Dear <<First Name>>,

Last Thursday - August 18th - a Fulton County Superior Court judge issued a ruling in my favor, affirming that my opponent Commissioner Tim Echols improperly influenced the redistricting process and violated the law. Earlier this year he colluded with the commission chair to remove my address and add his vacation home to the district. Secretary of State Raffensperger then disqualified me from the race for not living in the district.

We fought back every step of the way and last Thursday we won, which meant I was qualified to represent YOU in the election this November. For 24 hours I celebrated that victory! To read about this case click here.

However, the next day the US Supreme Court ruled on a separate legal case that Georgia stop holding PSC elections until violations of the Voting Rights Act are resolved. To read an AJC article about this case click here. If you want more detail, you can watch a 2-minute TikTok video here.

What it means: There will be no Ga PSC election this year. The federal judge ruled that the two incumbents will retain their seats until the election is held. This is unfortunate because every day my opponent remains in office is bad for Georgians. And it’s likely he’ll be in office when the all-important Plant Vogtle costs come before the commission for approval, which I was hoping to intercede so that cost overruns are paid by the company from profits, not just customers. That won’t happen now.

While I’m disappointed that I won’t be facing my opponent this November, the federal court decision that Ga PSC elections violate the Voting Rights Act is a good one because it ends decades of embedded racism in the PSC election process.

What now?

When the litigation is done, I may enter the race again because I still want to serve you on the commission. You can count on the fact that I won’t be silenced whether I run again or not. To that end, I have a few ideas I’m mulling over now:

1. Starting a nonprofit that supports Public Utility Commission candidates. I think these races are unique and need special support.

2. Preparing fact sheets and videos (see video below for an example) explaining important issues at the Ga PSC that are unseen by the public and that the media doesn’t report.

3. Writing a Performance Review for how well Georgia Public Service Commissioners protect the public interest.

4. Preparing a “Report Card” for Commissioner Echols (and any commissioner up for election) so voters can understand their votes. This would be similar to League of Conservation Voters scorecards. Because commissioners vote on blocks of items, and not individual bills like the legislature, it is impossible for voters to know their record. It’s time to unpack their votes.

If you like one of these ideas over the others or want another one not here, please email and my team will tally your responses.

We greatly appreciate your feedback!

Why Georgia is Building the Most Expensive Power-Plant on Earth: Vogtle

Why Georgia is Building the Most Expensive Power-plant on Earth: Plant Vogtle

I couldn’t have done this without you – any of it. I couldn’t have run, and I couldn’t have rattled their cages to the degree that my candidacy did without your help along way. I am truly appreciative of your financial support and your words of advice and encouragement – and there were so many of you! Thank you so very much!!

This isn’t the end – it’s only the beginning of accountability for the Georgia Public Service Commission and our work together.

Patty Durand