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We want to know who else is in the club!

Earlier this year, @timechols blocked me for pointing out that his decisions have unnecessarily raised electric rates on Georgians, stifled the rooftop solar market, and led to thousands of disconnections when Georgia was under lockdown and people could not go to work and earn money to pay their bills.

As a PUBLIC service commissioner paid by our tax dollars, this is unacceptable behavior. If Echols doesn’t want to listen to his constituents, he should get another job! We’re not paying him to slack off - he’s supposed to represent our interests.

We’re also still looking for more responses from anyone on the “Smart Usage” plan. We just got a bill from someone who paid 120% more on this plan than the traditional electric rate plan this past August! See for yourself.

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Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts.

-Patty Durand