October 2016

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Welcome to the October issue of our Helping Parents Heal Newsletter!  Hello!  We are glad you have found us.  This newsletter is a space that allows us to share our amazing children. We are all in this together.  We understand and we walk the same path. Thank you for your compassion and for the constant support you provide.  Together, we will help each other heal! 

If you have not done so, take a look at our beautiful new website:  It is a wonderful tool to share our affiliate chapters, recommended books, providers, links and videos as well as our favorite causes.There is also a new page for 'Daily Tributes' to celebrate our childrens' birthdays and Angel Dates.  Please take a moment to enter your child's name, dates, information and photo.  This page will publish as soon as I have entered all of the children on our list.  As it takes about 3 hours to enter 50 children, this may take a while.  But once it is finished, each child will automatically appear twice a year with his or her tribute, photo and information.  This is a permanent and wonderful way to remember our children!  

We have exciting news!  We will soon have a new affiliate group that will offer virtual meetings.  Diane Romagnoli and Rachel Pearson will be holding meetings with parents throughout the US and the world through Zoom Video Conferencing.  Please read more about Diane and Rachel in the Affiliate Chapters section below, and check for meeting times here.  

For those of you who live in the Phoenix area, we have a wonderful upcoming meeting schedule! We have many talented speakers who have graciously agreed to give their time and energy to our group: Dr. Mark Pitstick, a board member of Helping Parents Heal, author and afterlife expert on September 18th, Healer Linda Moser on October 16thThe Carefree Medium Susanne Wilson on December 18th and Roberta Grimes, attorney, author and afterlife expert, on January 15th. Also, Irene Vouvalides has many amazing speakers scheduled to speak at her upcoming Hilton Head affiliate meetings.  You can read more about them in our Affiliate Chapters section below.  Please be sure to RSVP for these events as seating is limited! Hope to see you there.

First Annual Helping Parents Heal Conference April 2018
As many of you know, Helping Parents Heal (a 501C3 corporation) plans to hold its first annual conference in Scottsdale, Arizona in April, 2018.  We are thrilled about the many talented presenters who have agreed to speak as well as the 100+ parents who have already said they would join us for this joyful event.  Irene Vouvalides and Tracy Venters, our Hilton Head and Dallas affiliate leaders, are hard at work coordinating the conference. Please click here to be transferred to the fundraising site.

We hope to see you in Scottsdale in April 2018!

Sending love and light to each one of you and to your beautiful children.  You are not alone.

-Elizabeth Boisson, Co-Founder and President of Helping Parents Heal, Newsletter Editor and Affiliate Leader for Phoenix/Scottsdale.

What if Everyone Knew the Truth?
Roberta Grimes - Renown Author and Afterlife Expert and Board Member of AREI, the Afterlife Research and Education Institute.

What if Everyone Knew the Truth?

The fact that our two most trusted institutions still keep us ignorant of the nature of reality and of our own eternal natures is the source of every one of our problems. From poverty and criminality through hatred, oppression, war and greed, all the fear-based evils that plague us stem from this odd alliance between science and Christianity to keep us from understanding what is going on and who you and I actually are! So naturally, afterlife researchers will occasionally speculate over hors d’oeuvres and wine about how the world might change if everyone on earth knew what we few know now.

Let us speculate together. Let’s imagine that tomorrow a phone app is released that allows anyone to talk to dead relatives simply by ringing them up. It is available for free, and within the week it is being used on billions of cell phones all over the earth. What do you think will happen next? Here are my thoughts:

-Everyone will realize that human life is eternal. This realization will take a little while to sink in, but it will within the week be major news and the trending topic everywhere. There is no area of our lives that will be unaffected by it.
-Everyone will realize that God is real and God is all that exists.Atheism: you lose! Deism: you also lose. The human-like God worshipped by most religions does not exist, but rather eternal Mind not only continuously creates everything, but it is everything. This is such a radical departure from every human assumption ever made that it is going to take a few years to sink in; but as it does, there will be no aspect of our lives that will remain untouched.
-All the earth’s religions will be shown to be in error. Oopsie! And I think this happens within months. Some religious leaders will initially try to claim ownership of the genuine God, but very soon it will be clear to everyone that the real God fits no religion’s dogmas. To take just Christianity, within weeks after the app’s release nearly everyone will have learned that Jesus didn’t die for our sins, that there is no judgment by God and no fiery hell, and that Christian traditions from communion through tithing to the Ten Commandments are all irrelevant.These seen to me to be the first results, beginning within days and disseminated worldwide within no more than a year. And as people become ever more engaged in these new and deeper understandings, there will begin to be ripples of disruption through every aspect of human life. Here are a few of the things that should be well underway within the first few years:
-People will start to think beyond this one lifetime. I call it “thinking on an eternal scale.” It seems to happen to us gradually, but as we begin to better understand what actually is going on and the fact that we will be living in these minds forever, we take better care of our minds. For me, this has meant lots of small changes, from giving up violent entertainments to making a greater effort to grow spiritually. I stopped caring so much about money or possessions when I realized that once I graduate I will have whatever I want. For free!
-Mainstream science will be thrown into confusion. Science is a harder nut to crack than is religion. While giving people an easy way to talk with and learn from their dead relatives is going to be enough to break religion’s perceived hold on people’s minds, for the scientific gatekeepers to give up on materialism is going to take shaming on an epic scale. Expect efforts to debunk what is going on to continue for a year or more, until gradually younger physicists and researchers in every scientific field will have had enough personal experience of communicating with dead folks themselves that they will begin at last to investigate what actually is going on. My guess is that within just a few years’ time the hard and depressing work of sifting through and throwing out a century’s worth of bogus materialist scientific theories will have begun.
-Religions will teach the truth or they will die. One reason why I am working so hard to spread those precious Gospel teachings is that very soon it will be apparent that all the dogmas of Christianity are wrong. The Pew Research Center has lately found a surge in the number of Americans who 
no longer believe, and we can expect this trend to accelerate once people are learning from their own dead loved ones that Jesus absolutely did not die for our sins. Since the Christian Gospels hold the most important set of teachings ever given to humankind, some churches may abandon two thousand years of error and begin at last to teach the truth; but some will not. And those that hold fast to discredited dogmas will find themselves empty of parishioners.
-Interest in learning more about reality will explode. Once most people are having regular conversations with dead Aunt Mildred, curiosity about the truth will be a growing hunger that afterlife researchers will be thrilled to feed. Then as scientists, too, begin to drop their false beliefs and open-mindedly seek the truth, we will be delighted to turn over to them this long burden of having to do the investigative work that scientists should have been doing all along.
-There will be a swelling interest in spiritual growth. As people start to think on an eternal scale, those who have been complacently assuming that Jesus “saved” them so they don’t have to bother will feel a swelling hunger to grow spiritually. And as more and more former old-dogma churches make teaching the Gospel truths their core purpose, my hope is that we will see a new and genuine Christianity emerge that eschews all dogmas and teaches only God’s truth.

Stop and savor all of this for a moment. We are talking here about a paradigm shift that is without precedent in human history! We would have to go back to the discovery of how to use fire to find anything comparably revolutionary. And the glorious fruit seems inevitably to be the raising over just a decade or two of the consciousness of sufficient people that human consciousness over all the earth will begin a rapid elevation. It will be that broad elevation in consciousness that is going to bring humankind together as we never before have come together, until all our problems begin to wither away in the light of a brighter dawn.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was a twentieth-century French Jesuit priest. He said, “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”

It is about to happen now. And it will be glorious!

-Roberta Grimes will be speaking to our Phoenix/Scottsdale affiliate group on January 15th.  Please RSVP here. Please visit Roberta's website here.  

'Sanaya Says' with Evidential Medium Suzanne GiesemannWords

-Channeled from Sanaya by Evidential Medium Suzanne Giesemann.  Please visit Suzanne’s website to read more ‘Sanaya Says’ at

Tracy Soussi's Validation from her son Aymen through Suzanne Giesemann
Aymen's Horse-Trainer Fiancé, Ayment with his Italian Tattoo, Tracy's Text about Teeth

The Knowledge that Our Children Live On
In the August newsletter I wrote about how my son, Aymen, came through to
Evidential Medium Suzanne Giesemann during one of her seminars.  I wanted to follow up with another remarkable experience with Suzanne.  After the event, I sent Suzanne a gift and a card.  The card said, quello che facciamo in vita riecheggia nell'eternità, an Italian saying that Aymen had tattooed on his ribs meaning what we do in life echoes in eternity. I sent Suzanne a pair of eternity/infinity earrings explaining that for the gift of contacting Aymen I am eternally grateful.
Suzanne wrote me back and thanked me for the earrings.  She explained "Aymen's tattoo is also beautiful.  Reading the card when I did turned out to be quite a synchronicity for me, as I had just been contemplating my continued journey with the organization
Eternea, and the tattoo seemed like a nod from the Universe to stay with it. (Susanne has just accepted the position of Global Spokesperson for Eternea) She then went on to say “I am sensing Aymen and seeing a horse.  I just woke up, so I'm a bit groggy, but what's the connection with horses???” In fact, Aymen's Fiancé is a horse trainer/rider (please see picture). 
Suzanne then said “Aymen loves you immensely and is showing me how protective he was of you.  Don't worry about me, Mom, he says.  I'm more worried about you.  He says, ‘One step forward at a time,’ and shows me that right now it's still like walking through wet cement.” Yes, Aymen was extremely protective of me in every way. Even when he was a little boy.  I truly know how much he loves me and that he knows how much I love him.  We have such a special bond.  I sometimes fear that my grief worries him and in some way affects him negatively.   He stated it perfectly, I do feel like I am 'walking in wet cement.' 
Suzanne went on to say: “There's a special ring you're wearing that reminds you of him, he shows me.  I know from photos he had a beard, but he shows me you rubbing his beard and laughing as if you did that or kidded him about it.  "I'm still right here, Mom.  Don't worry.’”  
Suzanne is exactly right about his beard.  I loved his scruffy look when he had not shaved for a few days and would rub his chin and say how handsome he looked.  I do have a special ring that reminds me of Aymen because I was helping him with his future plans of getting married.  I think he sees how much I love his fiancé and the ring reminds both of us of her.
Suzanne went on to deliver the best message of all: “And just as I thought it was ending, I heard something about ‘the ______ fairy’ - what is that?  Not just the standard tooth fairy story we all know ... Did someone just lose a tooth?  I don't think that's it.  Did someone just talk about fairies?  A granddaughter dress up like a fairy?  Or maybe I heard wrong.”.   For me, this was the most amazing validation of all.  It gave me chills.  The other day I sent a text to my two daughters (please see picture).  I texted ‘the tooth fairy’ and sent a picture of a baggie full of their baby teeth that I kept over the years.  Nadia (my daughter) wrote back ‘OMG please don't tell me those are our actual teeth’.  I told her ‘yes, of course’ and she said ‘ewww’.  That is such a huge validation that Aymen told Suzanne that because it had happened very recently and no one besides us would have even known it.  So Amazing!!!!
I so appreciate the messages from Aymen.  They mean the world to me and give me great thoughts to remember, especially during the toughest of times.  Susanne has proven to me that Aymen is well and that we all live eternally. As always, I feel truly blessed to have been guided to Suzanne.
-Written by Aymen’s Mom, Tracy Soussi

Dr. Mark Pitstick Returns to Unity of Phoenix - September 18th!

Please join us as we welcome Dr. Mark Pitstick, the author of 'Soul Proof' and of 'The Eleven Questions', a board member of Helping Parents Heal and Eternea and the author of our monthly column, 'Evolved Souls Don't Need Long Earthly Lives'.  

He will be speaking to parents at our monthly meeting at Unity of Phoenix from 1-3 pm and will then conduct a facilitated after-death contact in the sanctuary of Unity from 4- 6 pm.  Please click
here to learn more and purchase tickets to this wonderful event.  

Facilitated After-Death Contact with Dr. Mark Pitstick
Sunday, September 18
4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Sanctuary at Unity of Phoenix
1500 E Greenway Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85022
General Admission: $25

Have you had a dear loved one die? That can feel sad and painful, but here’s the good news: your “deceased” loved ones aren’t a quadrillion miles up in the sky somewhere. They are very near and trying to contact you. They are alive and well, and want you to be happy now. You can develop real and comforting relationships with them, even if you didn’t have those before.

Dr. Mark Pitstick has used clinical hypnosis with thousands of people over the last 35 years. Under deep hypnosis, you can visit with your loved ones — both people and pets — who have transitioned into the next phase of forever. The FADC session expands your awareness so you can enjoy a continued relationship with them until your reunion after you “graduate” from earth-school.

To prepare for this session, be fully rested since deep hypnosis is conducive to sleep. Eat a light, healthy meal beforehand so you aren’t hungry or overly full. Avoid excess caffeine and sugar for 24 hours before the session   Avoid any alcohol or recreational drugs for at least three days before the session. It may help to have a personal object of your loved ones you hope to contact.  Bring chapstick and water. 

-We hope to see you on the 18th! 

Dr. Mark Pitstick and his book 'SoulProof'

Evolved Souls Don’t Need Long Earthly Lives
August 2016

by Mark Pitstick, MA, DC 

Welcome to the Helping Parents Heal Q & A.  Read the Foundational Articles for Healing and Transforming at the lower left of  Also, listen to the free radio shows with top experts and our answers to life’s toughest questions including why children pass on.  Finally, is an excellent source of evidence that life and love are eternal.  Let me know if you need a recommended product, but truly cannot afford it, and I will send you a digital copy at no charge.  To all parents, please feel free to contact me with any questions and needs.
Q: My son Mathew has been gone for two years now and I don't know how much longer I can do this. The reality is sinking in and I am utterly exhausted. I can't keep up with all my masks and pretending. I'm so angry, mad and confused that this is now my life. I prayed that this was just all a nightmare, but it's a living nightmare!  Now I'm just suppose to suffer everyday like my son did for the last 4 years of his life? – Louise

A: Thank you for vividly describing what so many bereaved parents feel, Louise. Parents tell themselves they will feel better after a certain time period—two years, for example—and it feels devastating when they don’t.  To make matters worse, most family and friends think you ought to be over it by now.  So you pretend and wear masks, as you say.  You have every right to feel the way you do and you’re not alone. 
I’d like to share part of an email I recently received:
Dear Mark, I am reading your book Soul Proof as I sit next to my son's gravesite on the first anniversary of his passing. The last year has been very difficult.  Today, though, I feel a sense of peace as I sit with him. During your presentation at the Tampa Helping Parents Heal meeting, I learned a term that has helped me immensely: "He just dropped his earthly body." I now know that what is beneath the ground is his shell that he no longer needs. His soul lives on in Heaven, he is happy and I will see him again. Thank you!  - Elaine

This mother had an awakening – and you can too.  Something “clicked” for her and turned things around.  She still is sad and misses him, of course,, but she feels peace now.  What might create a “turning point” for you?  Every parent is different.  I recommend reading articles #2, 6, and 12.  See which steps feel doable and give you a little hope.  Start with those and, as your energy increases, add a few more. 

Healing and transforming after a child passes on is a process.  You could suffer until you die.  However, you also could find a way to turn this around so you and others benefit.  I know which fork in the road your son is urging you to take.  Please let us know how it’s going in 60 days and we’ll go from there.  You’re not alone in this journey.  Blessings, Mark

Q: A picture of my handsome boy Bennett when he was two popped up in my FB memories from a year ago. I was fine when I saw it; I see his face many times every day on my phone.  But I looked at it to read a comment a little while ago and began sobbing. I hate how grief is always there to punch you in the gut when you least expect it. – Carla

A: What a great way of putting it, Carla.  You’re so right . . . grief does seem to punch you in the gut.  I wonder, though, if there’s another way to look at it.  Near the end of his long and productive life, Buckminster Fuller was asked: “What is the most important message you want to tell others?”  He answered, “That the universe is friendly.”

The idea of life being loving and supportive might seem like a cruel joke to you right now.  But much evidence shows it’s true.  And if that’s so, what might grief be trying to tell you?  How is it attempting to help you?  Here are a few possibilities:

  1. Your son passed at a young age and hasn’t been “gone” that long so be gentle and patient with yourself. 
  2. It’s normal for grief to come and go.  So prepare yourself for that since you know that some reminder – big or small – will likely trigger the tears.
  3. Reach out to counselors, ministers, HPH group, family, friends, and other helpers.  They want to assist and comfort you.  Then, after you’ve gone through your dark night of the soul, you can do the same for others. 
  4. Take some time to specially care for yourself as described in the articles I listed for Louise.
  5. Try Transformational Breathwork to help you release pain and sadness and speed up your recovery.  

What ideas come to you when you consider what gifts your grief is offering?  Please keep in touch.  Peace, Mark
Q: Our only son Kyle died on 11/24/13.  A woman recently told me on online that Kyle isn't really my son now since he is with his Father in heaven.  I got very angry, even if she wasn't trying to be mean. Please give me advice on how to kindly, but firmly speak my mind. WHO DOES THAT?! - Shawna

A: Way to express your feelings with caps and punctuation marks, Shawna.  Yes, those comments would tough to read.  Many people just don’t know what to say when someone’s child transitions. So they blurt out something in hopes it will help.  Or they repeat something they read or hear, but really haven’t thought through. I agree that she wasn’t trying to be mean but that really was an asinine thing to say.  (By the way, I think that’s where the word ASS originated.) 

Now that we both feel better, your question about how to respond is an important one.  My answer depends on three factors:

1. Do you want to build a better relationship with her? 
2. Is she intelligent and have an open mind and heart?
3. Do you have the time and energy to try to educate her?

If your answers are ‘no’, I wouldn’t bother trying. There are better ways to ventilate than on a person who is not going to understand.  If your answers are ‘yes’, tactfully but firmly speak your mind.  Tell her how it made you feel, even if it is one of her religious beliefs.  Simple minds like simple solutions.  Maybe she hadn’t thought of seeing that Kyle will always be your son in a very special way AND, at the same time, he is an eternal soul who is part of All That Is now and always.

I’m interested to hear how you handle this.  Keep us posted, please.  Love and light is all that really exists, Mark
Q: I want my son!  I don’t want to live in the now or the future! It’s been 20 long months! It doesn’t get easier! How could it? It feels like I am an actress playing a role! The reality is my heart is aching, weeping, and missing my son! I can’t seem to connect with anyone, not even my other two children. This is such a lonely journey! - Jennifer

A: Wow!  You get the “toughest of a tough bunch” award this month, Jennifer. You asked the question, “How could it?” from a place of deep despair and doubt.  But life WILL show you a path forward if you ask for it: “How can it get easier and better?” The quality of our lives is determined by the questions we ask.  So print out copies of that question and place them on your mirror, refrigerator, etc. 

That will adjust your focus a bit so your inner wisdom starts searching for ways to make your life easier and better.  There are so many possibilities for doing that, but you can’t see them right now because your mind is so focused on the pain.  I’m not criticizing you at all.  But I know from experience that your life can improve. 

I’d like to close with a quote from a new HPH group leader Amy whose son Chris died last year: "My son’s death is the hardest and most soul-searing experience I have ever gone through. However, it is also the most heart-opening and soul-expanding.  I can now truly feel the beauty and love from which we all came and to which we all will return."
She is addressing both sides of the coin: the horror of a child’s passing and the sacred opportunity to awaken, heal, and serve others.  It starts with a decision to do that and one day at a time.  Please keep in touch.  Love and light, Mark
Note: This information is not designed to replace medical or psychological care.  Dr. Pitstick’s recommendations are based on his forty-four years of training and experience in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers, and private practice. 
Mark Pitstick, MA, DC is an author, master’s clinical psychologist, holistic chiropractic physician, frequent media guest, and workshop facilitator. He can help you know and show that—no matter what is going on around you and although it certainly may not seem like it—your earth-experience is a totally safe, meaningful, and magnificent adventure amidst forever. Visit for free articles, newsletters, and radio shows with top consciousness experts.  Email your toughest questions about life, death, and afterlife to him at

-Dr. Mark Pitstick is a Board Member of Helping Parents Heal and of Eternea

Fellowship and Coincidences by Ernie and Kristine Jackson
Kristine and Ernie

Quinton Visits through Jamie Clark

Sunday, August 21st started like any other Sunday.  Morning coffee and quiet time, but that was short-lived and soon the routine changed.  Usually we have homemade breakfast together (my wife Kristine, my mother-in-Law Nellie and myself), but not this morning.  Kristine and Nellie had a desire to have a sausage Griddle from McDonalds.  This was one of Quinton’s favorites (as well as their French fries) and we just don’t go to McDonalds anymore for breakfast or a burger.  

After breakfast I was in my home office trying to get a little organized and go through emails, but I realized that I was on the verge of tears.  I was weepy for some reason as I listened to George Winston’s Autumn CD from years ago.  Then I was able to Facetime with my daughter and her two sons, Salvador Quinton and Santino.  As we spoke, the the George Winston CD ended and it automatically advanced to the next CD.  This was unusual because normally the player does not advance to the next CD and more importantly, the soundtrack to the animated movie 'Spirit' came on loud and clear.  This is Quinton’s favorite movie and soundtrack.  Kristine called to me, asking if I had done that intentionally, because today was a big day!

Sunday, August 21st we were going to the Helping Parents Heal meeting at Unity of Phoenix and would be able to be in the presence of our friend and brother Jamie Clark.  Yes, Psychic Medium Jamie Clark!  We know and love Jamie and he knows us.  He has connected with our son before, which is always momentous.  In these parent meetings, we don’t expect to hear from Quinton, but we go to lend our support and energy to Jamie and all the other parents hoping to hear from their loved ones. 

We don’t expect anything because we have had so many amazing validations.  In fact, we have written two books about how Quinton has visited and what we have learned.  I would actually hate to be a medium trying to bring Quinton to us in an original way, but I still wore red (one of Quinton’s favorite colors). When it came time to pick a seat, we actually picked ones in the back in an effort to be inconspicuous, but that didn’t work out as planned and Jamie put his hand on my shoulder when he came in to say 'Hi.'

The meeting started and Jamie began bringing through validations.  I had my eyes on a mother and son at the front of the room, and I focused on them and hoped they would receive what they needed.  When Jamie came to us, I started looking behind me – it never fails that even when I am sitting that far back,  I assume the medium is directing their comments to somebody in front of me or behind me. 

Jamie commented on my cross.  Clearly he hasn’t read our second book because the first chapter is titled “The Cross” and I share how it came to me.  It is quite distinctive; he asked how it came to me and I just indicated that it was gifted.  He went on to say I would be gifted another.  Well that is cool, I thought, but then it got real!  You see, when an amazing medium like Jamie Clark or Susanne Wilson speak they always find a way to bring through our children in an original way!  And when this happens, I am invariably like a deer caught in the headlights.  I will readily acknowledge and voice my awe, gratitude and appreciation when others get an unbelievably amazing and undeniably validating comment, but when it happens to me, it takes me some time to process it.  It is as if my rational mind is trying to understand how he could possibly know that.

Next thing I know, Jamie says, “Quinton asked that you save him a few french fries.”   No joke – We just don’t go to McDonalds; it has been years, we just don’t do it, but this morning we had gone and now this comment from Quinton, via Jamie. This was one of the most validating comments I have ever experienced and it was courtesy of our Quinton and Jamie.  Well, Mr. Clark – you now have my attention, my friend.  Quinton is in the house, so to speak, and had clearly been with us all day!  Jamie went on, telling me to keep healing others and to heal myself too, to which I replied a heartfelt 'Amen.'  

The rest of the session was amazing.  Jamie was in great form delivering some truly incredible validating comments for others and in doing so clearly demonstrated that he had a direct connection to their loved ones.  Truly amazing job, Jamie, my friend!  Thank you for blessing this group of parents with your gift.

As the meeting drew to a close, Jamie came by and he said to me, “Embrace the Change”.  This comment could not be more appropriate.  I have withdrawn from the public eye in large part, and have been focused on finding my own peace and preparing for, well – a change.  I have been preparing to break one of my recurring cycles; a cycle that I was born into and in which have run in circles for 52 years. So he nailed it… again! And Quinton nailed it again.  Thank you Jamie and thank you my son.  

Blessings and “Know There is More”

-Ernie and Kristine Jackson

-Ernie Jackson is a Board Member of Helping Parents Heal and the proud father of Quinton.  His two books,'Quinton's Messages' and 'Quinton's Legacy', are available at Please also view Ernie and Kristine's video of their June 2015 presentation at the Phoenix/Scottsdale Chapter of Helping Parents Heal here.

Affiliate Updates - 

Helping Parents Heal - Hawaii
Irene and Beth honor their beautiful children/At the August 27th Meeting of HPH Hawaii

Meaningful meeting on August 27th. Helping Parents Heal offered a bridge, a sacred place to breathe and discover a meaningful tribe. We speak this language of loss quite well- just ask any one who has been there. 
A big thank you to Irene and Tony Vouvalides for sharing Carly's story and their own journey.  The children came through in support as did us parents. 
Next meeting, 4th Saturday in September (24th), Kona Community Hospital, Conference Room 2. 

Contact Beth D'Angelo for more information at

-Written by our Hawaii affiliate leader, Beth D'Angelo 

Helping Parents Heal - Cincinnati

Shayna and her Dad, Brian Smith

Today is the first Sunday of the month. It’s the day before Labor Day, so we weren’t sure it if was the best time to try to have the Helping Parents Heal meeting.  IANDS moved their monthly meeting to next week. But, Tywana and I decide to just leave it as it is and see how it goes. No one showed up last month.  There is nowhere to go but up.

A couple of people have told us they would be here this month including a woman I have not met that found us through a mutual Facebook friend.  So, we’re hopeful we will have at least two people. We gather up our stuff, set our expectations knowing we might be coming right back home and we’re off to the meeting.

A few minutes till seven, I hear someone come into the room next to us where the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting is. I hear her ask “Is this the meeting?” and I hear the response of “Yes, come on in.”. Then I hear her name as she introduces herself.  It’s an unusual name, so I immediately know this is the person coming to our meeting, so I’m off to retrieve our first member.  

We do introductions.  It’s a few minutes till 7 o’clock. At 7, I start.  I tell her what the group is about.  By ten after it looks like no one else is going to show up. So, we begin sharing the stories of our kids.  Just then our second person walks in. We redo introductions and I retell the story of Shayna, quick version. Then we go around the table and complete the storytelling.  We have two mothers.  One’s grown son transitioned two years ago.  The other’s teenage daughter passed 32 years ago. She is here to help those of us who are recent- well, there’s no word for what we are.  Wives whose husbands have transitioned are called widows. Children whose parents have gone on are called orphans. The horror of losing a child is so bad there is no word for it.  But, she is here to help us, us parents still walking around in a fog.  I’ve had many parents tell me the first year or two you’re numb, on autopilot, barely functioning.

What happens in the meeting stays in the meeting so I will not share any stories or any information that could be used to identify any individuals.  But, as the meeting goes on, I’m thinking “We’re scheduled to be here until 9 o’clock.  There are only four of us. We’ve just met.  We’ll be out of here by 8 o’clock.  I have no formal agenda. We don’t know each other. When the conversation lulls, I’ll call it. 8 o’clock rolls around, 8:30, 8:45.  Finally, at 8:55 I tell them we’re going to have to start winding down the conversation.

During the meeting, I read an introduction by Sheri Perl Migdol that summarizes what HPH believes about the continuance of our children’s lives, what we are to do while we are here and the eternal beings that we are all.  My intent is to read it at the beginning of every meeting just to get everyone on the same page.  But, it was totally unnecessary with the two women who showed up. We share stories of signs we have gotten from our kids before they passed and prescient dreams before. We talk about reincarnation.  All of us had been to psychics or mediums or both and gotten amazing incontrovertible evidence that there is something very real about their abilities.

It’s not the number of people in the room that count. If we can help even one parent, we have done what we set out to do. And the meetings help us.  In spite of the signs Tywana and I have gotten, the evidence we’ve found through our research, every story helps. Every person who confirms we’re not crazy, it’s not just wishful thinking bolsters our hope and gives us the strength to carry one.  Tonight, it’s mission accomplished.

-Written by Brian Smith, Co-Affiliate Leader with his wife, Tywana Smith, of HPH Cincinnati.  Please read more of Brian's blog 'Beautiful Light' here.   

Helping Parents Heal - Online New Support Group! 
Diane Romagnoli and Rachel Pearson

We are excited to announce that Helping Parents Heal support groups will now be available to all bereaved parents throughout the United States and even the world via a new online affiliate group that will be compassionately guided by Diane Romagnoli and Rachel Pearson.  The Zoom Video Conference enables up to 50 parents to attend a meeting and will allow parents to take part in a virtual meeting.  Please read more about Diane and Rachel:

Diane’s Bio: 

A retired bread and cracker bakery owner, Diane has experienced the effects of engaging the senses, staying present and living in mindfulness while performing the tasks needed to create the perfect loaf and heavenly cracker. These learned skills, with the addition of hope in healing, have been the catalysts that set her on her walk through grief towards healing upon the death of her youngest son Matthew. His earthly life was extinguished in a tragic single motor vehicle accident in January 2015. A life force, he leaves behind a cadre of broken hearted family and friends. A tribute to Matty is to continue on with his legacy of love. Matty’s great BIG BEAR HUGS were his physical symbol, his language of Love. With an action and unspoken words, his hugs say “you mean something to me; I value you; my heart touches your heart; we are equals”. Diane has shared her journey through grief via the blog Voice of Grief. Matty’s divinely inspired words describe the painful, sorrowful and joy filled emotions encountered upon the walk and have given voice to those that could not find theirs. Co-facilitating a HPH Online Group is a natural extension of her grieving in community. Helping, supporting, comforting and learning with others while sharing Matty’s gifts from the Afterlife will allow good to come from tragedy through Love and remembrance and healing. Looking forward to a long and healing relationship.

Rachel’s Bio:

My oldest son Perry (17) was otherwise healthy and eager for his senior year of high school when a perfect storm hit. Perry graduated from this life in an accident with a head injury. I live in Chandler, AZ  with Perry in spirit, my husband Craig, and our children Rayanna (16) and Jonas (13). Perry has since taught me about the mediumship abilities I have always had but didn’t understand. He has helped me develop and I find much reward in helping other parents find comfort through connection with their children. Our children are now closer than ever, and I am excited to be part of HPH with so many other parents and all of our children who are cheering us on to continued healing.  

HPH-Bluffton/Hilton Head Upcoming Events
Dwanna Paul, Jake Samoyedny, Suzanne Giesemann and Sara Ruble

Our Blufton/Hilton Head Affiliate Leader, Irene Vouvalides, has a wonderful schedule of upcoming speakers; In September, Trance Medium Dwanna Paul, in October, Jake Samoyedny, the Compassionate Medium, in January 2017, Evidential Medium and Messanger of Hope Suzanne Giesemann and in May 2017 intuitive and bereaved mom Sara Ruble.  Irene holds her meetings on the second Sunday of every month from 1-4 pm in the Seaquins Ballroom, 1300 Fording Island Road, Bluffton SC.  

Suzanne Giesemann is in Bluffton, she will be offering a workshop on January 7th from 9 am - 4:30 pm.  You can learn more and sign up here!

HPH - Phoenix/Scottsdale with Psychic Medium Jamie Clark 
Elizabeth & Jamie take a selfie, Jamie Clark with many of our wonderful parents

We had an amazing meeting with Jamie Clark on August 21st!  Many thanks to all who attended.  It was an uplifting, healing afternoon. Jamie brought through many validations from our children during our two-hour meeting that drew over 50 parents.  Please read about these validations in the column on the right as well as in Ernie and Kristine's column.  Thanks to all who attended and a special thanks to Jamie.  
-Elizabeth Boisson

Helping Parents Heal - Cave Creek, AZ
Tyler Allen and his Mom, Carol

I hosted my first meeting of Helping Parents Heal on Thursday, September 1st in my home.  What can I say, I loved it.  I loved having every one of you that attended.  As unfortunate as it is that we are in this club together, something beautiful has come of this.  

The knowledge and spiritual understanding I have gained is amazing.  I feel we all share a strong bond and I have met some of the most wonderful people.  We share our love for our children as well as validations.  This is so healing.  I also shared what I learned from David Router, an Australian energy healer.  I will host this meeting on a regular basis and I welcome anyone who would like to attend. 

-Carol Allen 

David Router will be holding an upcoming workshop, Mastering Healing Energy, at Storm Wisdom in Phoenix on October 23rd from 1-4pm, on the 26th from 6-8:30 pm and on the 29th from 1-4 pm.  There will be a discount code for members of Helping Parents Heal - please email Lilla Swanson at if you are interested!  

Carol's next meeting will be October 6th.  Please RSVP and learn more here.

Sheri’s Corner-
Wisdom and Quotes from The East Coast

“Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them. Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain, but for the heart to conquer it.”

-Rabindranath Tagore

I think that this is a very wise quote and I’ll tell you why. We can pray to be sheltered from danger, but after outliving a beloved child, we all know that such a prayer is futile. We can ask for our pain to be stilled, but we all know that in the case of child loss, pain will be felt. But to pray for the strength of heart, courage and fortitude that we need to get through is not only wise, but, effective. Prayer can lift you up to your greatest potential because it calls upon divine healing forces that exist both within yourself and within the greater universe around you. A simple, humble prayer for strength can propel you forward and see you through those moments that would otherwise take you down. 

-Written by our NYC Affiliate Leader, Sheri Perl Migdol

Please visit Sheri's Prayer Registry here

Mission Statement of Helping Parents Heal: Our mission is to help bereaved parents, giving them support and resources to aid in the healing process. We will go a step beyond other groups by allowing the open discussion of spiritual experiences and evidence for the Afterlife in a non-dogmatic way. In other words, we will welcome everyone regardless of their religious (or non-religious) background and allow for a very open type of dialog. We receive all and do not judge people or their children on the basis of life choices. -Mark Ireland, Cofounder, Helping Parents Heal

Note: Information in the Helping Parents Heal newsletter is provided for the sole purpose of assisting you in finding resources (information, meetings, books, etc.) to aid in the bereavement process. This newsletter is not intended to endorse, sponsor or encourage your use of any of the information or services listed, whether from members or other individuals. Rather, our intent is simply to inform you of vast amount of resources available for your consideration. We urge you to independently research and consider the value any particular resource for yourself. Further, while we take steps to ensure accuracy of the information posted, especially relative to linked media, we accept no liability for content. Helping Parents Heal is a non-profit Corporation.

Visit us on FACEBOOK-
Helping Parents Heal aka Parents United in Loss
Visit us on the WEB-Helping Parents Heal

Helpful, Healing Information

Stories of Validation -
Psychic Medium Jamie Clark at Unity of Phoenix
Kyle Erickson

Kyle in his Wrestling Stance, With his Sparkling Eyes

We attended the August 21st Meeting of Helping Parents Heal at Unity of Phoenix and Jamie Clark brought Kyle through. He told us that he was in his early 20's and that he was really heavy into music which was a huge part of his life; Kyle was a guitar tech for a band.  Jamie said he had nice eyes, Kyle's eyes sparkled!!! Jamie said there is a picture of him where he is posing like a hulk (Jamie pantomimed being a hulk); we have a picture on a button of Kyle on our refrigerator of him when he wrestled, in that exact wrestling stance!! He also mentioned three dogs, we have four. Jamie is amazing!!

-Written by Kyle's Mom, Nita Erickson 

Austin Hicks

I brought my friend Robin to the HPH meeting in August. We were both stunned and honored when Jamie said that both of us were healers. I was sure he was talking to whomever was behind me. But truthfully I have felt that I have a greater purpose since nearly two years ago when my son passed. Two days before the meeting I had felt compelled to introduce myself and connect with a mother who just lost her son days before that. Our boys had both been in the same Boy Scout troop, but I had not known her. 

My friend, Robin has recently been very involved in learning all she can about essential oils and how they can be used in lieu of prescription medications. She actively shares samples and information with anyone she feels may benefit from using essential oils. She has been in the health field for years.

Jamie knew that I had lost a son and asked if it made sense that he felt scraped across the face and torso. My 17-year-old son, Austin Sterling Hicks, flew out of a vehicle that flipped coming back from Prescott on October 17th, 2014, when the driver fell asleep.

Jamie mentioned a few things that didn’t click for me right away and had my head spinning a bit. He asked if my dad had passed, if he was hard of hearing (as he cupped his hand to his ear) and he asked if my dad was funny. Well, my dad has passed, but he was not hard of hearing and he wasn’t necessarily funny, but Robin said her dad was hard of hearing and always held his hand to his ear and he was very sarcastic and funny.

I was wearing a necklace that Jamie mentioned having spiritual meaning and that my son liked. At the time I was not sure what that was about, but thought about it on the way home. A third grader at the school where I am the principal, made the necklace.  I bought it at the  Farmer’s Market that has come to be associated with a celebration of Austin’s birthday which was April 23
rd. For the last two years we have had a balloon release in combination with the Farmer’s Market. The whole school also focuses on acts of kindness in honor of Austin.
Jamie asked if someone did a portrait of my son. A friend of Austin’s from preschool through high school wrote a poem and drew portraits of Austin from his senior pictures. He gave this to us and we displayed it at Austin’s celebration of life. This friend nearly died and was in a coma for 30 days when they were 11. He has had physical challenges since then, and Austin always encouraged him to keep striving to reach his goals. This friend has a business called

This became the name in memory of Austin because Austin was born on the 23rd of April. The other night I was looking in my bookcase for the poem and portraits and I found a metal angel bookmark that may have been what Jamie was talking about when he said, “you have angels…pictures, key rings…” I also just received an angel statue for my birthday this week from a friend.
Jamie said someone else passed around the same time as Austin. My brother-in-law took his life five days after Austin’s accident. He also asked if I just got my hair cut and had changed the color. I had just done that a few days before. He told me Austin preferred my hair longer.
Jamie mentioned the numbers 14 and 17. At the time I thought about 17 being the day Austin passed and that his age was 17, but it wasn’t until I was writing this that I realized he was likely talking about the year he passed; 2014.
I became concerned when Jamie began talking about someone who has a lot of guns and he named specific guns; a Glock, an AK47 and grenades. He mentioned the name Michael. I have been waiting to find out what that is about.
Robin’s son Danny and her mom were both mentioned. She is still waiting to figure out what Jamie was talking about when he mentioned something about a piano and her mom. It was such a powerful experience, and I got so much information in such a short amount of time.
-Written by Austin's Mom, Jennifer Hicks
Zoo Lights in Phoenix with the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man/Perry Pearson

What a gifted, focused, medium Jamie is Clark is! I am also a medium but I hid my abilities until my son Perry graduated last July 2015 when shortly thereafter he began to appear to me with messages from other children. 

Jamie first recognized my "mother" but my mother is living, so I just assumed it was one of my grandmothers. He relayed that she had been there for a long time, but that didn't fit either of my grandmothers. He went on to say that she was helping all the children on the other side and that my son "loves this woman so, so, so much." In light of my own abilities, this opens up many questions! I can't wait to schedule a reading with Jamie, I love this bit of spiritual insight that he brought through and now I want to know more! 

I also appreciated his validations of orbs on our pictures. We do have orbs on pictures that we took on Christmas Day, New Year's Day, and the one which I will attach was taken over Thanksgiving weekend at Phoenix Zoo Lights. No lights were overhead nor in the ground, nor behind, and I didn't use flash! We had been talking about how much Perry loved the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man when I took this picture. We were shocked when we viewed this photo at home. 

Jamie also said that Perry was joking about a stain or spot on the carpet. I couldn't place this but I returned home to a surprise gift from our puppy on our area rug! 

-Written by Perry's Mom, Rachel Pearson
Hunter Zachary Votaw

Hello parents. I would like to share the experience I had at the August 21st meeting which featured Jamie Clark. As I sat in my seat listening, waiting and wondering if my Hunter would come through, I was touched by so many children who did come through.

Finally Jamie came to me and my friend Linda, who joined me for the meeting. I knew immediately that he was bringing through Hunter from the first words Jamie said to me. Jamie said that the boy was saying that he had come close to death more than once. That is so very true about my Hunter. He didn't live life in the slow lane, always full speed, rarely thinking his need for fun and adventure could have bad consequences. I had told Hunter a few times in the past that he was not a cat and didn't have 9 lives; he needed to slow down!

Jamie also said the boy was a son who was talking about a vehicle he had. Hunter loved his quad, but unfortunately he also lost his life on his quad, with his best friend of many years, Chris. Jamie mentioned the color yellow. I found that very interesting because when I was with Hunter's brothers and his girlfriend Celia, picking out flowers for his casket, Celia said Hunter would love it if there were bright yellow flowers in the arrangements. The florist substituted some of the pink lilies with bright yellow lilies. It was beautiful.

There was so much that Jamie said to me that day that touched me and made me know that Hunter was there, including his need for speed and racing, his love of fires, the fact that I touch his picture all the time, and that Hunter was a calm, relaxed person, but if he had to defend himself or someone he loved, he would fight. Hunter was very active, of course he was, he had two older brothers he was always keeping up with!

Jamie also mentioned Hunter's beautiful eyes. Yes, he had beautiful eyes, but we didn't get to see them that often because Hunter was born with congenital nystagmus, which made his eyes wiggle, and cone dystrophy, which made his eyes very sensitive to light, so he wore dark glasses all the time and was color blind. Because of all of that, one of the final things that Jamie said to me really amazed me! Jamie wiggled his hands back and forth in front of his eyes and said "he's telling me fuzzy, fuzzy, fuzzy and then clear."  I knew that Hunter was telling me that in Heaven, he can see perfectly with those big beautiful eyes!

Thank you Jamie Clark for allowing Hunter to speak to me through you! Thank you Elizabeth for all that you do for parents in grief.

-Written by Michelle McDougall, mother of Hunter Zachary Votaw 10/1/94-4/30/16

Would you like to share a story of validation or healing with other Parents? We are all able to heal when we share personal stories about our children with others.  Moreover, everyone benefits from validations that we receive from our children.  We love to hear about them!  If you have a story that you would like to share about your child, please let us know and we will include it in a future newsletter.  Please send it to Elizabeth Boisson at (Due to space limitations, please be sure it is no longer than 1 page.)

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Reaching Your Soul's Potential
Author and Afterlife Specialist Roberta Grimes and The Carefree Medium Susanne Wilson will be hosting a seminar with IANDS January 14th.  Please click here to learn more! 

Mastering Healing Energy
Energy Healer David Router will be holding a workshop in Phoenix at Storm Wisdom on October 23, 26 and 29th.  Please click here to learn more.

Upcoming Meetings of Helping Parents HealHelping Parents Heal - Cave Creek, AZ hosted by Carol Allen on October 6th - Please RSVP here.  
Helping Parents Heal - Pensacola, FL hosted by Kristen Brown-Sanders, October 5th. Please RSVP here.
Helping Parents Heal - Hawaii hosted by Beth D'Angelo, September 24th.  Please RSVP here.

Gentle Yoga for Healing Grief with Elizabeth Boisson - Desert Broom Library, Phoenix, every Tuesday from 1-2 pm.  Please click here to learn more.  
Helping Parents Heal - Ottawa, Canada.  Please contact Patti May: for the next meeting time and place.
Helping Parents Heal - Missoula hosted by Jan McArthur and Joan Freedman September 12th -  Please RSVP here.
Helping Parents Heal - Hilton Head hosted by Irene Vouvalides, as she welcomes Trance Medium Dwanna Paul, September 11th.  Please RSVP here.
Helping Parents Heal - Hilton Head, hosted by Irene Vouvalides as she welcomes  The Compassionate Medium Jake Samoyedny, October 9th.  Please RSVP here. 
Helping Parents Heal - Tampa, FL hosted by Marla Grant and Amy Diehl as they welcome Medium and Meditation Teacher Jennifer Farmer, September 28th  Please RSVP here.  
Helping Parents Heal - Tucson, AZ with Janice Crowder Torrez,  September 15th  Please RSVP here.
Helping Parents Heal - Dallas, TX, hosted by Tracy Venters, as she welcomes psychologist Laura Vogel,   September 13th. Please RSVP here.

Helping Parents Heal - Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ with special guest Healer Linda Moser, October 16th.  Please RSVP here.  
Helping Parents Heal - Desert Hills hosted by LeAnn Hull, October 27th.  Please RSVP here.  
Helping Parents Heal - Fort Lauderdale, FL hosted by Ana Fernandez, September 18th. Please RSVP here. 

Helping Parents Heal - NYC, hosted by Sheri Perl Migdol. September 25th.  Please RSVP here.
Helping Parents Heal - Surrey, UK, hosted by Marta Arce-Dubois, September 15th.  Please RSVP here.
Helping Parents Heal - Northants, UK, hosted by Tracy Bayes and Katrina Thomson, October 2nd.  Please RSVP here.
Helping Parents Heal - Phoenix/Scottsdale with Dr. Mark Pitstick, September 18th.  Please RSVP here.  
Helping Parents Heal - Cincinnati with Tywana & Brian Smith, October 2nd.  Please RSVP here.
Helping Parents Heal - Phoenix/Scottsdale, with special guest The Carefree Medium Susanne Wilson December 18th.  Please RSVP here
Helping Parents Heal - Hilton Head, hosted by Irene Vouvalides with special guest Psychic Medium Suzanne Giesemann January 8th.  Please RSVP here.
Helping Parents Heal - Phoenix/Scottsdale hosted by Elizabeth Boisson with special guest Roberta Grimes, January 15th. Please RSVP here.

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