Europeana Newspapers Project Newsletter, Issue 2, June 2013
Europeana Newspapers project

Our Successful First Year: A Survey, New Tools & More Partners

The Europeana Newspapers Project has successfully completed its first year. Our 18 European partner institutions have selected the newspapers that will be refined as part of the project. We have also carried out a survey on the extent of newspaper digitisation in European libraries, selected 11 new Associated Partners and created three tools to support the delivery of data within the project.


Inside view on refinement to be presented in Belgrade

How does the Europeana Newspapers Project select digitised newspapers for refinement? The answer to this question will be revealed at our upcoming workshop in Belgrade, Serbia.

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Digitising Turkey’s newspaper heritage

The Europeana Newspapers Project recently travelled to Ankara – the capital of Turkey and the location of our first information day: “EU projects’ Experiences and Digitisation."
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Building a content browser for digital newspapers

One of the main goals of our project is to create a 'content browser' that will allow anyone to easily flip through the pages of our digitised newspapers. 

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The newspaper story of Serbia's oldest and largest university library

University Library "Svetozar Markovic" is the oldest and largest university library in Serbia and the central library of the University of Belgrade. Since we have a multitude of content to offer offline, we decided to digitise and create online accessible collections available to users worldwide. 
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Come and see our roadshows

Each of our partner libraries will host an Information Day where people from local universities, libraries, archives, museums, rights holders, newspapers and policy makers can learn about the Europeana Newspapers Project. Keep an eye on the agenda and see when we'll be in your country.

Latvian Europeana Newspapers information day
when: 22 August 2013
where: National Library of Latvia
Photograph from the collection of the State Library of New South Wales 

Interview with Hans-Jörg Lieder from the Berlin State Library

1. Could you introduce yourself, your organisation and your role in the Europeana Newspapers project?

I work for the Berlin State Library in the position of the head of the Department for Bibliographic Services. I have a strong background as a manuscript librarian and moved on to serial materials, mainly newspapers and journals, in the last couple of years. While the bulk of my daily work centers around the library’s massive “Union Catalogue of Serials” (in German: Zeitschriftendatenbank), I am currently also responsible for all cooperation projects of the library regarding newspapers.
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What is the extent of newspaper digitisation in European libraries? 

As part of the Europeana Newspapers ProjectThe European Library undertook a survey to identify and analyse all newspaper collections digitised by national, research and public libraries in Europe by 2012.
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 Is your library digitising newspaper content?

Share your experience by taking our survey:

More information here

Photograph from collection of Pattee and Paterno Libraries

Join our troops at our next workshops

Aggregation and Presentation Workshop 
when:16-17 September 2013 
where: The European Library’s conference
register here

Workshop on European Newspapers and Digital Agenda in Europe
when: 29-30th of September 2014 
where: The British Library

Photograph from the collection of the National Library of Scotland
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