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Last Quarterly Meeting

Our last quarterly meeting was on April 7.   The minutes from the meeting are in the process of being made available for viewing on the Sunset-Oaks.org website.  Please don't forget about the open forum available at these meetings.  The open forum is a great opportunity for you to share any questions or concerns with the board, so they can be addressed for the community.

Open Call for ARB

The Architectural Review Board has been approved to expand to include 5 members.   This means there are now 3 openings for members to actively participate in the ARB process, and we are currently accepting nominations for review.  This is a volunteer position, as is the case with all of our HOA Board and Committee positions.  Please email if you are interested or wish to submit a nomination for someone else.

Spring is still here!

Spring seems to be sticking around and giving us all the opportunity to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine!   This time of year is perfect for refreshing the aesthetic of the neighborhood by addressing some common homeowner maintenance items:

  1. Lawns and Bushes - Lawns should be kept trimmed, along with edging on any sidewalks, driveways, and curb/streets.  Additionally, bushes should be maintained, and any street trees trimmed away from the sidewalks.  Please also trim your street trees "up" so as not to present a visibility issue for those backing in/out of driveways.
  2. Mulching - Mulch should be applied to avoid any "bare" areas and obfuscate any unsightly irrigation or drip-piping.  It also helps to prevent weeds in flower beds.
  3. Landscaping, irrigation changes - Spring can be a great time to start flowerbeds, gardens, and revamp the look and feel of your yard!  Don't forget to submit your ARB request, if you are making any major changes.
  4. House Painting - Spring is also great time of year to make any repairs from winter damage and take steps to seal moisture out of your home with a fresh coat of paint and caulking.  Remember, if you plan to change the color of your home, you will need to submit an ARB request ahead of time.

Lawn Notices

One of the many roles of our property management company, William Douglas, is to monitor the neighborhood for any issues.  It has come to our attention that some homeowners have received warning letters from William Douglas to maintain their lawns, and were upset because they have warm season grasses which has not yet turned green.

Please note, despite having zoysia or similar grass, you are still responsible for maintaining any weeds or "rogue" fescue, as well as preventing encroachment of your grass type onto the lawns of adjacent property owners.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your violation notices, please feel free to contact Sean Fisher at William Douglas (sfisher@wmdouglas.com).   

Street Parking

Many homeowners have voiced concerns regarding street parking.  Please note that street parking is governed by city ordinance, and requests have been reportedly made for the city to be more diligent in enforcing the ordinance via fining, towing, etc. for vehicles that consistently park in the streets.  The streets in our community were not planned or developed to be wide enough to provide street parking.

Street parking poses a risk for our children, and with the width of the streets, can also pose a risk for emergency vehicles. It is understood there will be occasions, such as birthday party's and other events, in which guests will be parking in the street.  In those instances, please ask your guests to pay careful attention not to become an obstacle for other homeowner's driveways and to park facing the direction of traffic.

Next Quarterly Meeting

The next scheduled Quarterly Meeting is July 30, 2015 at 6:00 PMHOA members/residents can request to attend the quarterly meetings during the "open forum" portion to express any statements, concerns, or ideas (30 minutes maximum).  Following this open forum period, the closed meeting will commence, with only Directors present, to maintain confidentiality for members of the HOA community. 

As time and space may be limited, please contact either Sean Fisher at William Douglas, or Secretary Jake Bohall, by July 16th to request attendance at the meeting, along with any topics you wish to be addressed.

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