I am back from Adepticon, and very pleased to be able to announce, that given the large number of requests I have received, the good Adepticon folks have allowed me to bring home all of my the LE Minis they had left from the last 3 years, and release them for sale via Victoria Miniatures this Tuesday 14th April.
That time works out as:
4pm Tues 14th Chicago.
10pm Tues 14th London.
7am Wed 15th Sydney.
Available will be; 40 each of the resin 2014 Arcadian Sgt, The 2015 Tannenburg Colonel and less than 10 of the 2013 metal Beastman Captain.
Cheers, V
Also new for Victoria Miniatures this month are Great Coat legs standing and kneeling, chem mask heads with goggles and without goggles, Shoulder pads and Universal Bare Rifle arms.
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