Holiday Sleep Tips.
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Holiday Sleep Tips

If you plan on travelling this Holiday season, keep the following tips in mind to make sure everyone has a silent night:
  1. Don't over schedule. Respect your child's sleep schedule as much as possible and keep acitivites close to your accomodations.
  2. Make sure you bring your child's sleeping toy and blanket or sleep sac.
  3. Call ahead and make sure your accomodations are equipped with a crib that meets Health Canada's recommendations.
  4. Give your child some time to explore their new surroundings, especially their sleep space before putting them down for a nap or bedtime. A new environment will have different sounds, sights and smells. 
  5. Be consistent. It's very normal for babies and toddlers to test the boundaries around sleep when they are somewhere new. This may mean that your baby protests for some time at bedtime or has a night waking or two. Handle the regression like you would if you were at your own home. 
  6. Increase the length of your baby's pre-sleep routine to include some quiet play away from friends and family before naps and bedtime. Include quiet time in the afternoon for older children to help avoid overstimulation as well.
  7. Watch the sweets. An active house means you might not notice your child sneaking extra treats (or friends and relatives offering them). The change in diet could lead to an upset stomach and difficulty falling asleep at night.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.
Sweet dreams!

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