As of 1st January 2022, De Monsterkamer will be closing its doors. 

Founded in January 2011, De Monsterkamer has evolved into a platform, a resource and an institution that served to inspire and inform anyone in the field of paper and printing. It has been a unique initiative in the printing world for the past decade.

The turmoil in the paper market has also affected the continuity of De Monsterkamer. A whirlwind of changes have made an impact in the course of the last two years, not least due to the measures around the pandemic. De Monsterkamer's function as a meeting place and a venue where people came into contact with paper in its material and sensorial richness came to an abrupt end during the lockdown. All in all, several factors have led to my decision to call it a day.

I wish to thank all visitors to De Monsterkamer (designers, publishers, students, paper well-wishers) for your interest and the productive conversations. A huge thanks to all partners of De Monsterkamer (paper suppliers, mills, printers, binders, lithographers and countless others) for your support and participation.

My special gratitude to Maud van Rossum, Justina Nekrašaitė, Philip Stroomberg, Koen Slothouber, Birgit Vredenburg, Hendrik-Jan Hunneman, Nuno Beijinho, Kresten van Leeuwen and Bregt Balk for their valuable ideas, hard work and the unflinching support they offered to this initiative.
Together we created something beautiful. 

Who knows, maybe this initiative will be continued by others in the future in some way? All ideas are welcome.

The website stays online for now and the webshop will also continue to remain accessible, so you can still place orders for paper collections.

In case you are wondering what I plan to do next: I hope to continue my work as a book designer and as the publisher of Alauda Publications and deepen my interests in permaculture and agroforestry.

I look back at the intensive and special last 10 years with gratitude and a warm heart!  

Esther Krop
Founder and Director, De Monsterkamer

Farewell party with current team in De Monsterkamer, 17 December 2021
From left to right:
Birgit Vredenburg (interviews, projects and social media)
Justina Nekrašaitė a.k.a. The Book Photographer (photography of events, projects and webshop)
Philip Stroomberg (Paper Jam and Plain Paper magazine, education)
Esther Krop
Koen Slothouber (paper newsletters, graphic design of printed matter)
Maud van Rossum (paper advice, database, graphic dictionary, organisation of events and travelling companion)
Not on the photo: 
Hendrik-Jan Hunneman (design and construction of 3 book shelves, displays and storage)
Bregt Balk (organisation events Paper & Environment and Printing & Environment)
Nuno Beijinho (design website and database)
Kresten van Leeuwen (developing website, database and webshop)

4 locations:

Esther Krop In De Monsterkamer, Loods 6, KNSM-laan 231, 2020. Photo: Justina Nekrašaitė
De Monsterkamer, Timorplein 47, Amsterdam, 2018 
De Monsterkamer, MuziQ, Atlantisplein 1, Amsterdam, 2014
De Monsterkamer how it all started, Tugelaweg 51d, Amsterdam, 2011

Review of some activities:

Launch of Paper Jam magazine The Sound Issue, 12 December 2015, Studio K, Amsterdam. All photo's >
Plain Paper Party, 2 February 2017, Studio K, Amsterdam. All photo's >
Expertmeeting Backstage bij de Best Verzorgde Boeken, 4 October 2018, Loods 6, Amsterdam. 
All photo's >
Discover Lunch by Winter & Company with Connie Palmen 14 juni 2018, Loods 6, Amsterdam. 
All photo's >
Expertmeeting Papier & Milieu, 7 March 2019, Loods 6, Amsterdam All photo's >
Expertmeeting: Drukwerk & Milieu, 18 April 2019, Loods 6, Amsterdam. All photo's >
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De Monsterkamer (Eng: Sample Room) is a physical & digital platform for paper and print. Visit our showroom in Amsterdam for an extensive and updated collection of paper, graphic materials and applications from more than twenty Dutch as well as international companies. We offer consultations for designers and love to answer queries relating to paper and print.

Partners in 2021:
Papier leveranciers- en fabrieken:
Antalis, Arctic Paper Benelux, Christiaan Janssen, FedrigoniG.F SmithGmund, Igepa Nederland, Koninklijke Moorman Karton, Lahnpaper, Mohawk Fine Paper, MetapaperMondiThe Navigator Company, Zuber Rieder Covermaterialen: Balacron International, Jansen-Wijsmuller & Beuns, Van Heek Textiles, WifacWinter&Company Boekbinderijen: Boekbinderij Brepols, FopmaWier boekbinderijBinderij van Wijk Drukkerijen: die KeureDrukkerij Aeroprint, Drukkerij DoumaDrukkerij Raddraaier|SSPDrukkerij Tielen, Grafische Groep Matthys, GraphiusJubelsKartonnage Amsterdam,Libertas Pascal, NPN drukkers, Platform Probstolk® amsterdam, TuijtelZwaan Lenoir Enveloppen: Keiren Kartonnage: Kartonnage Amsterdam Lithografen: Colour & Books, Marc Gijzen beeldbewerking en digitale lithografie Folie/koudfoliedruk: Drukkerij DoumaFinishing TouchGrafische Groep Matthys, KURZ, Repro Hermans Laserstansen: Yart Factory Grafische begeleiding: Jos Morree FINE BOOKS, Platform P
De Monsterkamer
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1019 LC Amsterdam
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