August 2016

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Welcome to the August issue of our Helping Parents Heal Newsletter!  

Hello!  We are glad you have found us.  This newsletter is a space that allows us to share our amazing children. We are all in this together.  We understand and we walk the same path. Thank you for your compassion and for the constant support you provide.  Together, we will help each other heal! 

For those of you who live in the Phoenix area, we have a wonderful upcoming meeting schedule! We have many talented speakers who have graciously agreed to give their time and energy to our group: Fara Gibson on July 24th, Psychic Medium Jamie Clark on August 21st, Dr. Mark Pitstick, a board member of Helping Parents Heal, author and afterlife expert on September 18th, Psychic Medium Susanne Wilson on December 18th and Roberta Grimes, attorney, author and afterlife expert, on January 15th. Also, Irene Vouvalides will be welcoming Evidential Medium and author Suzanne Giesemann at her Hilton Head affiliate meeting on January 8th.  Please be sure to sign up for these events as seating is limited! Hope to see you there.

Also, a reminder that Irene Vouvalides, our Hilton Head affiliate leader, has offered to help organize a Helping Parents Heal National Conference.  She has already contacted many wonderful speakers who have agreed to participate!  She is also researching conference centers in and around Phoenix and Scottsdale.  The conference would take place over a two-day weekend in April 2018.  We hope to have an idea of how many parents would like to attend so that we can move forward with the planning.  Tracy Houston Venters, our Dallas Affiliate Leader, has developed a short survey to help with our planning.  Please take a minute to complete it by clicking here.  Also, please email Irene to let her know if you might be interested in attending: This is going to be a wonderful conference!

Sending love and light to each one of you and to your beautiful children.  You are not alone.

-Elizabeth Boisson, Co-Founder and President of Helping Parents Heal, Newsletter Editor and AffiliateLeader for Phoenix/Scottsdale.

Hope Rises on the Wings of Love-
The 39th Annual Conference of The Compassionate Friends 

The HPH Table at Healing Haven at the TCF Annual Conference in Scottsdale

Helping Parents Heal was pleased to be asked to help at the annual conference of TCF in Scottsdale on July 8th and 9th.  President Alan Pederson and Conference Chair Anne Castaldo of the Compassionate Friends kindly offered us a table throughout the conference while we volunteered in 'Healing Haven', a wonderful, restorative space that was organized by Sara Ruble that offered massage, reiki, life coaching, energy healing and gentle yoga to parents.  Psychic Medium Christine Salter, Life Coach and Developing Psychic Medium Camber WilsonReiki Master Jana Evraets and her husband Brian as well as several other volunteers from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts helped parents to relax and unwind after their busy, emotion-filled days.  We are grateful for your healing, uplifting work!  

Also, many volunteers from our Phoenix/Scottsdale and Tucson Chapters of Helping Parents Heal came to assist at the table during the conference, including LeAnn Hull, Carol Allen, Nita Erickson, Doryce Norwood, Tucson Affiliate Leader Janice Crowder-Torrez and Laraine Pritts.  Many thanks to TCF and to our wonderful volunteers! 

-Elizabeth Boisson

Dr. Mark Pitstick and his book 'SoulProof'

Evolved Souls Don’t Need Long Earthly Lives
August 2016

by Mark Pitstick, MA, DC

Welcome to the Helping Parents Heal Q & A.  The death of a child is very difficult, painful, and sad.  At the same time, it can be a spiritually transformative experience.  You can—moment by moment—choose to heal by awakening to your and their true nature (much more than the physical body), honoring their lives, serving others, and enjoying life again.  That’s the balance Helping Parents Heal seeks to maintain.
I recommend reading the Foundational Articles for Healing and Transformation that form a basis for my answers.  Links at lower left of home page.
I’ve also created several products with information and strategies for surviving and even thriving amidst your suffering.  If you truly can’t afford them, let us know and we’ll send them to you at no charge.  Then, when you are doing better, you can “pay it forward” and help others. 

Q: I lost my Sarah 7 years ago.  I spent the first 5 years in an altered and anguished reality.  I fought my way to the truth of how she died and to help prevent it happening again here in Australia. I began to feel again and live in this new reality without her but noticed some changes.  For example, I used to love to cook and entertain, but now that enjoyment has diminished. I’m not depressed and am not on any medication. I am much less excited about just about everything compared to before Sarah died. - Juliana
A: That’s a great description of how things feel different after a child transitions, Juliana, and it can happen for several reasons.  You have gone through a heart-breaking experience.  You experienced firsthand the depth of suffering in our world, but you took the high road and worked to prevent others from dying.  Your world has enlarged. Sarah’s passing awakened you more deeply to the fact that Earth is not your permanent home.  These are all big insights and changes.

Superficial pursuits and excess materialism are often less fulfilling after an intense experience like you’ve had.  You now realize what is most important and are working to help others.  You can see how many people are walking around half-asleep and “comfortably numb.”  You may want deeper and more meaningful interactions than you had before.  All this is very common and normal.  Over time, your relationships may shift toward ones that are more soulful and supportive.  Dinners with more kindred spirits will probably be more fulfilling and, over time, you will feel more joy again no matter whom you are around. 
Q: I just want to be with my son. I have no interest in being around people yet I don’t want to be alone.  There is now a distance between myself and my other two children. I am so lost and feel so empty! It’s almost 19 months since I’ve seen my handsome son. Our last days together play over and over in my mind. So many regrets, could ofs, would ofs and should ofs play over and over. - Jennifer

A: Thank you for sharing what many bereaved parents go through, Jennifer.  It’s totally natural to feel that way so don’t beat yourself up and think you should be doing better.  I suggest that you take four action steps to enjoy life and the rest of your family more.  As you know, they are suffering too and need you more than ever. 
1. Join a HPH group; if none are close, participate through the newsletter and Facebook.  When you’re ready, consider co-leading a group in your area.
2. Use breathwork to release pain, re-energize, and live more in the present moment.
3. Talk with family, friends, counselors, or pastors so you don’t go through this alone
4. Get a NRT evaluation since it’s very likely that you are suffering from grief-induced and post-pregnancy nutritional deficiencies.  (article #7, point #11)

Please let us know how you are doing in a few months.  You deserve to feel happier again and you can bet that your “departed” son is rooting you on to do so. 
Q: I lost my little boy a year ago and I still feel like it was just yesterday. After he passed away I felt him all around and he was giving me signs all the time. Due to my anxiety and depression, I started drinking at night to help my mind stop racing. The alcohol has just made things worse and I feel like he's not here anymore. I still talk to him all the time, but something feels different. Is he disappointed in me?  Does he think I'm a bad mommy? Is he gone?  It feels like I lost him not once, but twice. - Ruth
A: I am sorry for the pain and sadness you've gone through, Ruth. Read foundational article #'s 3 and 7 and follow those steps.  Pay special attention to the part about NRT.  You may also want to use the Facilitated After-Death Contact technique. (article #10) and visit  My “When a Child Changes Worlds” webinar in August would be a perfect way to learn more and ask questions "in person."
It’s good that you initially felt his presence.  As you experienced, he IS very near and letting you know he is happy and wants you to be too.  He is still there, but the alcohol keeps you from sensing that.  Excess alcohol can cause so many problems and lower your personal energy.  He is in a high-energy realm where love, peace, gratitude, and enthusiasm predominate. That’s why you can't feel him when you are depressed, sad, or drinking too much.  
And, NO, he doesn’t think you are a bad mom.  He is not a child now.  He really is, was, and will be a wise being of energy and consciousness.  He understands the whole picture and knows that you are trying to cope.  He is sending you love and encouragement to find a better way to heal.  The fact that you wrote this note means you are listening. Let us know how you are doing and how we can help.  
Q: It's been 9 long sad months since we lost our beautiful LEELEE. Not a day goes by that we don't think about her. I talk to her every day. My son is absolutely devastated since she was the love of his life. She was absolutely a wonderful person. My son is angry at GOD. But I hope he will restore his faith one day. I guess we have to take baby steps. I know we will never be the same ever. We will have to learn to live with this unbearable pain forever. We love you sweetheart FOREVER 19 – Liz

A: I can feel your pain through your words, Liz.  It is so difficult and painful . . . you and your son have every right to feel sad, devastated, and angry toward God.  At the same time, however, life is inviting you to look at things with bigger eyes.  First, it’s important to know that it’s a proven fact that life continues on after physical death. (article #2)  Next, please remember that you will see her again someday and can now. (article #10) Review articles #3 and 7 to learn more about how you can develop this grander perspective of life. 

My next wish for you is to consider altering your language a bit.  For example, you didn’t “lose” her; she graduated from earth-school before you.  And you don’t have to live with the unbearable pain forever.  You can set an intention to feel just a little more peace and joy as time goes on.  Finally, I know it’s popular to use “Forever 19” or whatever age the children were when they changed worlds.  But it’s not true.  It might feel like that to those “left behind” but everyone really is “Forever Infinite.”  We each are eternal beings of spirit/awareness.  Try these upgrades and see if that feels a little more hopeful and accurate.  Let us know how it’s going, please.    
Q: Coming up on one year since my Ange was killed in a car wreck. You know when you hear a story about something horrible and your mind plays out a "what if" scenario with your own children? But then you stop at a certain point because it is too terrible to imagine or absorb? That's how this is. My mind keeps preventing me from completely taking this on. Because it is too much. And it is too terrible. Logically, I know she died, but my heart and mind cannot really absorb it. -Lori
A: Of course it can feel that way, Lori.  One year isn’t that long and the suddenness of her passing put you in shock.  You will be able to feel and accept more when your body/brain are able to handle it.  You can speed up the process by using action steps and techniques recommended above.  Be gentle with yourself.  Take your time, do your best, and know that Ange is helping you in every way she can. Thank you for keeping us updated about how you are doing and how we can help. 

Note: This information is not designed to replace medical or psychological care.  Dr. Pitstick’s recommendations are based on his forty-three years of professional training and experience in hospitals, mental health centers, and holistic private practice.  

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC is an author, clinical psychologist, chiropractic physician, frequent media guest, and workshop leader who helps you know and show that—no matter what is going on around you—this earth-experience is a totally safe and magnificent adventure amidst forever. Visit for free radio shows with top consciousness experts, newsletters, and articles addressing life’s toughest changes and challenges.  Email Mark at to ask him your toughest and most challenging questions

-Dr. Mark Pitstick is a Board Member of Helping Parents Heal and of Eternea

Mark will soon be hosting Eternea Chat webinars.  His next one will be 'When a Child Changes Worlds: 12 Ways to Survive and Even Thrive' on August 16th and repeating on August 17th.  Please click here to learn more and to participate!  

Our Kids Work Hard to Communicate with Us
Tracy Soussi, Aymen Soussi, Dr. Mark Pitstick & Evidential Medium Suzanne Giesemann

Email from Aymen's Mom, Tracy:
I could not wait to share this story with you - I know it is a long story, but it is amazing and thought you would enjoy hearing it.

Mark (Pitstick), as you know, I did a webinar with you and you suggested that I begin a Chapter of HPH in my area.  As I told you, my 29-year-old son - Aymen -  transitioned three months earlier, at that time, so I was just beginning this journey.  One evening I was doing research on Eternea, and I came across Suzanne Giesemann.  I looked her up and found out she was doing a seminar on Mediumship in New Mexico.  It was one of the only classes that had not filled up, so I signed up immediately, although it was about 5 hours from me.

The class was July 16th and I asked my son to show me a sign during the class that he was indeed always with me.  I attended Saturday morning.  During lunch, I left to get lunch.  I had a hard time during class because was crying and didn't want to disturb anyone.   As I left for lunch, I tried to decide if I should go back and asked my son for a sign.  I stepped out of the car, and there were two feathers on the ground in front of me.  Feathers are usually the sign I receive.  I have a baggie full of feathers from the last four months. 

After the sign of the feather, I went back to class.  I mentioned the feathers to the lady next to me and then finished class and left for the day.  The next morning I was very apprehensive about going back because of my fear of crying in public.  But, I went deciding that if it were too much, I would leave at lunch.

As I sat down, the lady next to me handed me a note that said nothing is a coincidence, and it had a feather on it.  She found it right outside her door as she was coming to class.  During the break, I did not feel like participating, and I saw Suzanne standing at the back of the room by a table.  I asked her if it was okay if I skipped the mediumship exercises.  She looked at me strangely and said I could do whatever I wanted.  Then she told me that the evening before she had her daughter in spirit Susan bothering her all night to give a reading during class because someone truly needed it.  She told her that she was tired and that seminars took a lot out of her.  She really did not want to do it.

The next morning Suzanne was still feeling pressure from Spirit.  She knew that she was supposed to do a reading.  During the break, she went into a smaller room and meditated to ask Susan and her team if she was correct and told them she needed a sign.  Susan told her to stand by the table in the back room and whoever spoke to her would be the one who needed her help.  So Suzanne decided that if anyone came to talk to her she would do a reading.  It so happened that it was me, and Suzanne asked me if she could do a reading for me in front of the class. (!!) 

Suzanne knew nothing of my loss.  She started the reading by saying that I lost a son and that he was standing behind me, and he was not leaving until he got his message through to me.  He said he wanted to "kick my butt" because I used to be such a strong woman and he was there to get the spark or spunk back into me.  Every single thing she told me about my son was exactly accurate from his passing to his message. I was certain that he was there because Suzanne's reading was so accurate.  I could not believe that he came through, but he was determined to do so.  He learned his determination from his mom!

He wanted me to know he did not suffer and that "it was meant to be this way."  These were all things about which I had worried.  He even told Suzanne he saw me lighting candles for him. On the way to NM, my daughter told me about an old Catholic Church in Santa Fe where I had lit a candle for him and another friends' son.

The most important part of the validation from my son is that he told me that I did not attend the classes to be a medium but instead to learn how to contact him.  Suzanne explained this could be accomplished through writing in expanded consciousness.  This communication was not part of the curriculum, but Suzanne taught it during class so I could learn to communicate in this way with Aymen.      
My son said that my mission is to help other grieving parents.  He said that if I could get through the depths of my grief, that I could feel it in others and help them heal as well.  He said he would be by my side guiding me through this - he would be with me every step of the way.  He said I need to step forward and let my hurting change to healing so I could help other parents and also let them know that they are never alone.  Their beloved children are always with them.  This story certainly validates that our children are always with us.

I told Suzanne that the way I found her was through the Eternea site and that Mark had asked about starting a group of Helping Parents Heal.  She said that this was her favorite volunteer group, and all of this was meant to be and was a sign from God.  I feel blessed beyond belief.

I cannot begin to tell you what a gift Suzanne gave me.  I told her that I was trying to put a group together, but I was not having any success, and she said that she feels I am too early in this process for me while grieving.  She was kind enough to give me the contact information of a lady she helped after her daughter changed worlds.  She also told me that I have a pretty good understanding of all of this, but I needed validation or proof.  She was indeed correct.  I still am in amazement of the entire chain of events.  

Mark, you told me something that resonated with me in your email.  My Aymen led me to find you, then to Suzanne and Aymen would not take no for an answer until he got his message through.  As Abraham Hicks says, this was a high flying disc moment for me.  

I must be honest and say that I now know for certain Aymen is with me always, but I need time to get through the pain I am feeling.  However,  this is a huge step in my healing process thanks to such kind, caring and compassionate people like all of three of you on the email.  I am excited about the future starting a HPH group!

Suzanne has given me a gift that I can only describe as miraculous, and I will be forever grateful.  

-Written by Aymen's Mom, Tracy 
Sign up for Mark Pitstick's upcoming webinar 

Gentle Connections through our Children
Help Save the Next Girl, Morgan Harrington and Morgan Boisson

This beautiful young woman, Morgan Harrington, disappeared from a concert in Virginia just 3 days before my own Morgan passed from severe altitude sickness at the Base Camp of Mount Everest in Tibet on October 20, 2009.  They were both 20 years old.  

I have always felt a deep connection to Morgan and her parents, Dan and Gil Harrington, and I have been touched by their compassion and determination.  They created a non-profit in Morgan's honor, '
Help Save the Next Girl', to sensitize young women and girls to predatory danger.  The non-profit has had a huge impact with its diligent activism through education, victim support and legislation.  Morgan Harrington is always in my thoughts and prayers.

It was therefore a great pleasure to receive this email from Gil a few days ago:

Dear Elizabeth,

I am grateful for the work that you do and the kindness and healing you continue send to so many of us.

Dan and I have experienced a surreal journey following our daughter Morgan's murder in 2009. We have been incredibly focused, and determined to find the serial killer and prevent more loss of life. At the same time, we have worked just as diligently to ensure that Morgan's death was the catalyst to usher in much goodness to the world.

Those efforts have been all encompassing  in the 6 1/2 years since Morgan's murder. I want you to know that despite my absorption in finding justice for Morgan I have been very much aware of the work that you have done to honor your Morgan and to assist others through grief. I have perused every newsletter that I have received from you. And taken much comfort and sustenance from the positive message and Unity values that we share. I am grateful for the love and compassion that you bring to the world. It matters.


-241, Gil Harrington 
(Morgan Harrington's mother)

I am also grateful for this beautiful email. It is an eloquent reminder that we are not alone on this difficult journey and that the kindness and compassion we show to each other matters.  And that Morgan and Morgan, as well as all of our children, are together and that they watch over us.

Love and light to each of you and to your beautiful children,

-Elizabeth Boisson

Fellowship and Coincidences by Ernie and Kristine Jackson
Kristine and Ernie
A Lighthouse in a Sea of Uncertainty

As the eternal beings that we are, what an amazing time to be here, living in these tumultuous times.  Living in this dichotomy, we are given a choice.  The choice is in thought and in deed.

Do we choose love, light and making a positive difference; or do we choose hate, fear and doing harm?  It seems almost overly simplistic, but in our quiet moments, this truth is obvious.  And the choice has nothing to do with our socioeconomic standing, our color, our politics, our religion; absolutely nothing.
In this time and place, where the camps of hope and love are even more polarized against those of distrust and fear – does it make the choice more or less obvious?  The answer is self-evident, even more so when you understand and embrace that you are an eternal being.

My choice is obvious.  I encourage you to be a beacon of light, a beacon of love – to reach out with an act of kindness today and every day.

Blessings!  May you recognize the signs of your loved ones when they visit!
-Ernie and Kristine Jackson

-Ernie Jackson is a Board Member of Helping Parents Heal and the proud father of Quinton.  His two books,'Quinton's Messages' and 'Quinton's Legacy', are available at Please also view Ernie and Kristine's video of their June presentation at the Phoenix/Scottsdale Chapter of Helping Parents Heal here.

Helpful, Healing Books
Messages of Hope-the Metaphysical Memoir of a Most Unexpected Medium
This book by Evidential Medium Suzanne Giesemann is more than a personal account of how a former U.S Navy commanding officer and aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was able to connect with her daughter in spirit.  It is an affirmation that each of us has the ability to develop our psychic skills and to communicate with our children.  In fact, Suzanne conducts mediumship workshops throughout the United States to encourage parents to raise their consciousness through meditation and psychic strength-building exercises. Suzanne’s uplifting book is inspirational proof that our children's love is eternal and limitless.  Please click here to learn more about Messages of Love.  Also, learn more about Suzanne's mediumship workshops by reading Tracy Soussi's story above.

Please click here to see our list of recommended reading.

Affiliate Updates - 
Helping Parents Heal - Hilton Head
Irene's Daughter Carly  - WE LOVE YOU CARLY! at Boston College

Carly's Validation
I recently experienced an amazing sense and scent of my beloved daughter Carly, I wanted to share this with everyone.

Sending everyone so much love,A few weeks ago after returning home from golf I immediately headed straight for the shower. As I entered our master bath- closet area I was stopped in " my tracks" as they say. I smelled Carly!

Any parent knows that their child has a "scent", Carly did not wear perfume bur I always could smell her, perhaps it was her particular body wash , I'm not sure. I was thrilled, it was so comforting to smell her again, to know she was close. I told Tony about it and had a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

9:30 that night UPS rang my doorbell ( never has happened before) with a package for me. The previous weekend had been Carly's five year reunion from Boston College, her friends had assured me before the reunion that they would include her, that she was always with them. In the package was a beautiful framed photo of all of her friends on campus holding up huge letters spelling out We Love You Carly. I was amazed, I couldn't stop crying it was such a thoughtful thing for them to do. I sent the picture to friends through email and also posted on FB.

I sent an email to Suzanne Giesemann sharing the picture and describing the bittersweet gesture from such wonderful friends. It took me a long time to fall asleep that night, the tears would not stop flowing.

I woke up and while having my coffee read my emails. I would like to share Suzanne's email with you.

"Oh my goodness, what a thoughtful, loving thing to do.  She made a lasting impact on all of them.  I know it hurts.  Just now I sensed her saying that you smelled something related to her recently, and (perhaps separate from that) she's showing me roses.

Sending you love in abundance, Suzanne"

Wow, it completely shifted my thoughts from sadness to joy! Of course she is always with me, not even 24 hours from the time I "smelled her" to confirmation from Suzanne, and white roses are my favorite flower.

-Irene Vouvalides

Helping Parents Heal-United Kingdom, First Meeting June 26th!
Marta Arce-Dubois with Elizabeth, Christine & Alix Boisson ~ Barnett Hill, Surrey

The Launch Event of Helping Parents Heal UK was a day filled with love, comfort, support, hugs, tears and laughter for the 34 attendees, embraced by the souls of our children. I am so thankful to all of you who came and participated: some already dear friends, others now new friends. And to all those who couldn’t make it because of distance or other circumstances: you were in our hearts and in our minds.

Having Co-founder and President Elizabeth, her husband Cyril and daughters Alix and Christine there meant so much to me personally and, I’m sure, to all of us who had the chance to share the HPH vision and to experience their compassion and their beautiful energy.

Thank you also to our three spiritualist mediums, Martin Twycross, Sheila Smoothy and Pam Pollington for the beautiful messages from our children. And, of course, special thanks to our children for making the effort to communicate with them, and to Martin for his real, no-frills answers to all our questions.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all those who made this day possible, including other wonderful Affiliate Leaders in this group for your support. It warms my heart that so many bereaved parents found comfort in this day. It was worth every minute of planning and preparation. The venue is beautiful, the staff friendly, helpful and efficient, and we even had lovely weather to sit outside in the amazing grounds during lunch time.

We will continue to run groups in the UK from September and there are already plans for two more UK groups.

With so much love, 

Tracy Houston Venters with Donations from Helping Parents Heal - Dallas Members

Dallas Chapter Celebrates an Amazing Year
This July marked the marked the one year anniversary of Dallas Chapter for Helping Parents Heal.  

It’s been an amazing journey with so much healing so far. In the last 12 months we have been honored to have many great speakers including mediums, an international expert in Induced After Death Communications (ADC), a past life regression specialist, a chakra healer, a healer who has written a book on grief recovery and uses several modalities including crystals, aroma oils and other modalities and a couple others. One meeting I brought in a TV and we played Mark Pitstick’s “Soul Proof” documentary. In December we opted to meet at my home for a holiday party where we could be more relaxed and enjoy some good food and wine for those that wanted it. And of course we have had a few meetings without a speaker just to catch up and share.

July was not only our chapter’s “birthday”,  July is also National Ice Cream Month, so we honored our anniversary by donating ice cream themed items (pajamas, toys, gift cards) to a local children’s advocacy center. Some brought in donated items to the meeting, others directly through links I provided to local advocacy center’s wish lists.

I was honored that a member brought flowers and a card (she had others sign) to thank me for leading the group. However, I am grateful that the group all works together. On a few occasions when I have had to be out of town, other members have stepped up to lead. And of course we all heal (including myself) just by having a caring ear, a caring friend who knows what it is like to lose a child or someone so close to them. This is an incredible group!

-Written by our Dallas Affiliate Chapter Leader, Tracy Houston Venter. Please visit her website at
Sheri Perl works on her EVP Messages ~ Danny Migdol
Hi my friends,

I’m excited to tell you about my new venture or maybe I should say, adventure! You may be hearing a lot of talk these days about EVPs. EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon and it is a way to use sound and the recording process to bring in messages from spirit. Unbelievable? Yes, but absolutely true.  I just started doing this a few months ago and I’ve been able to communicate with my son Danny who passed in 2008. What’s most incredible is that many of our children are coming through and saying their names for their parents. You can hear the audio clips that I post by going to my website: and hitting on “The Prayer Registry Forum” which is listed in the sidebar on the Welcome page.
If you are interested in learning more about this form of communication I would visit the AREI website at: where there is excellent information on how to get started. I would also recommend taking the time to watch “Calling Earth,” a wonderful documentary that can explain this phenomenon far better than I. Please click here to view!
I believe that it’s an extraordinary thing that children-in-spirit are coming forward and getting their names recorded for their parents to hear. I am recording and posting new names as they come in and I can’t even keep up with them. There are numerous posts already at the site and if you continue to scroll down, you will see the names from my first “Roll Call” recording that was done a number of weeks ago, as well as some of the names from the second recording, that are still in the process of being posted.
Please allow the site a minute to come up. Due to all the audios posted, it can take a minute to show up. I assure you, it’s worth the wait!
-Sheri Perl Migdol, New York City Affiliate Leader

Sheri’s Corner-
Wisdom and Quotes from The East Coast
"We cannot finally appreciate joyful reunions later without tearful separations now. The only way to take sorrow out of death is to take love out of life".

-Russell M Nelson

As bereaved parents, we all know this is true. Our love for our children is enormous, which is what has made their losses so painful for us. On the other hand, can you imagine our joy at the reunions that await us when we make the crossing?  

-Written by our NYC Affiliate Leader, Sheri Perl Migdol
Please visit Sheri's Prayer Registry here

Mission Statement of Helping Parents Heal: Our mission is to help bereaved parents, giving them support and resources to aid in the healing process. We will go a step beyond other groups by allowing the open discussion of spiritual experiences and evidence for the Afterlife in a non-dogmatic way. In other words, we will welcome everyone regardless of their religious (or non-religious) background and allow for a very open type of dialog. We receive all and do not judge people or their children on the basis of life choices. -Mark Ireland, Cofounder, Helping Parents Heal

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Helpful, Healing Information

Stories of Validation -
The Allen Family-TJ, Carol, Tony and TylerThe Healing Power of Energy Work

Hello, my name is Carol Allen, I have been a member of Helping Parents Heal since May of 2015 when my beautiful 19-year-old son, Tyler Allen, gained his angel wings in a tragic accident.

I was fortunate to win a raffle at the Helping Parents Heal meeting in June. The prize was a three-day workshop taught by David Router to help master our life energy.   My 24-year-old son TJ attended the seminar with me as well.  TJ has struggled this past year terribly and has not been able to deal with the grief of losing his younger brother.  They were all very close.

Shortly after Tyler’s passing, TJ had some psychic experiences and saw his brother.  However it only lasted a few months, and his grief blocked any ability for him to communicate with Tyler; that is until we attended David’s workshop.  

On the final day of the workshop, as we left TJ told me that he had the most incredible spiritual experience of his life.  David taught him to clear his negative blockages to enable him to communicate with Tyler.  During the last session, TJ said that numerous events flashed before him and he was able to clearly see Tyler pick him up and carry him to a safe place one night after he had passed out in an alley.  He also saw Tyler take the wheel of his car and keep him safe after he had an accident and totaled his car a few months ago. The police officer stated that he couldn’t believe that TJ walked away without a scratch.  

Tyler said, “We are still a family now and forever, I will always be there, someday when it is your time, you will understand.”  Lastly, he said, “Tell mom thank you for cleaning my room.”  I had spent the day cleaning his room; TJ was completely unaware of this.  We were both crying as he told me all of these things.  I do not have the same abilities as TJ, however, I can say that as I have continued to practice the exercises that David taught me during the workshop, I have noticed that my intuition seems stronger, and I have a stronger sense of inner peace.  

David explained that like working with weights, results would get better and better with time and the continuation of the exercises that David taught me. I will be able to lead a happier and more fulfilling life even though I have endured the most horrific thing that any parent can go through.  David Router is incredible, and I am very grateful.

-Written by Tyler's Mom, Carol Allen

LeAnn Hull and her son Andy

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs!

Sounds like a song that we all know, right? Before my son, Andy relocated to Heaven; I never really paid much attention to the 'signs'.  Life just kind of carried on with the usual ups and downs, but after he moved, I opened my mind and heart up to the connections between all of us and the spirit world. I wanted… needed to hear from my son that he was okay and happy. Actually, I wanted more than that, I wanted an ongoing relationship with him. Rainbows, butterflies, birds, etc. became more meaningful to me but were they actually bringing me a message or were they just beautiful components of nature? Could I really hear from Andy?

My need to talk to him was so desperate right after he left, that I even went to see my first Medium, Susanne Wilson, just one month after his departure. Never in my wildest imaginations did I think that I would ever see a Medium, but what a blessing she was for me and my family. Without a doubt, I knew that I was speaking with my son which warmed my heart and eased my pain. I continued to gift myself with visits to see Susanne every 6 months which helped me move forward and opened my mind to becoming more aware of signs and messages all around me every day. Now three years later, I find myself having conversations with Andy throughout the day, even though it seems to be a one way conversation. Well, there is something to be said about that at least no one interrupts me  Through prayer, meditation and awakening all of my senses, I truly feel like I can hear and feel him.

While, I am comforted by all of the signs from Andy, I was totally blown away by what happened last Wednesday the 13th. This day is special because it is Andy’s best friend, Bryce’s Birthday. He and Andy were very close and consequently, Bryce receives signs from Andy whether he likes it or not. Most of the time, it scares Bryce, but as time has gone on, he has become slightly more comfortable with Andy’s joking but loving nature.

My daughter, Beth showed up at my house to catch up on what was going on in our lives. She knew that I had taken my truck, which was Andy’s truck, into the shop just recently and she wanted to see how I had changed it. Andy always wanted the truck lifted as well as the speakers replaced with some amazing ear-blowing units. Being the crazy Mom that I am, I still wanted him to have fixed up the way that he wanted. As Beth and I walked out into the garage to check out the new and improved “Andy’s truck”, suddenly the garage door started randomly going up and down. Not just once but, up and down and up and down several times. We stood there laughing as we both knew that it was Andy’s way of telling us that he loved “his” truck! Then just like that it stopped, well almost… as Beth was getting into her car, as if to say…. “I’m still here!” the garage door went up and down one more time. Hahaha, funny boy! 

As nighttime came and I was sitting quietly in my room, my son, Mike called and told me that every time he tried to turn on his TV with the remote, the radio would come on. Andy is such a jokester! We knew that indeed it was Andy letting us know that he is always around us. Could this day get any better? Well…….. Yes it could!

At 8:30 that night my phone rang with a number displayed on it that didn’t mean anything to me…..723-9 …. But I answered it anyway. I said “Hello...Hello?"  but no one was there until suddenly I heard ...“MOOOOOOM!"  My heart leapt as I instantly recognized Andy’s voice. And then he was gone, but OMG it was so awesome to hear from him!!!! I cautiously called a few special people as most people would have thought that I was nuts! I called Elizabeth, my Husband and my kids and of course I called Bryce to let him know that Andy hadn’t forgotten his Birthday. 

So now I make sure to answer all phone calls, even the unknown phone numbers, because I never know when that beautiful son of mine will call me again.

-Written by Andy's Mom, LeAnn 

LeAnn created a nonprofit in Andy's name, And Hull's Sunshine Foundation.  Please visit to learn more about this worthy cause.  

Tyler Allen and his Aunt Marilyn McGrath
Tyler's Fireworks

My name is Marilyn and a little over a year ago I lost my amazing, kind, big-hearted and beautiful nephew Tyler, to a tragic motorcycle accident. While I did not give birth to Tyler, I love him as if he were my son! Tyler has given us the most amazing validations that he may be physically gone, but he is most definitely still with us! 

The most recent validation he gave to us was on his 21st birthday, July 8th.  Let me back up to last December. My son, who loves Tyler like his brother; had a reading with the incredible Renee Richards. In his reading, Tyler kept showing Renee the number 8 and a celebration with fireworks. Of course, we assumed that he must be talking about his past birthdays, we spent a few of them in California, which was over the 4th of July, so that must be what he was showing her. Renee was insistent that Tyler was making her feel that this was something to come and not in the past. 

We knew we were not making that trip this year, so we were not sure what he could mean. My sister Carol, Tyler's mom, was having us all over to spend Tyler's birthday together. I am not certain why I was so adamant, but I wanted to do his birthday at my house. Typically Carol would have argued this but for some odd reason, she said it would be okay for me to do it. 

So here we are, Tyler's birthday, Friday the 8th of July, the whole family in my backyard together, listening to songs we consider Tyler's songs, and every one of us is holding a balloon we wanted to send up to Ty. All of a sudden the most incredible display of fireworks was right over my yard!! Not the kind of fireworks you buy on the corner, but real fireworks you would go to watch on the 4th. 

Not one of my neighbors around us was having a party; no one was outside, and no one in my neighborhood even set off fireworks the weekend of the 4th so these could not even be leftovers! 

Odd? Yes. Surprising ? No! Tyler set everything in motion because he knew exactly how to prove to his whole family that he was right there, making his 21st birthday something special for us all!!! We love you and miss you with our whole hearts Ty!!!

-Written by Tyler's Mom, Marilyn

Would you like to share a story of validation or healing with other Parents? We are all able to heal when we share personal stories about our children with others.  Moreover, everyone benefits from validations that we receive from our children.  We love to hear about them!  If you have a story that you would like to share about your child, please let us know and we will include it in a future newsletter.  Please send it to Elizabeth Boisson at (Due to space limitations, please be sure it is no longer than 1 page.)

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