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Holiday Memories Warm the Coldest of Days
Our Epiphany Celebration in January is meant to be a time for us to come together and enjoy the holidays as one big family. Pictured to the left is one of our gifted youth, Breandria, singing silent night. To her right is Cynthia, who is signing the words to this song so our deaf and hard of hearing youth may follow along. What talented young women! Thank you!
During the Christmas break, our children enjoyed the second annual Pink Pig of Glory holiday challenge. This event included a comedian contest, snow sculptures, riddles, and many other exciting activities. The Pink Pig (a pink piggy bank pictured to the right) is meant to bring honor, pride, and glory to any cottage who wins it. In order to win the Pink Pig of Glory, the youth must utilize teamwork, commitment, and communication.
Glad to be a Grad
Each year during the month of January, our school (Mae Olson Education Center) hosts a graduation ceremony for our seniors graduating from high school. Imagine these proud young adults walking toward the stage with their heads held high. What a sight to see! During this ceremony, every graduating senior picks one adult who they would like to speak on their behalf. Speakers often share humorous and memorable times with that particular youth and what they’ve overcome to be there. Following this speaker, every graduate dedicates a rose to someone very special in their life (often a counselor, staff, or family member). It is always an honor to behold this process. Congratulations Cynthia, Victoria, and Breandria!
What Makes Us Special
The Cathedral Home for Children is unique in many ways. For instance, we believe relationships are the key to helping our kids. To do so, we begin by gaining mutual respect; otherwise a relationship would not be possible. Also, we make our Home feel like a home, not a detention or lock-down facility. As you can see, there are many things which help us stand out from the rest, but it is truly the people who work here that make it special. While this is a challenging occupation, it is among the most rewarding and without our donors we could not continue doing what we do! Thank you!
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