Sunset Oaks Update:  Street Tree Pruning
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Update: Street Tree Pruning

As has been previously communicated, and in light of the number of concerns raised by the homeowners, the HOA Board will be asking William Douglas to pay special attention to the enforcement of pruning of street trees effective March 1st. To assist, the board has placed a lot of information regarding correct tree pruning at our website ( and encourages those who still have questions or concerns to please reach out to William Douglas as soon as possible.

The board wants to work with homeowners to resolve this situation in the most expedient manner possible. If there is interest from individual homeowners, the board would be happy to ask our landscaping company to work with the homeowner on service and rates for their property.

In summary, effective March 1st, William Douglas will be treating unpruned street tress as a potential violation. Any concerns or question should be raised with William Douglas as soon as possible.


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