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 Contact me for a complimentary 15 minute consultation to hear more about your child's sleep issues, offer advice and help determine which service package is right for you.

Recent Praise

"Quinn continues to be a super star sleeper. Rebecca is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone struggling to get their little ones sleeping habits. The Sugar Plum Sleep Co. was one of the best investments I made during my mat leave for my own sanity, Quinn’s and our family"

Jenna, Mom to Quinn (13 months) – Toronto

30 Minute Sleep Consultations

For a limited time I am offering 30 minute sleep consultations to answer your most common sleep questions. If you are struggling with early mornings, finding the right schedule, understanding nap transitions, or are worried about upcoming travel plans, this is a great opportunity to get a plan of action together.

Book now to take advantage of this offer. 

Leave Nothing But Footprints

Did you catch my review of the eco-friendly clothing company Leave Nothing But Footprints? Check out my review and snag yourself a 10% coupon code!

Are Sound Machines Safe? 

I'm guest blogging over at Dr. Dina and sharing my thoughts on the use of sound machines, the latest research and tips to make sure you protect your child's hearing.
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