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Don’t Be Fooled: Georgia Power’s Smart Usage Rate is Bad.

Have you moved into a newly constructed home, apartment or condo since January 1, 2021? Congratulations! It feels great to move into a brand-new place with new floors, appliances, fixtures and lighting. Here is something that won’t feel great: you were probably enrolled on Georgia Power’s “Smart Usage” rate plan, and that means your electricity bills are 50-100% higher than they should be.

This rate plan is actually a demand charge rate plan, which is known to be more expensive for people living in small and medium dwellings because there is a large monthly demand fee. And this fee is hidden from you on your bill.

It is possible to pay less if you live in a large home and you have an energy management system or automated your appliances and devices to match the rate plan’s charging structure. Most people can’t do that.

We are looking for people on this rate plan to compare your electric bills to what you would have paid on the traditional rate plan.

To learn more about this rate plan, you can read my blog here.

Here is one example of how expensive this plan is. These two customers paid about the same on their electricity bill, but the person on the Smart Usage plan only used half as much electricity. His bill would have been $84.57 on the traditional rate plan.*

*From the Ga. Power bill calculator on the Ga Public Service Commission website.

My opponent Tim Echols voted in 2019 to allow Ga Power to enroll new consumers on this rate plan starting in 2021. When I met with him to ask why, he was wrong about the details and dismissive of the harm to customers.

It’s time to stop this. I’ll share what we’re doing soon.
Please email us at if you are on this rate plan. We’ll analyze how much more you are paying and help you switch to a cheaper plan. Please reach out if you are on this rate plan.

Patty Durand