How Does Nature Heal?

A Powerful Thought From Years Ago Suddenly Makes More Sense!

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"In order to create,
I must be still; but
sometimes, in order
to be still, I must


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Excerpts: Messages
from Angels, Spirit
& Nature

You are emerging from
a magnificent cave filled
with beautiful amethyst
crystals. You see a
beautiful blue sky,
puffy white clouds,
pine and fir trees
growing on the banks,  
crystalline white,
purple and gold
mountains rise out of
blue blue water. The
beauty and energy
of Gaia's glorious
bounty fills you with

Ahead of you and
flowing out of the
cave and into the
world beyond is a
trail of magnificent
brilliant points of
white golden light. 
The lights represent
your path, your calling.

Focus and follow. 

crystals graphic

(From Earth Magic
Oracle Cards by 
Steven Farmer
Used by Permission)




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Wisdom Full Circle....

new beginnings tileI was sitting on the massive rocks looking at the ocean. The joy and peace that filled my heart was so right, so powerful and intense. i distinctly remember thinking that if all the world leaders and policy makers would only spend a short time sitting where i was, feeling what I felt, they would have absolutely no desire to harm, hurt, kill, control, manipulate. i got a sense of a different world that day - a world where perfect balance, harmony and sincere caring, respect and love for all of creation reigned. That was 27 years ago. I went forward with a goal of working in areas that would help others connect to Spirit and Source through Nature.

In the Midst of Rage Journal
Since I was a child, i have always focused on the common denominators and the primary common denominator that all of humanity has is our dependency on and connection to Nature. Without trees and plants, we could not breathe, would be running around naked with no shelter or food and would very quickly die. These past few months have put a different twist on that. Nature is not only our teacher along the path - but the very key to that higher realm and higher consciousness that we humans are called to embrace and evolve to. Nope, i am not talking about going out and hugging a tree, or hiking up a mountain. It is much simpler than that!

Fleeting Moments...
How Does Nature Heal?     

waterfall with rainbow photo
Going back to my observation many years ago. When we connect to and experience Nature's higher energy and perfect balance, we feel at peace, free to be our own unique authentic Divine self without having of prove anything to ourselves or others. Thus, the aggression towards others and towards circumstances that trigger our lack of self esteem, desire to control and be powerful is not there. That feeling is the key. When we are one with the energies of Nature, we are one with the energies of the Universe and Source. We have all had glimpses of that state of being. Nature vibrates with a higher vibration than most of humanity (at this time). When we are under a tree, by a large body of water, next to a stream, looking at the stars, feeling a gentle breeze, our own energy attunes to that higher frequency. Our heart opens and we can feel, for a time, the peace and harmony, the rightness and joy of being in balance with all of creation. 
Think of a time when you felt like that. Open up to embracing that feeling. That is all it really takes - letting yourself remember, feel and open to more of those types of feelings. The key is to do it often and eventually do it all the time. Nature gives us lots of tools for every lifestyle! One does not have to be on vacation by the beach or hiking in the deep woods. Nor does one have to be an outdoors type. Take a moment, set your intention to connect to the wonder and power of Nature, of the Earth. Then look at a tree, the sky, the clouds, the sunrise, sunset, the moon, the stars, critters and birds.  Feel the gentle breeze, ponder a leaf, see the beauty in a flower, a pine cone, hold a rock . . . connect with a crystal!
Tools of the Ancients
Many thousands of years ago, an island stretched across the Pacific Ocean. Lemuria was inhabited by a people who were of this oneness consciousness, actively living in energetic harmony with Spirit and the Earth, working with her energies and energy grids and communicating with all entities - from trees to rocks to birds and critters, dolphins and whales. They built amazing temples, gardens and structures. Before their homeland sank beneath the ocean in a huge earthquake, they scattered and planted Lemurian Seed Crystals in various spots around the globe. These crystals have very definite deep striations on several sides which assist in opening up ones heart, in turn enhancing Lemurian consciousness. The crystals were to surface when humanity was ready to embrace their wisdom, when they have remembered and accepted their connection with nature and the universe and their focus is of respect, caring and unity as opposed to control, conflict and power games. 

The Earth has many powerful tools and much knowledge to share when humankind is capable of not abusing, misusing or destroying it. These Lemurian Seed Crystals  have been surfacing for some time now and are primarily found in Brazil, one of the places the surviving Lemurians fled to when their land went down. The Hawaiian Islands were once part of Lemuria, as was the coast of California. Their knowledge and technology is reflected in the Mayan civilization and many of the amazing ancient structures that archeologists are studying. The Lemurian Consciousness is one of deep connection to the Earth and Nature. It has been kept alive through the centuries by cultures and beliefs that are earth based, such as the Native Americans and other indigenous peoples.
Lemurian Seed Crystals are imbedded in sand rather than growing in a formation as other crystals do. They are master crystals and even the small ones have amazing energy. Most of them have a "used" look, often with imperfections, misty on the outside frequently with a pink cast, ladder like striations on several of the sides. 

Amazing Peaceful Energy

I have been studying the Lemurian consciousness, using Sacred Geometry, working with Lemurian Seed Crystals for several months now and it has been amazing! All crystals and rocks have their own energy; but Lemurians are a definitely heart opening, calming and nurturing energy. I wear them, carry them in my pockets and also use them in meditation, when I am seeking that stillness to connect to my higher self and Source, quieting my mind, connecting with my spirit guides, dolphins, angels. They definitely promote a sense of unity and oneness, rightness and peace. Holding a Lemurian, rubbing ones finger up and down the striations has a gentle calming effect.
As our hearts open to acknowledge and embrace this connection to Nature, Earth and the Universe, we evolve to truly being one with all. That is where we are called to be. It is taking that intellectual thought of being one with everything into the heart and thus, truly embracing and integrating it.

In Stillness 
...Everything is Connected

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Remember, we are not broken and we do not need to be fixed! As we look at a rainbow, a flower, a beautiful sunset - we see perfection and beauty. Each of us is made of the same thing that is that perfection and beauty which we see. We are all connected to each other and everything else through universal energy. So we are charged to not only see the perfection and beauty within ourselves, but, by doing so, we can connect to and access the perfection and beauty of the universe, along with its wisdom and guidance.
Many blessings,

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