May 2014

Hello, wonderful Parents!
We hope this May issue of our newsletter finds you well.  It is so nice to have the opportunity to be in touch with all of you. 
Here in Arizona, we look forward to our May meeting of Helping Parents Heal at Unity of Phoenix. Tina Powers, a talented psychic medium and writer, will be joining us. Tina resides in Tucson but will be making the trip up to Phoenix for the evening.  She has been an enormous help to me since the death of my son, Morgan.

During her freshman year, my daughter shared a suite at the University of Arizona with a young woman from New York who had lost her mother at the same time as Morgan passed.  She had never seen a psychic medium although she felt her mother’s presence and was very open to speaking to one.  For her mother’s first Angel Date in October 2010, I asked Mark Ireland for the name of a good psychic medium in Tucson. He immediately told me Tina Powers.  My daughter then made an appointment and brought her suite-mate to Tina by taxi.  Tina was wonderful and provided many validations from the girl’s mother in her reading.

Tina then called me (coincidentally on All Saint’s Day) and told me that Morgan had contacted her and that he insisted that she do a reading for me and my husband as well.  She said that she wanted to do it free of charge.  She was bubbly and kind on the phone and I couldn’t wait to meet her in person.  The reading was amazing with many validations from Morgan and another dear friend’s son, who were spending time “hiking in Heaven”. This gave a second validation to a message that I had received from Susanne Wilson earlier that week.  I have since spent much of my free time hiking in the mountains behind my home, connecting with Morgan.  Please read the below information from Tina's website,

“It is my belief we all have intuitive psychic gifts. Somewhere along the line we were told not to use them. It became more important what other people thought about us, instead of what we thought and felt. Our value was dependent on others viewpoints. I am hoping we turn that concept around. Learning to trust ourselves, what we sense and how we feel. Our psychic gifts are our inner compass. Our freedom. Recognizing the signs from the other world is uplifting, inspiring and freeing. In my book, "Reporting for the Other Side", I write about the transition from the television newsroom to reporting what I am hearing and seeing from the spirit world. On your journey- I hope you learn to read the signs for yourself and know life does not end here on Earth.” 

Tina Powers and her book, 'Reporting for the Other Side'

This newsletter is a space that allows us to share our amazing children.  Please know that you will always have a voice here.  We understand and we walk the same path.  Thank you for your compassion and for the constant support you provide.  Together, we will help each other heal!  

-Elizabeth Boisson, Co-Founder, Helping Parents Heal

Stories of Validation - Quinn Levi
Our journey to find answers to questions that are seemingly unanswerable began on July 3, 2010 when a rollover vehicle crash took the lives of our beloved 8-year-old son, Quinn and his grandfather, Pappy.  Four more of us were in the vehicle; Quinn’s Mom (Susanne), his Dad (Bill), his brother (Will), and his grandmother. 

We were told of Quinn and Pappy’s death while recovering from our injuries in our hospital rooms.  Like all of us who are members of Helping Parents Heal, we now know the all-consuming grief that the loss of a child has on the physical and mental state of the surviving parents.  As a result, we lost the desire to live in a world that could take such a remarkable child.  We knew that we could not give up completely and that we had to to try to find joy in life again - if not for ourselves, for our surviving son.  The only thought that gave us strength was the possibility that we might see Quinn again.  As impossible as this sounded, we had to know if there was a way to communicate with him.

Our first experience with trying to prove that life continues after death was to read every available book that was devoted to the concept of ‘Life after Death’.   While these books provided hope that life continues after death, they told other people’s stories and we needed proof from our own son Quinn.  This led to our contact with our first medium. 

We found Laurie Campbell as a recommended medium on Allison Dubois’ website.   We were amazed by some of the things she told us.  Laurie Campbell knew specifics about our son, such as his sensory disability, the horse he loved to visit in occupational therapy, his artistic ability, and even the fact that Susanne was holding something in her hand during the reading that Quinn had made for her.  This was in fact a phone reading, and Susanne was writing notes with the pen Quinn had made for her.  Many other things that Laurie mentioned were equally impressive.

We discovered that having a good reading created an insatiable urge to have more.  Much like drug users, we became addicted to hearing messages from our child.  We found that we continued to want to get readings until we were finally given the one message that was definitive proof that there is truly a life after death.

Our next memorable reading was with John Holland in April of 2012 in Arizona.    While attending the International Conference on After Death Communications in Scottsdale, we participated in a group session with John Holland.  We were chosen out of hundreds of people to receive a message from our son and Pappy.  John began receiving messages, asking audience members if the information pertained to them. After a few messages from Spirit, we knew he was speaking about our son. We raised our hands and he turned to us.  The first thing he said was that they (Quinn & Pappy) were making him aware that there was an impact, meaning a car crash. He then described Quinn’s personality, the specific toys he loved to play with and details of his injuries during the accident. He also knew that it had been about a year and a half since they passed, that our younger son had survived and even Susanne’s father’s hobby of playing cards and his service in the Navy. John also asked Bill about his shoulder and whether he had blown out his shoulder or his rotator cuff. Having suffered a rotator cuff injury during the rollover accident, Bill was astounded. Another amazing thing that John described was a phenomenon that he called ‘remote viewing’.  He was able to see things in his mind as if he was staring directly at them. In two such instances he referred to two different areas in our home.  The first visualization was of the toys and items that we put around Quinn’s urn. John was visually making a circle in the air to show where all of the toy soldiers and items were placed around Quinn’s urn. The second visualization was of Quinn showing him his room.  He asked about the coloring on the bottom of the wall. As John described this, he reached out in the air for the door handle, walked into Quinn’s room and bent down precisely where Quinn and Susanne had begun to paint a mural the week before the accident.  John relayed that Quinn said, “Look John, that’s not even washed off.” We knew that Quinn was with John, showing him where Susanne and Quinn had painted together.

The final medium that had a huge impact on our belief was Susanne Wilson.  In addition to repeating some of the things other mediums had said, Susanne was the medium who gave us the definitive answers from Quinn that proved that he was real and that we did not need to continue our search. During the reading, Susanne explained that she would often get a visual of a person, place or thing and that it could mean different things.  For instance, she explained that if she was supposed to get a name, she might see a famous actor with the same name or initials. It was at this moment that she asked, “What is the significance of the actor Aidan Quinn?” Bill was stunned for a moment.  This was the sign he had been searching for all along.  He needed a medium to say Quinn’s name. As much as we already believed that Quinn could communicate through mediums, Susanne Wilson gave us something Bill had asked for that was personal to him and to Quinn.  We asked and he delivered, and now we will wait out the rest of our days doing the best we can for our surviving son until we see our loved ones in heaven again.

-Written by Quinn’s parents and Pappy’s daughter and son-in-law, Susanne and Bill Levi

Affiliate Groups and their Facilitators (by alphabetical order):

Jennifer Amato Tom’s Creek, NJ
After the passing of Jennifer's 2 year old son Joey, Jennifer found support from other bereaved parents. She is now finding healing in helping other bereaved parents learn to cope with their loss. Jennifer and Christine are co-hosts for Tom’s River.

Tina Babloski-Anderson Citrus County FL
Tina Babloski-Anderson is a grieving mother that has learned to laugh again since the loss of her son Paul G. Babloski on October 1st, 2009. Her efforts to find comfort have led her on a journey that has not only helped to heal herself, but to bring smiles on the faces of other grieving parents. Tina said, "There is no one here in Citrus County, Florida that could understand the loss of a child, except for another parent that has experienced the same pain. So, we formed a group that supports and celebrates each other’s children. We find that by supporting each other, we can learn to laugh again.

Elizabeth Boisson-Scottsdale, AZ

Since the passing of her son Morgan at the Base Camp of Mount Everest due to acute altitude sickness on a student trip to Tibet in October 2009, Elizabeth has held monthly parent meetings in Arizona. She founded both the Facebook site, ‘Parents United in Loss’ in February, 2010 and then partnered with Mark Ireland to co-found ‘Helping Parents Heal’ in February 2012.  She cherishes the opportunity to meet both parents and their children in spirit.

Kristen Brown-Sanders Pensacola, FL
Kristen Brown-Sanders started The Next Step group in FL in January 2010 after her beloved daughter Sarah transitioned due to a distracted driver.  The Next Step linked in with Helping Parents Heal in 2012.

Lancy Carr-Washington DC

I  have lived in Arizona since 1983. I met Karla Kay at bikram yoga Tempe which I started doing shortly after Nathan passed away.  She told me about an event and I met Linda West, the first psychic exposure for me! It healed my heart a little and made me want to learn more. I also met Justine Schrimer at that meeting and she told me about HPH. The first meeting I knew this is what would work for me.  I have enjoyed all the support, love and hope that is shared at every meeting. I got a new job in DC in Dec 2013 and I now want to not only support this wonderful non-profit, as it has given me so much help in my grief, but to help others heal as well.

Nancy Courtmanche-Eureka, CA
The loss of my son Robb, 29, has made me painfully aware of the need for parents to have a group setting that is safe and confidential. Healing occurs. Out of my loss I dedicated myself to service for others in volunteer Hospice patient care and grief support, as a Hospital Chaplain, and healing work.  This has prepared me to lead an HPH group now.

Janice Crowder-Torrez-Tucson, AZ

Wanting to honor her son’s spirit, courage, and the many gifts he left behind, Janice discovered Helping Parents Heal in Scottsdale, AZ.  Opening the door for other parents to grieve their loss, while offering support to small groups, Janice decided to start a chapter in Tucson where she resides and her son Anthony, aged 31, took his life. Janice is a MSN and certified in Meditation.

Lori Fina Jennings-Columbus, OH
My son died at age 30 of a drug overdose. My surviving daughter has Down Syndrome. Life has blessed me with so many unique gifts & learning opportunities. I'd like to "be there" for people as my son was. My book, Liam's Lessons, was written with the help of my son shortly after he died. Practicing Isha Yoga has been my saving grace.

Sheryl Hill-Minneapolis, Minnesota
Tyler, my beautiful sixteen year old son, died a preventable death on a People to People Student Ambassador Trip to Japan in 2007. My most important achievements are being a mother, a wife, nonprofit endeavors with the Clear Cause Foundation (to keep American children and students safe on foreign soil) and perhaps my work as an author. I did not lose the ones I love who have passed. I know where they are.

Julia LaJoie-Washington DC
I joined Helping Parents Heal in April of 2012 when I met Mark Ireland, Anne Puryear and Elizabeth Boisson at a conference in Phoenix, AZ on After Death Communication. There were many parents like myself who had lost a child and had discovered the healing that comes from ADC and other forms of spiritual growth. I am eager to join hands and hearts with other parents in the Baltimore - Washington area to grow our network and support each other in healing and spiritual growth.

Patti May- Ottowa, Ontario
I am a mother of 3 wonderful children, married 30 years to their father.I lost my son Adam in 2006 in a tragic auto accident. Since losing my son I have had afterlife signs that have helped me.  I began to search for like-minded parents to share our experiences. I came across the wonderful group Helping Parents Heal and asked if I could start a group here in Canada.

Jessalyn Nash- Sonoma County, CA

Jessalyn Nash, M.A. has facilitated groups for over 25 years and is involved in the restorative justice movement. After her beloved 21-year-old son, Trystan passed away, Jessalyn has dedicated herself to helping other grieving parents.

Glenda Pearson-Granger, IN
Glenda is a Reiki Master, Munay Ki practitioner, intuitive guide, Stephen's Minister, author and Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist.  Reflected in her book, "But Should The Angels Call For Him", she speaks of her personal loss through the death of her only child, Chad, and believes there is healing for everyone.

Maria Pe - San Diego

Maria Pe, J.D., is the mother of Sean Robert and Kyle Joseph, her two sons who transitioned to the other side on June 21, 2011.  That day was the beginning of Maria’s profound spiritual journey to find out where her sons went and how she could continue to have a relationship with them.  Having been educated in Western culture and trained as an attorney, Maria was skeptical and had no idea where to turn for the information and answers she was seeking.  She was guided to a shamanic practitioner who taught her how to raise her consciousness and energy levels through meditation so that she could connect with her sons.  She began keeping a written journal of her experiences which culminated in her book, Journey To The Upper Realm:  How I Survived the Deaths of My Sons and Learned to Communicate With Them on the Other Side (free at and in hard copy on Amazon).   By sharing and talking about her own experience, she hopes to help other bereaved parents.

Sheri Perl-New York, NY

Sheri Perl Migdol is a spiritual healer, an interfaith minister, an author, lecturer and mother of 3 children, one deceased. Sheri is the founder of The Prayer Registry, a free service for all bereaved parents.

Christine Volpe-Tom’s Creek NJ
After the passing of her 17 year old son, James, due to a vehicle accident Christine has spent countless hours helping other bereaved parents.  She is devoted to help other parents find tools to help them in their grief. Christine and Jennifer are co-hosts for Tom’s River.

Laura Wilmot-Fall’s Church, VA
A retired federal HR Director, Laura taught Mexican Folk dance to children and adults and performed Mariachi music with her family for several years.  She “connects up” to her son through meditation and prayer.

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Facilitator: Sheri Perl Migdol.  Please contact her for date and time of May meeting:

Dream Visits from Loved Ones in the Afterlife - Susanne Wilson
Susanne Wilson describes helpful steps to help us connect with our children on the Other Side.  Please click here to see her YouTube video.

Mark Ireland, co-founder of Helping Parents Heal, Anne Puryear, a founding member, and Maria Pe, the San Diego affiliate chapter leader, will be three of the featured presenters at this conference.  Susanne Wilson, who has graciously donated her time to our group, will also be a guest speaker at the conference.  July 10th-13th - Scottsdale Embassy Suites.  Please visit the website to learn more.

Anne Puryear, a Founding Member of Helping Parents Heal,  Co-Founder of the Logos Center and mother of Stephen and Beethoven has started a wonderful new Facebook group for grieving pet owners.  Please join her site, Helping Pet Lovers Heal, if you have lost a cherished pet.

Sheri Perl Migdol, our NYC Facilitator, has a wonderful website devoted to our children.  Please sign up here if you would like for your child to be remembered on his or her Angel D
Julia LaJoie, our Washington DC Helping Parents Heal Facilitator, and her husband Purnell will be taking part in the ARC Europe Sailing Rally with their sailboat, Tigerlily.  Follow her adventures as she lifts anchor April 20th and sails from Portsmouth, VA to Lagos, Portugal, on her blog.  Julia is sure that her son, Matt, will be with them on their voyage, and she will be sharing her validations. 

Would you like to share a story of validation or healing with other Parents?
We all heal when we share personal stories about our children with others.  Moreover, everyone benefits from validations that we receive.  We love to hear about them!  If you have a story that you would like to share about your child, please let us know and we will include it in a future newsletter.  Please send it to Elizabeth Boisson at  (Due to space limitations, please be sure it is no longer than 1/2 page.) 

Also, if you have not yet done so, please send me your child's full name, Birthday and Angel Date so that I can add him or her to our list of children on our Facebook Site. We pay tribute to our children on their special dates with a favorite photo and a description of their lives.  Please send all information to Elizabeth at  Thank you!

Parents Who Give Back - Jeannette Maré of Ben's Bells
Jeannette Maré and her son Ben
The first time I heard of Ben’s Bells was at a candlelit vigil for my son Morgan given by the University of Arizona Cheerleaders after the Homecoming football game in 2009.  One of the cheerleaders, a close friend of Morgan, came up to me after the service.  She gave our family a delicate, handmade bell that had been sent to us by Jeannette Maré, the founder of Ben’s Bells.  It was a simple, beautiful act of great kindness.  Morgan had volunteered at Ben’s Bells while he was in college.  I was very grateful for this gift and wanted to meet Jeannette.  My husband and I had lunch with her the next week.  Jeannette had also lost a son ten years earlier.  She had turned her grief into a beneficial organization that helps parents overcome their grief.  Ben’s Bells spreads kindness by making bells and hanging them in cities for people to find.  Ben’s Bells is not only active in Tucson; they also have a branch in Newton, Connecticut.  Please check out the website to learn more about this wonderful organization.

-Elizabeth Boisson

Books by Parents Like Us
Soul Shift - Finding Where the Dead Go
by Mark Ireland, Co-Founder of Helping Parents Heal and father of Brandon, available on
Amazon and through other retailers such as Barnes & Noble that may be accessed on Mark's site.

I have wanted to feature Mark's book for some time.  Reading it was one of the most healing things that I have experienced on my spiritual journey since Morgan's passing.  It reassured me that the feelings of connectedness to my son that I was experiencing were normal and that they would grow even stronger as time went on.  It is a must-read for all of us who are dealing with the loss of a child. Please visit Mark's website to learn more about him and to see his other recent publications.

Businessman Mark Ireland’s father was Richard Ireland, a deeply spiritual minister and renowned psychic and medium who counted Mae West among his famous clients. While he loved his father, Mark followed a more conventional path in pursuit of mainstream success—until the wrenching death of his youngest son. This unexpected tragedy plunges Mark into the spiritual world of psychics and mediums in a frantic attempt to communicate with the dead. His defenses and pragmatic mindset begin to fade as he remembers premonitions on the day of his son’s death. He consults a number of well-known mediums and is struck by the remarkably accurate information their readings provide. Mark first meets with Allison Dubois, the subject of NBC’s hit show Medium, and later participates in a single-blind lab experiment with medium Laurie Campbell, filmed for a Discovery Channel feature. He then enters a new dimension of personal paranormal experience, as his own psychic awareness begins to unfold. This dramatic story of a father’s unbearable loss and his discovery of life after death offers hope to the bereaved and compelling evidence that death may not be the end.

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Mission statement

Our mission is to help parents who have lost children, giving them support and resources to aid in the healing process. We will go a step beyond other groups by allowing the open discussion of spiritual experiences and evidence for the afterlife, but in a non-dogmatic way. In other words, we will welcome everyone regardless of their religious (or non-religious) background and allow for a very open type of dialog.

-Mark Ireland,
Co-Founder, Helping Parents Heal

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