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May 20, 2016
Get out there

Psalm 116:5
"The LORD is gracious and righteous; our God is full of compassion." (NIV)

Today's Thought
We say "grace" a lot. 

We sing about grace being amazing, we say grace before dinner, we call little girls Grace, bagpipes have a grace note, dancers are grace-full... and we say that God is full of grace.

We use it so much that if a Martian visited from another planet it might have a hard time knowing exactly what it means.

In the biblical sense, grace means generosity you don't deserve.

It's like you being snappy with the cashier, then having the debit machine indicate there isn't enough in your account to pay for your purchase. But then the cashier pays what you owe out of her own pocket.

That’s grace. It’s generosity you don’t deserve. 

And truth is, God gives you grace all the time. He lavishes you with so much grace that you don’t even realize it. There’s more of God’s grace around you than there is air.

Take me, for example. God’s being gracious to me right now. He offers goodness, faith, opportunity, relationships, food and enough time to write this devotional… despite.

Despite my changing moods. Despite my reluctance to get outside my comfort zone. Despite my bumbling prayers. Despite my ketchup chips hangover. Despite my moments of ingratitude. Despite…

The point is this: Every minute of every day God is pouring grace over you. You don’t deserve it. But he does it anyway just because that’s who he is. 

At lunch today my son was munching away on his sandwich in his own distracted way. He wasn't doing anything particularly adorable. Just chomping away staring out the window at a bird. But I looked at him and realized I just can’t NOT love him to pieces.

That’s what God thinks of you.

And because God lavishes you with a love you can’t lose, today you can get out there and live a love that always wins.

Be sure. The hope God has for you is bigger than the hesitation you have for you.

Get out there. Be confident. Don't be afraid to fail.


Because the LORD has lavished on you a love you can't lose.

By Matthew Ruttan
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