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Welcome back to a new year of learning!

Greetings to you all

It’s the beginning of a new school year in New Zealand –  we are just back from our summer break.

Time to get to know a new group of students!

Discovery Time is the perfect opportunity to excite children’s curiosity, discover their strengths and stand  back and observe how they work together.  Keep your ‘Key Competencies’ focussed on ‘managing self’ and ‘relating to others’ i.e. looking after equipment, sharing, taking turns, cleaning up when you have finished, trying something new, working with someone you don’t know…

Have a look at Discovery Time Activities on Pinterest for a few activities that we have collected

Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested in Discovery Time and contact us if you have any thoughts or questions. If you are starting Discovery Time for the first time let us know so that we can add your school to our list on the website.

Most importantly… have fun!

Go Green Gecko is here!


We are proud to announce the arrival of Page Break’s newest title; Go Green Gecko!  It follows the adventures of the Wellington green gecko as he forages for food in the New Zealand bush.  Again, Margaret Tolland  uses texture and layered images to bring the characters and native bush to life and Gay Hay’s rhythmic language builds tension.  What will happen when green gecko becomes the prey?

It is also available in Te Reo Maori.

Click here to get your copy!  Or visit

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Brenda & Gay

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Play is for everyone!

This article in Edutopia reminds us that play is not just for children.  They review a book by Stuart Brown called 'Play.'

Brown's definition of play is, “an activity with ‘apparent purposeless’ as well as something that’s fun and in which we loose ourselves.”

But he also goes on to say that, â€When we stop playing, we stop developing, and when that happens, the laws of entropy take over — things fall apart…When we stop playing, we start dying.”

We hope you gave yourselves time to play these holidays!

Student directed learning

As teachers, we like to control and direct, but one of the key objectives of Discovery Time is to stand back and let the students decide on the action. This is not always easy to do….take a look at this blog post about how an adult's idea can take a totally different direction if you allow child directed learning.

What activities did you and the children in your life come up with these holidays?  Kids think of things that we would never come up with if you give them space.

You can read about the unexpected direction a gardening session took, here.  We'd love to hear of any interesting activities you got up to these holidays too!
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