past several months; allow us a moment to introduce ourselves. This month, we highlight our newest team member, Teresa Gorman.

Teresa joined the team in June as a Digital News Specialist.  She works on the news training team sharing best practices around creating compelling local content online. Prior to joining NPR, Teresa was social media editor at PBS NewsHour, where she played a leading role in shaping NewsHour's social media, outreach and engagement strategy.

In between cups of coffee, we asked Teresa some questions:
What's the latest book you read? Bossypants by Tina Fey. 
Favorite food: Macaroni and Cheese, as evidenced by my (alarmingly) robust Pinterest board.
Hobbies: Exploring Boston (I just moved here from DC), hanging out with my large family [ED: Teresa has 9 siblings!], helping plan the Twitter chat #wjchat, and, once in a while, unplugging
What’s on your phone homescreen?
Favorite app on your homescreen? Maps, because I am directionally challenged.  For fun, I'm enjoying Instagram right now. Some news outlets are doing interesting experiments there.
Interesting experiments, eh?  Go on….
Some of the big hitters to check out are the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, ABC News, NBC News, and of course NPR, just to name a few. Stations are experimenting there, too, including KPCC and WSKG. Plus it gives a nice visual look into the everyday lives of the people I follow, from close friends, to public media types such as Ari Shapiro on the campaign trail. Eric Athas has a great list of third party Instagram apps here.  

Photo courtesy of Teresa Gorman


Training Update

You are here because you have participated in at least one of our online webinars, but do you know about our other training options? We offer several training plans to choose from, depending on your station’s size, capacity and digital ambitions. You can watch a webinar from the comfort of your desk, attend an 11-week intensive online program, which kicks off with a three-day leadership conference in DC, and/or have us come to your station for a week of on-site training.  For more information email Kim Perry and/or read Everything You Need to Know About Knight Training.  (Pictured: participants from the inaugural 11-week session. Photo courtesy of Kasia Podbielski)

Stay tuned for more information about upcoming webinars on our blog, and email us ideas for topics you would like to see covered.
Top 5 Most Attended Webinars (of 2012)
  1. Melody Kramer of Fresh Air on the Digital Life of Shows
  2. Metrics and User Behavior (because of proprietary information included in this webinar, you must login to to view it.)
  3. Social Media Tools for Locating & Backgrounding People
  4. Backgrounding Individuals & Uncovering Public
  5. The 7 Steps to Twitter Dominance

My So-Called
Digital Life

In 'My So-Called Life," we'll talk with individuals involved in public media to see how they wade through the data deluge. This month we spoke with Manager of Digital Initiatives (and Mischief), Matt Thompson.
Three daily must reads:
NPR's a gimme, right? Otherwise - Twitter, Google Reader and MetaFilter

Three people you follow regularly:
Robin Sloan, Maria Popova, Megan Garber

Three places you go despite your better judgment:
The Reddit front page, Memeorandum, Hacker News

Three accounts you'd pay to follow on Twitter:
@brainpicker, @tcarmody, @moorehn

Three guilty pleasures online:,, the Kindle store

Three must listen podcasts:
NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour, Slate's Culture Gabfest, 99% Invisible

First thing you check in the morning/Last thing you check at night:
(Again, besides NPR :) ),  Reddit NoSleep

Favorite news consumption time saver:

Your go-to local news source(s):
Everyblock, (my neighborhood blog), DCist, WaPo

Your most used mobile reporting tool or app:

Something you wished people would ask you on these types of lists:
"Name three of your seven Wonders of the Internet."

Ok, please name three of your seven Wonders of the Internet:
Wikipedia,, and Ask MetaFilter.

Words of wisdom/advice for stations as they go forward in their digital endeavors.
Have fun with this stuff! These folks do.

Photo courtesy of NPR 
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