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A message from the President..

Leland Management has been working diligently to provide our board members and homeowners with the best service that a management company can offer. We are currently working on many important initiatives such as implementing a new customer satisfaction/feedback program and expanding and enhancing our education program to now include the state mandated HOA Board Member Certifications.   We have encouraged and supported many of our Association Managers to go above and beyond and earn additional certifications such as: the CMCA (Certified Manager of Community Associations), and FCAP designations.  Additionally, we have kept our focus on expanding our technology to best suit the association management industry.  

Finally,  we are pleased to announce that Leland has been named the #1 Best Place to Work by the Orlando Business Journal in the large company division.  This is the third year in a row Leland has been named one of the Best Places to Work.    I consider this a tremendous accomplishment as they utilize confidential employee surveys to help determine the winners.  The strength and dedication of the Leland team is unparalleled and this is proof that when the team works together we can accomplish anything. 

Rebecca Furlow, President, Leland Management



Legal Updates

There have been several changes on the legal front with the passing of Bills HB 7119, SB 120 and HB 73 this month.  The new legislation affects homeowner and condominium associations in many areas, including the requirement that all  new HOA Board Members  either sign a document stating that they have read and understand all of the community documents or  attend a state approved Board Member certification course.  Leland Management anticipated this change and  we have responded by putting together a course that meets the needs of the new requirements.  We have been providing a similar course, free of charge, for Condo Board Members  for the past 18 months with positive results.    For information on our course offerings, please visit our website at 

HB 7119 addressed several issues as they relate to Home Owners Associations including (but not limited to): disciplinary proceedings for CAM violations, record availability, reserve account budgeting, election of Board Members in developer controlled HOA's, transition of control of HOA's from a developer if they desert their responsibilities, HOA elections; restrictions on contracts with companies where a director has a financial interest, new reporting requirements, and clarification of the term "Previous Owner".  For more information on this Bill which will  be enacted on July 1st, 2013, please visit

SB 120 amends the Florida Condominium Act to clarify when a condominium is created, it summary (as provided by  it: allows condominium units to come into existence regardless of requirements or restrictions in a declaration; extends the amount of time that a clerk of the circuit court may hold a sum of money before notifying the registered agent of an association that the sum is still available and the purpose for which it was deposited; changes the requirements relating to the circumstances under which a declaration of condominium or other documents are effective to create a condominium; revises the conditions under which a developer may amend a declaration of condominium governing a phase condominium; and provide for an extension of the 7-year period for the completion of a phase, etc.  For more information on this Bill which was enacted on June 6, 2013, please visit

HB73 is focused on residential properties.  In summary (as provided by  it: exempts certain elevators from specific code update requirements; requires association to allow member or member's representative to use certain portable devices to make electronic copies of association records; authorizes condominium association to print & distribute member directory under certain conditions; revises provisions relating to association's power to purchase land & recreational lease; revises terms of members of association's board of administrators & revises eligibility criteria for candidates; revises condominium unit owner election & condominium association meeting notice & record keeping requirements; provides requirements for condominiums relating to election challenges, recalls, & installation of impact glass or other code-compliant windows; provides requirements for condominiums created within condominium parcels; revises provisions relating to imposing remedies; revises liability of unit owners; revises records not accessible to members & parcel owners; revises provisions relating to amendment of declarations; provides criteria for consent or joinder to amendment; and it requires notice to mortgagees regarding proposed amendments. For more information on this Bill which will  be enacted on July 1st, 2013, please visit



Insider Edition Highlights

  • Welcome Wagon
  • Kudos Korner
  • Rebecca Furlow, Woman Who Means Business
  • Marti Salt Visits Summit Greens
  • Northlake Park,  a "Home for a Hero"
  • Hurricane Preparedness
  • Easter Celebrations at Villa Rosa
  • Make 'm Smile
  • Going Green
  • The New Community Outreach Program, Social Media

Team Kudos Korner

Congratulations to the following team members for their outstanding service.
  • Gary V., Director of CAM Development from Orlando, was named the Leland Management, "Shining Star" for 2013.
  • Greg B., Brian K., Vanessa M.,  Chrisann O., Debbie P., & Kathleen W.   for being named Leland Management Super Stars of the month.
  • Gary V., Director of CAM Development from Orlando named to the Florida Bar Unlicensed Practice of Law (UPL) Committee.
  • David F., COO Leland Management, was named President of the CEOMC community association  industry advocacy group as well as being appointed to the CAI-FLA

Outstanding Division
 Congratulations to the Ocala Division for being named Leland Management's Outstanding Division for 2013

Rebecca Furlow, a Woman Who Means Business

Leland Management is pleased to announce that our President, Rebecca Furlow, has been selected as one of eight honorees in the Business Owner category for the Orlando Business Journal's 15th Annual Women Who Mean Business awards.

To those who know Rebecca, it does not come as a surprise that she is being honored.  Throughout her career, Rebecca has excelled in business, starting Leland Management over 15 years ago, growing it to over 350 employees and serving more than 100,000 homeowners throughout Florida.  She is a pioneer in her profession, as well as an advocate for the Community Association Management industry.  She is actively involved in implementing and maintaining high standards of professionalism for Community Association Managers both in Leland Management and throughout the state of Florida.  

Rebecca has developed an excellent reputation for Leland Management based on honesty, respect, trust, and customer service.  She takes an active role in all aspects of the company and leads by example.  Please join us in congratulating Rebecca on receiving this honor.

Villa Rosa Celebrates Easter

Villa Rosa, a community located in Tampa, celebrated Easter in style this year with a community wide Easter egg hunt and a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny. 


Photo: Join Leland Management on June 1st  at Lake Eola for the 11th annual Nathaniel's Hope,  Make ‘m Smile event.   Make ‘m Smile is a community festival that celebrates kids with special needs (VIP kids) and their families.

On June 1st the Leland Management team supported Nathaniel's Hope and spent the day with thousands of VIP children at Lake Eola.  Nathaniel's Hope is an organization that is dedicated to sharing hope with the families of children with special needs.  They offer support by providing resources, assistance, education and hope to families all over the world.  This was the 11th year of the Make 'm Smile event which is a free community festival that celebrated kids with special needs (VIP Kids) and their families.  The event featured a "Buddy Stroll" where VIP families are buddied up with people from around the community for a stroll around Lake Eola.  Leland Management is proud to be a sponsor of this event; it is wonderful to spend time with and have the opportunity to put a smile on the faces of the many children who attended.  It was an amazing day, one that will stay with everyone who participated.  For more information, please visit


Going Green

In celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd, many people  joined together to make their communities more "Green".  Leland Management sees “Going Green” as a means of saving for the long term not only for our environment but also for our bank accounts. When done correctly, eco-friendly practices will save communities naturally, over the long term. The following are some simple general tips to get a community going on the path to environmental friendliness:

General Community Tips
  1. Amend your CC&R’s to allow for conservation friendly application.
  2. Perform soil tests annually to keep track of the soil's character, thus helping you make better planting choices as well as assist in chemical applications.
  3. When replacement planting opt for native plants as well as plants which will be best suited for your soil and planting area.
  4. Provide residents with educational material on conservation as well as local rebates and incentive information.
  5. Utilize your local government as many classes are given for conservation, as well as county/city representatives who will speak at your events/meetings.
  6. Instead of chemically treating ponds monthly, speak to your pond maintenance company about more natural methods such as installing native plants, carp and aerators which will help alleviate some of the chemical use and save money in the long run.
  7. Replace community light bulbs with energy efficient ones.
  8. Use light sensors or timers in bathrooms, clubhouses, outdoor floodlights and pool lights when possible.
  9. Start a community recycling program, community compost and/or community garden.
  10. Install Soil Moisture sensors or another innovative irrigation technology to help conserve water in common areas.
  11. Make sure all windows, doors and trim have been caulked and sealed annually on all community buildings.
  12. Tint windows in community buildings to save on energy costs.
  13. Start a community clean-up day once a year and give incentives for people to attend (drinks, snacks, t-shirt, recognition, etc.).
  14. Make use of rainwater by directing downspouts and gutters to drain into the lawn or plant beds.
  15. Consider conserving paper use by emailing your newsletter and asking for monthly financials electronically.
  16. Check outside doors to be sure weather stripping has been installed; this keeps cool air in and hot air out.
  17. Use pervious materials for driveways, sidewalks and recreation areas.
  18. Consider installing informational kiosks through-out the community to educate residents on different plant and animal species.
Welcome Wagon

Welcome Wagon News

Rebecca and David Furlow, along with the members of the Leland Management team would like to welcome the following communities: Lakeside by the Sea, Oak Island, Sun 'n Green, South Oaks,  Waterstreet at Celebration, Eastwood, Timberlane, Park Springs, Preston Square, Still Point, Austin Park, The Magnolias at Ocala, Bartram Lakes, Oak Hill Plantation, The Oaks at Summer Glen, The Overlook at Hamlin, Windsor Parks of Tampa, Johns Creek Phase II and Hidden Harbor.
Marti Salt visits Summit Greens

News Anchor Visits Summit Greens

WFTV News Anchor Marti Salt came out to Summit Greens, met with Leland Community Association  Manager,  Jeff Gay,  and gave a great presentation to the residents about what it takes to be a news anchor. She spoke about the changes in the news business over the years and fielded questions for over an hour from the residents. Marti took the time to personally greet all of the residents who attended including Board President Andy Schneider (shown above). 

Northlake Park, a Future Home for a Hero

Northlake Park, Future Home for a Hero

Northlake Park, a community managed by Leland Management,  located in Orlando is the future location of a new home for Army Spc. Robert “BJ” Jackson.  The groundbreaking ceremony which  took place on April 2nd was a special moment for the community.   Here is the remarkable story as reported first on Fox News by Reporter  Melissa Mahadeo

For Army Spc. Robert "BJ" Jackson, Tuesday's groundbreaking ceremony wasn't just about his future home. It was about giving back to the community. Jackson lost his legs in Iraq in 2003 after his Humvee ran over a roadside bomb in Baghdad.

"When I woke up, all I could remember was calling out for my wife and daughters," he said.  He never took the time to grieve. Instead, he immediately began searching for ways to help others in his position. He went on to become a motivational speaker to veterans around the country. He also joined Building Homes for Heroes and helped President Andy Pujol build home after home, year after year -- and never asking for help.

"The best part for myself and my family is educating children that there are service members that are coming home different, but that's OK," Jackson said.  "BJ is really an exception to the rule. The first soldier I met that returned home from Iraq was BJ Jackson," Pujol said. "He looked me in the eye and he said, 'I'd prefer to help other soldiers."  That is, until the bills piled up, and Jackson's health took a downturn the past couple of years.  He now uses prosthetics to get around. But the secondary effects linger and brain injuries caused by his accident have started to interfere with his life.  "It kind of opened my eyes that this is an ongoing thing I am going to have to deal with this the rest of my life," Jackson said.

Now, the organization he helped for years is building him a home.  But in typical Jackson stride, he said he will be helping to build it along the way. So will his wife and six kids.

Read more:

With hurricane season here it is important that you are prepared. There are many measures that you can take to minimize the effect a storm has on your family.  Here are a few quick suggestions/reminders that can make a big impact:

  •  Always be vigilant; watch the news and stay up to date on the current weather in your area.
  •  Keep a list of contact information for reference such as: the Local Emergency Management Office, County Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, Utility Companies, and your Property Insurance Agent
  •   If you do not plan on evacuating, consider purchasing a generator.  Go to any home improvement store and consider picking up a portable generator in case you lose your power in the aftermath of the storm.  There are many different sizes of generators you can choose from, it depends on whether you want to  run a few electric items like a fan and a refrigerator, or run the entire house (more information on generator sizing can be found at:, or:
  •  Prepare your house. If a hurricane threat is imminent, prepare your house as best you can.  Remove all loose patio furniture and lawn decorations from the area.  These items can be placed inside the home or in the garage if necessary.   If you do not have shutters, visit your local home improvement store and purchase some plywood to cover your windows to protect from flying debris that is tossed around by the storm.  This will help protect against broken windows and keep the contents of your home as safe as possible.
  • ​  If you plan on evacuating, pack wisely  bringing enough clothes, medications, and toiletries to last several days.  Additionally consider bringing any valuables and keepsakes (such as photo albums) that could not be replaced if lost or damaged.  If you have small children, remember to bring any items that offer comfort and are of sentimental value to them.  
  • If you plan to stay and ride out the storm make sure you have enough supplies such as non perishable food, water, and batteries to get you through several days.  Additionally,  you should have an emergency kit for each member of your household prepared. The emergency kit should consist of some food bars and other non-perishable food items, water bottles, a flashlight, a basic first-aid kit (these can be found at any pharmacy), and a blanket. If you are the parent or guardian you also need to take important family papers with you in the event that the storm is so bad you have to leave your house. It is also important to take basic pain medications, ibuprofen and aspirin, as well as any specialty medications such as an inhaler or allergy medication. (NOTE: always pack emergency kits before a storm is imminent).  

Whether you choose to stay or evacuate, these steps will help keep you and your family safe and sound before, during, and after a hurricane.  The key is to be prepared.    Many of these measures can be taken before the start of the hurricane season as some of the items will be difficult to acquire once a hurricane threat is present.  For more information on how to protect you and your family during a hurricane   visit
Traditions Vetran's Day Memorial

Thank You Congressman Webster

On April 22nd, Congressman Webster met with the residents of Royal Highlands.   He had an opportunity to share a little bit about himself and about the  services that he and his staff can provide.  Many people are not aware that your Congressman is able to help when dealing with government agencies such as IRS, Immigration, Veterans Affairs, Social Security, etc.  Additionally, the Congressman had the opportunity to field questions  and share his experiences as a Congressman with the residents.     
Leland Management Tampa Walks for Cancer Cure

Moss Park Honors Founding Member

On April 2nd, Moss Park Property Owners Association honored the memory of Forrest W. Flaniken, Jr. with a service and dedication of a memorial plaque placed on the entry monument sign for the community. Forrest was one of the founding members of the association and served on the board from 2002 to 2012.

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The New Community Outreach Program: Social Media

By: Harley Clement

From 2009 to 2013 the number of users on social media increased 238% and now reaches over 2 billion people worldwide. Statistically, every 1 in 9 of the residents in your community not only has a social media site but accesses it on a daily basis. Utilizing this medium of communication can be a powerful tool for your association.

Offering a forum for free mass-communication and a platform to increase resident participation and strengthen community ties, social media can be one of your association’s greatest assets if it is embraced and utilized in a professional, positive manner. Examples of how a social media page can be used are: notifications of board meetings, reminders of assessment due dates, posting governing documents, sharing community event headlines, and spotlighting successes. This type of open communication between CAMs, Board members and residents creates a level of transparency and bolsters a trusting, positive relationship amongst all parties involved with your association. When considering engaging in social media, your association should discuss the parameters they would like to follow and adopt a social media policy beforehand.   For more information on utilizing social media for your association email Leland Management Media Coordinator,

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