March 4, 2015


Board News:  

New Board Member:  The Point San Pedro Road Coalition is pleased to announce that Kevin Hagerty has joined our Board of Directors.  Kevin continues to serve as the Chair of the Coalition's Roadway Committee and is President of the Glenwood Homeowners' Association. We look forward to working with Kevin on our Board.

New Representative on the Board of Supervisors:  Members of our Board recently met with our newly elected District 1 Supervisor, Damon Connolly, to discuss issues affecting our area.  For more information, see City & County Liaisons below.
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Loch Lomond Marina Committee

FEMA has issued new specifications regarding construction heights above flood levels that govern all residential construction effective September 2015. These new levels directly impact construction at The Village at Loch Lomond Marina and will require the raising of the residential pads on a number of lots, some by as much as 16". This will raise the height of those buildings by an equivalent amount. For more details, see the February 12, 2015: FEMA Requirement post on the Coalition website.

The full site development is called The Village at Loch Lomond Marina. However, the developers have named the residential portion The Strand (so it would be The Strand at The Village at Loch Lomond Marina) and created a pre-sales website where you can sign up for future information.

The boardwalk along the Loch Lomond Marina has been repaired where it was damaged. However, the developers request that the general public avoid this area if possible until the boardwalk construction is completed for safety reasons. They estimate that would be late May 2015. The breakwater will also remain closed until that time.

A more detailed status of the construction has been posted on the Coalition website under February 28, 2015: Loch Lomond Marina Update.

For more information on the construction at the Marina site, see the Marina News and Marina In-Depth sections on our website. 

San Rafael Rock Quarry Committee

In November, the Coalition met with Supervisor Susan Adams and members of the County Department of Public Works for an update on San Rafael Rock Quarry activities. 

It was reported that the Quarry plans to move forward this spring with the beginnings of initial reclamation work, as required by law, so that the land is usable after Quarry operations cease. This work will begin in the northeast quadrant of the Quarry. Neighbors in close proximity to the Quarry, especially Marin Bay Park, are likely to be affected by noise and dust. A revised permit application for reclamation is expected sometime in March 2015. 

An air quality study will be undertaken during reclamation. Sonoma Technology, Inc. (STI) has commenced the initial task of securing sites to install air monitoring equipment. The project is on schedule to begin base line monitoring in April.

Two studies originally required within one year of the Quarry permits granted in 2010 had their dates extended by the Board of Supervisors. One of the studies, the Greenhouse Gas Study, was submitted in 2014.  The Water Quality in the Quarry bowl study, dated 12/30/14, was recently posted on the DPW website. Reports related to Quarry operations may be found on the County's Quarry-related website page.

The Quarry submitted their annual report for mining operations and other activities on January 30, 2015. The report is currently under review by the County for compliance with the Quarry permit conditions of approval.

A more detailed status report has been posted on the Coalition website under March 1, 2015: Quarry Update

For more information on the Quarry, see the Quarry News and Quarry In-Depth sections on our website. 

Pt. San Pedro Roadway Committee

SMART: The committee is monitoring how the SMART train, and the station construction, will impact traffic in our area.

Safety Plan: Adequate enforcement of the speed limit is needed along Pt San Pedro Road. According to Nader Mansourian, head of the S.R. Public Works Department, the County speed study approving the 35 mph speed limit is out of date. A new speed study, required to make enforcement possible, is going to be done in the first quarter of 2015. The City has estimated that the actual average speed currently is 42-44 miles per hour. If vehicles don't slow down, and the speed survey confirms that drivers are currently averaging 42-44 MPH, then the permissible speed limit on our roadway may be increased. 

Safety Campaign: The Committee is considering a campaign focused on vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian safety.  Stay tuned!

Indications marking bike lanes: After receiving complaints, the City agreed to remove the signs along the bay where they may interfere with views and paint the curb red instead. The City is investigating whether there may be a way to allow parking near the windsurfing area. 

Potholes: The City has not yet received funding to extend resurfacing the roadway with sound mitigating asphalt between the Quarry and Biscayne Drive. In the meantime, patching has been done on the large potholes in that stretch of the road.  

Medians: The Median Sub-committee has been monitoring the median landscaping. You may have noticed that new plants were recently planted in the medians.

For more information on the roadway activity, see the Roadway News and Roadway In-Depth sections on our website. 

City & County Liaisons

Coalition Board members have been attending meetings of the City and the neighborhood umbrella groups for discussion on a wide range of issues. Reports on these meetings may be found on the S.R. Monthly Meetings section of our website.

The Quarry Committee met one last time with Supervisor Susan Adams to discuss the status of outstanding Quarry issues
prior to the end of her tenure as District 1 Supervisor (see the San Rafael Rock Quarry Committee report). 

The Coalition Board met with our newly elected District 1 Supervisor, Damon Connolly, in February and discussed a broad range of issues that affect residents in the Pt. San Pedro Road area. Supervisor Connolly will meet with us on a quarterly basis to ensure that we will get updates regularly from him and his staff.   Given the patchwork of City and County enclaves in our area, we were pleased to hear Supervisor Connolly plans to work closely with representatives of the City of San Rafael to address City/County issues.  As we move forward, we hope to work with Supervisor Connolly on  developing a process for the community to be involved in a long term vision for our area.  
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