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"Inspiration doesn't show up until you do. Be consistent." (Michael Hyatt)

I work from home promoting authors across the web - and by the time I'm done my work for the day, I'm usually ready to be offline altogether. You know, like the web designer never seems to get his own website finished or the shoe cobbler whose own children run barefoot? I do a lot across social media for my job, but my own websites and projects often suffer because of it.

But this quote from Michael Hyatt is motivating me to change that (read about that in my recent post - and don't miss 
the free desktop background!).

Because if I don't show up, I'm basically hiding my talent in the ground. If I don't write consistently, the words stop coming. If I don't explore every idea God gives me, from the simplest sound bites to the posts that almost come pre-written, I end up losing them altogether.

So in the spirit of showing up more consistently, I'm making a renewed effort to keep showing up more consistently on social media. Along with posting more frequently on the blog and sharing more on FacebookI also decided to dust off the long-forgotten newsletter!

In considering what might be a sustainable way for me to offer a quality newsletter more consistently, I thought about all the great content I find across the web every day. There is so much thought-provoking material available that inspires thought or action, helpful websites and resources, and other tidbits that are just plain interesting. And not just "spiritual" topics either - there's plenty of good content about reading and writing, food news and kitchen hacks, general motivation, artistic pieces, and good clean fun. 

And I'm done keeping it all to myself! But I don't want to overwhelm you with everything good that I read, so my plan is to share a bi-monthly newsletter that includes the following variety:
  • spiritual growth - observations from Scripture, practical application, encouragement
  • general interest - current news/events, informational videos
  • lifestyle tips - creativity, productivity, healthy living
  • book recommendation - general nonfiction, spiritual growth, classic fiction
Here's a representative sampling of what that means:
Are you frustrated with your church - and perhaps dreaming of a customizable Chipotle-style church that lets you pick and choose your favorite features? Consider this thought: "what if we learned to love churches even when (or perhaps because) they challenge us and stretch us out of our comfort zones?"  Read more.
On a dry lake-bed in Nevada, a few friends built the first scale model of our solar system, complete with all the planetary orbits. It offers a true picture of our small place in the universe and a reminder of the One who hung the planets in their places. Watch now.
"There is no one-size fits-all approach to productivity. Instead, we need personalized approaches." Here are four basic types of productivity styles with corresponding lists of tools (both online and off) to help each type work with their strengths - not against them. I'm mostly a Planner... how about you? Read more.
The Accidental Creative is geared toward people who work full-time in creative fields or positions that require the regular generating of ideas - but it's also helpful for at-home creatives like freelance writers and designers. My favorite takeaway so far? "If you want to regularly generate brilliant ideas, you must be purposeful about what you are putting in your head." Find it on Amazon.

I'd love to know what you're finding interesting too! Hit reply and share your favorite link from the past week or a helpful tip you discovered. Or let me know what sort of topics or book genres you enjoy, so I can share more relevant content.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Rejoicing in Him,
Elizabeth Johnson


"Always respond to every impulse to pray... never resist, never postpone it, never push it aside because you are busy." D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

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