Read Part 2 on tips on improving your website's user experience, and attend our live webinar on designing the perfect dashboard.

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Free Webinar: Designing the Perfect Dashboard

Join us February 21: design and usability guidelines to improve the utility of your dashboard

Slick dashboards can give an appealing look and feel, helping users to reengage with software or a website. However, dashboards can be difficult to design since different types of users expect different information that is relevant for their needs.

We will host this free webinar on Tuesday, February 21 @ 12pm CST. Learn More / Register →

Tips on Improving Your Website’s User Experience, Part 2

Websites are a representation of your business and your products or services offered. That is why it is so important to give your users a great experience no matter how they interact with your business. Read More →

Know what kind of experience you create for your users: always design with usability in mind to create meaningful outcomes with lasting results.

All the best for you and your business this month,

The Situated Research Team

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