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Downing a bottle of wine or several beers a night won't do any good for you physical well-being. However moderate alcohol consumption has some proven health benefits. Check out our comparison below!
-  Can improve your libido
-  Helps prevent against the
    common cold
-  Can reduce your risk of diabetes
-  Moderate consumption can lower
   your risk of cardiovascular disease    by raising your HDL or 'good'
-  High empty kilojoule value which
   can contribute to weight gain
-  Can cause poor control of blood
-  Can increase triglyceride levels
-  Damaging for your brain and liver
-  Can react with medications
Given the pros and cons, ideally you should limit alcohol intake to 1-2 standard drinks a day and have at least 2 alcohol free days a week.
It may sound like a mixed message, but essentially alcohol can be your friend if consumed in moderation. Our pick is red wine. It has anti-ageing properties, high in antioxidants, and can help with the prevention of many diseases. Let's drink to that!
Join us Saturday 16 April for our inaugural presentation as Two Greek Girls Cooking. 
Our first Nourish Workshop for 2016 will have a Mediterranean focus,
keeping in theme with the upcoming launch of our cookbook
Mediterranean Eating – Cook. Eat. Live.
Includes a Mediterranean meze platter!

10am - 12:30pm
Pulse Travel, Ground Level @ The Precinct,
12 Browning St, West End

$120pp - private health rebates apply

To make a booking contact
(07) 3891 6199 or Enquiries@TreeofLifeNutrition.com.au
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The day has finally arrived! Here is the final cover for Mediterranean Eating . We've just sent the book off to the printers and are now patiently waiting its arrival! #watchthisspace
Fact File - Iron
  • Iron is key to the transport of oxygen around the body
  • It is a common nutrient deficiency in Australians particularly for women, children, vegetarians and the elderly 
  • Iron can come from animal food sources (heme) such as meat, fish and poultry which are more easily absorbed than plant based sources (nonheme) such as whole grains and vegetables
  • Check out some plant based sources of iron here!
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