“I’m Ken Seeley from Victorian Educational Furniture and I would be happy to help with your next furniture requirements. Having had over 20 years experience within the furniture industry I’m well placed to help you with selecting furniture solutions that best suits your needs.
If you are interested in any of the Innovative product ranges listed below, let's make an appointment. I can either come see you, or I can take you through our showroom to explore the exciting potentials of our Innovative products in your spaces.
You can contact me directly on 0420 997 451. Or call toll-free on 1300 96 66 40. For more online information, you can see our
'Flexible Furniture' video here. Thank you for your time."

Ken Seeley

Podz Ottomans - Modular Seating

Introduce life and colour to your spaces with our Podz Ottomans Range. Our Podz Ottomans are mobile and easy to configure. Create endless configurations by using just few shapes. Our range incorporates the largest soft furniture selection in Australia. Each item comes with a 3-5 year warranty, and are engineered to last with heavy duty construction as a feature.
See our Podz Ottomans video here!
Podz Ottomans

Capri Chair and Soho Coffee Table

Sleek, slim, and stylish. The Capri visitor chair embodies contemporary aesthetics that demand attention. With a chrome frame and a ribbed cushioned seat, the Capri is both bold and elegant, complementing any professional environment.
Mirroring the chrome frame finish, along with a floating glass top, the Soho Coffee Table is the perfect way to show off your sense of style. Team together with the Capri chairs to give your lounging areas an edgy look. 
Capri & Soho
Kinetic Table Range

Kinetic Table Range

Have a workflow which is changing all the time? The Kinetic Table Range is perfect for you! The keystone of the Kinetic Table Range is the Kinetic Pod. With a unique sculpted form, this unit functions as a mobile flexible working tablet, which can be adapted to suit left and right-handed users. It can be adjusted in height to suit both adults and children, and can be flipped to stack and store away when space needs to be cleared for other applications. Along with the Pod, the Kinetic Table Range also includes the Kinetic Dock and Bench. With Pod-compatible recesses, the Dock and Bench serve as ‘Pod Hubs’, enabling you to assemble larger working combinations.
See our Kinetic Tables video here!
iSeries i-Flip Tables

i-Flip Rectangular Tables

Need large table spaces for effective workflow, but are sick of inflexible static table frames that take up too much space? You might want to invest in a few i-Flip Rectangular Tables! Available in 1500 x 750 and 1800 x 750 table sizes, you can adapt multiple table spaces into a clean open floor space in a matter of minutes! Infinitely stackable with stylish round-tube frames, i-Flip Rectangular Tables are the logical choice for a flexible work environment.  
Podz Table Range

Podz Table Range

Time to play with your furniture! Podz Tables are like puzzle pieces for your work and learning spaces. In this creative table range, all top shapes are compatible giving you unconstrained options for your workspace solutions.
The creativity of the range is most evident in large collaborative settings, where your workspace can evolve into exciting, flowing configurations. Additional leg system options are also available, whereby Podz Tables can be mobile, height-adjustable and even flip-able for easy stacking and storage. 
Podz Tables 'Flexible Furniture' video!

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