February 4, Annual Meeting Highlights
Announcement of HOA Officers
Quarterly Meeting April 7, 205
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Annual Meeting Highlights

A big THANK YOU to everyone that attended the most recent Annual Meeting on February 4 at the Sunset Oaks Clubhouse. If you were unable to attend, you can visit our community website at sunset-oaks.org and view the powerpoint presentation that was given, along with supporting documents such as the Agenda, Budget, and more! The draft minutes from the annual meeting will soon be available on the website.
We are very appreciative of the years of volunteer service provided by the departing board members Mark Iasiello and Jim Wyland. As a result of the Annual meeting, we welcome our two newest board members: Andrew Turner, representing The Woods "north" side and Jake Bohall, representing Sunset Oaks "south" side. We are happy to have them volunteering their time to be part of the board, and welcome any other members of the community that wish to volunteer to help in any capacity for the HOA committees.

Announcement of HOA Officers

Most recently, on March 9, the Board of Directors held a special meeting to elect the board officers for the year.  

The Officers for 2015 are as follows:
President                 Chris Olszak      (Board term ends at Annual Meeting in 2017)
Vice-President         Kim Bellew         (Board term ends at Annual Meeting in 2017)
Treasurer                Ashlie Cade       (Board term ends at Annual Meeting in 2016)
Secretary                Jake Bohall        (Board term ends at Annual Meeting in 2018)
Member-At-Large   Andrew Turner   (Board term ends at Annual Meeting in 2018)

As a friendly reminder, the special meetings of the board happen more frequently to address day to day operations.  The board meets quarterly and provides an open forum for Members.

Quarterly Meeting April 7 

The next scheduled Quarterly Meeting is April 7, 2015. HOA members/residents can request to attend the quarterly meetings during the "open forum" portion to express any statements, concerns, or ideas (30 minutes maximum).  Following this open forum period, the closed meeting will commence, with only Directors present, to maintain confidentiality for members of the HOA community. As time and space may be limited, please contact either Sean Fisher at William Douglas, or Secretary Jake Bohall, to request attendance at the meeting by April 3.


Sunset Oaks Board of Directors

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