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Week 49 has arrived and it is Thursday so we are in your sights with a fresh newsletter. First of all, Finland 🇫🇮 celebrates 100 years of independence in these days and Project Cargo Weekly wish to extend our warmest greetings to the Finns around the world.

Trust is an essential part of life and something that is virtually impossible to rebuild. I am sure that all of us in one way or another have experienced betrayal by someone you trusted. Shipping is also very much about trust - imagine a world where everyone could be trusted and all lawyers would be out of business! A lifetime of experience is worth more than a ton of books or a cbm of opinions. I, therefore, applaud a rather new initiative described in today's newsletter where a couple of shipping experts have joined forces to openly establish a platform where shipping intel (both good and bad) can be shared.

Trust is also seriously lacking these days in our western style democracies as the gap between the electorate and the elected seems to grow as soon as the politicians take office. I just noticed the new list of "tax havens" published by the EU and strangely enough, neither Holland nor Luxembourg is on the list - how can that be - remember that when you point a finger at someone normally 3 fingers are pointing at yourself...I think our mass of unelected EU politicians need to do a more transparent and competent job if their list of "tax havens" is to be taken seriously. Trust me I am not a crook as a famous ousted due to Watergate politician said once.

Since I am not in politics I had better get back to the business world where I belong and tell you what we have in store for you this week. Containers can be used for all kinds of purposes and their use has evolved since Malcolm Mclean invented them for cargo transportation. Our first article focuses on a company based in the UK that specializes in container supply and conversions. We then proceed to Chile, the very long country located in South America where we speak to a very versatile shipping agent and project freight forwarder.

We then introduce Maritime Trust Platform, provide shipping and sector news and finish off with the video, photos and wise words of the week.

Whilst some of you are enjoying the sunshine I bid you farewell from minus 2 here in Stockholm and I remain,

Yours sincerely,

Bo H. Drewsen

Hacklin Logistics

Universal Container Services Ltd.

Interview with Mr. Andy Rushton - R&D Sales Manager

Elaborate on the many different purposes that a container can service?

Containers are extremely versatile. They can be converted into many things, some examples: Offices / Canteens / Drying Rooms / Meeting rooms / Toilet Blocks / Bio-mass units / Data rooms / Powerhouses / Exhibition stands / Bars / Coffee shops / Garden rooms. I could really go on, with the right budget anything is possible. Read more...

Empresas Taylor – Chile

Interview with Mr. Christopher Taylor Pollmann - Executive Vice President

Have you handled project cargoes in Empresas Taylor?

Yes, we have. Directly or via one of our principals (BBC Chartering) we are always involved in high and heavy cargoes. For example, we have done windmill projects, gas tanks for ALMA Observatory, a Methane Plant relocation and mining trucks transportation. Read more...

Maritime Trust Platform

In the shipping industry trust is paramount, we cannot always have lawyers sitting next to us whenever we do a deal. Some of us learn the hard way.

I, therefore, would like to introduce you to a company that has know-how and skill gained from their own experience.

Background to the establishment of Maritime Trust Platform:

The sudden bankruptcy and demise of a Turkish freight forwarder, as well as the ensuing, unsettled six-figure detention bill, was the hard-learned lesson that in 2015 sparked the initiative to establish The Maritime Trust Platform (MTP).

The founders' idea was, in spite of fierce competition and rivalry, to share bad as well as good experiences with counter-parties in the industry, much in the same way travelers share opinions and experiences of hotels or restaurants on, for instance, TripAdvisor.

Additionally, the founders of the platform hope that their dispute settlement tool may be useful, not least in settling issues felt too small for arbitration.

For further information contact:

Mr. Henrik Slothuus Hansen
Tel  +45 2925 0259
Mr.  Alexander Schepers
Tel +49 1515 825 0857
Maritime Nation India

Shipping News - Hansa Heavy Lift develops tailored solutions for floating unit customers globally

Hansa Heavy Lift has strengthened its position in the floating unit market after successfully completing a series of projects in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The moves included the transportation of 45 yachts in one consignment, as well as the safe delivery of two oversized barges and three tugs. Read more...

Shipping News - Hamburg Süd remains Hamburg Süd

The Hamburg Süd Group is now part of the Danish company Maersk Line and thus a subsidiary of the world’s market leader in container shipping. “Under this new umbrella, we can strengthen Hamburg Süd’s position worldwide in a challenging market environment, improve our market position, and offer our customers many advantages,” said Dr. Arnt Vespermann, new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Hamburg Süd. ​Read more...

Public Transportation

  • SNCF orders prototype EMU and tram-train traction transformers

    National railway SNCF has awarded Mitsubishi Electric Corp a contract to supply prototype traction transformers for Z2N double-deck electric multiple-units used on Paris commuter services and Siemens Avanto tram-trains operating on route T4. Read more...

Empresas Taylor

Power Generation

  • Wartsila, Clough Get PNG Power Contract

    Wartsila, in partnership with Australia-based contractor Clough, has been awarded a turnkey contract to provide a 58 MW gas-based power plant to Papua New Guinea. Read more...


  • Mexico goes green

    Italy-based Enel Green Power has been awarded a series of contracts to build four wind power plants in Mexico for a total cost of US$700 million. Read more...

Oil & Gas

  • Honeywell UOP to provide process technologies to Al-Zour Refinery in Kuwait

    US-based Honeywell UOP has bagged a contract to provide a variety of process technologies to the Al-Zour Refinery in Kuwait which is reported to be built with an investment of around $16bn by Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC). Read more...


  • Russia aims to deliver 200 Ka-226T military choppers to India in 9 years

    Russia aims to deliver 200 Kamov 226T or Ka-226T military choppers to India within nine years, even as the commercial contract for the same is expected to be signed early next year. Read more...


Plants & Processing

  • Danish group announces construction of fertilizer plant in Angola

    A fertilizer plant with the capacity to produce 2 million tons per year will be built in the municipality of Soyo, in Angola’s Zaire province, said on Monday, in Luanda, the chairman of Danish group Haldor Topsoe. Read more...

  • Ontario government investing $24m in Feihe formula plant

    Ontario is supporting a subsidiary of Feihe International to establish Kingston's first baby formula production facility, which will create up to 277 new jobs in the community. Read more...

Video of the Week

Landing in Hong Kong
Landing in Hong Kong with an impressive view of part of the Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macau bridge being built

Photo of the Week

Tight Space
Rickmers Antwerp loading 2 catamarans for Hong Kong in Jurong Port 

"It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one"

- George Washington -

"Better than to run is to start on time"

- Ancient Vietnamese proverb -

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