Multiplatform using Storyworld Development Techniques
Multiplatform and Storyworld Development from Bellyfeel
Hi BNLYFilm,

Picking up on what I wrote in the report – I get the feeling from research I did with TV production companies that there are worries for TV producers about the unpredictable future of the media business.

The market place is over saturated with extra channels and networks. Audience attention is split between a mess of different platforms and devices.

Scary Times?

For some yes… but I think there’s loads of potential in the fact that things are confused and messy. The audience love their devices and the flexible modes of viewing and interacting. There are more many more ways for them to watch, connect, play, interact and drill down into content.

And that’s a good thing.

But it doesn’t quite match the TV broadcast business model. And there are new skills needed to deliver a story to numerous platforms.

Actually it’s quite simple. It all comes back to storytelling. If you tell a good story and hook an audience in, they ARE going to follow the story.

The modern audience love to experience the flow from one platform to another – busy fingers and thumbs mean they’re engaged – they’re really into the story.

There are many people who don’t understand this.

If you do then you’re on the right track!

Best Regards,

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