December 2020

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Welcome to the December issue of our Helping Parents Heal Newsletter!  

Hello, Shining Light Parents!  Happy Holidays!  We hope that you are staying healthy and that this season brings you peace and joy.  Living through this Covid-19 pandemic is not easy, but we feel that it has brought us all even closer through our Zoom meetings.  If you haven't yet done so, please check out our new Helping Parents Heal YouTube channel by clicking here!  And please 'follow' our Helping Parents Heal Instagram account by clicking here.  Also, be sure to join our Helping Parents Heal Facebook group for information about our Zoom meetings and more!  

We understand and we walk the same path.  We are grateful that you have found us.  This newsletter is a space that allows us to share our amazing children. Thank you for your compassion and for the constant support you provide.  Together, we will help each other heal!

With love and light, 
-Elizabeth Boisson, President and Co-Founder of Helping Parents Heal, Newsletter Editor and Phoenix/Scottsdale Affiliate Leader

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Our Helping Parents Heal Trailer!
Lisa and Rick Wilcoxson with their sons, Michael and Anthony

Hello, wonderful Parents!  Once again, we are thrilled about our new Helping Parents Heal Trailer for the Helping Parents Heal YouTube Channel!  Craig McMahon, the producer of the Life to Afterlife Spirituality Series, kindly produced this beautiful short video for us, and many parents participated in the filming, including Irene Vouvalides, Brian Smith, Tywana M. Smith, Jeff Hollahan, Lynn Hoff-Hollahan, Michelle Rossman Ziff, Laurie Savoie, Tom Savoie, Carol Sanna Allen, LeAnn Hull, Jason Durham, Suzanne Giesemann, Jeffery C Olsen, Deb Behrendt, Rachel Behrendt, Lisa Wilcoxson, Rick Wilcoxson, Anne Park, Chandra Ramamurthy, Manisha Akhauri, Anal  Shah, Kim Courtney, Ernie Jackson, Kristine Jackson, Mabel Chan and Ana Molina
Suzanne Giesemann, who appears in the Trailer with her husband Ty, will be speaking to our group on December 22nd.  Laurie Savoie, who appears in the Trailer with her husband Tom, will be speaking to our Helping Parents Heal group by Zoom on January 6th.  And Lisa Wilcoxson, who appears in the trailer with her husband Rick, will be speaking to our group on January 19th.  We hope to see you there!
We are very grateful to all of you for watching and sharing on your FB profiles! Help us get the word out about Helping Parents Heal.  Please click here to view:

Holiday Greetings from Spiritual Medium Michelle Stokotelny
Michelle Stokotelny

How the Passing of a Child Transforms a Parent

As a Spiritual Medium with a background in counseling who has been working with parents with children who have passed for well over a decade, I am well aware that even in spite of strong validations that can come through during a mediumship reading, there is hardly any level of evidence that can bring peace and healing to those who have a child in the spirit realm. The connections can certainly help for a time, but this is the most transformative type of grief anyone on this planet could experience. It is with great humility and compassion that I hope some of the words I share bring you comfort and peace during this Holiday season.
I call the Spirit World “Home” because that is exactly what it is. It is where we originate from, where we dwell for greater lengths of time than we do here, and where we will return when the time has come for us to let go of this earthly body. Before we incarnate, we have much work to do in preparing our “charts”. These charts will be carefully detailed regarding specific circumstances we plan to endure during our next life here, and all with the intention of experiencing situations that will help us to learn what we call “life lessons”. Not everything is decided in our charts, however, as we certainly have free will, but there are a number of circumstances that, once decided upon with all involved, will happen in order to ensure that everyone who is incarnating within that ‘soul family’ as some call them will be given the opportunity to learn the lessons they are focusing this next life on.

And it happens, from one life to another, that a beautiful, brave spirit will volunteer for one of the most difficult tasks – to incarnate for a brief time, in order to provide their earthly parents and loved ones with the opportunity to learn specific lessons that would not be possible to learn without this situation. It is not easy for anyone to accept such a role, knowing what their loved ones will eventually have to endure, but in Spirit we look at things from a much larger perspective – our lives here are temporary, very short, and while it can be difficult to explain, our loved ones in Spirit know that what we undergo while incarnated is always designed to help us progress, grow, and achieve higher levels of understanding, bringing us closer to who we truly are.

It takes a brave soul to volunteer for this role in your life. And if you are a parent who has experienced the passing of a child, please remember that this role was not chosen to punish you, but instead because of the immense love that is given to you in order to learn important lessons. Life here is all about lessons; it's one of the most difficult places to endure, yet we do it again and again because at the soul-level we know that the difficulties we face provide opportunity for immense growth and are ultimately worth it.

Please do not punish yourself for not being able to prevent something that was entirely beyond your control. You cannot carry the burden of guilt for what you had agreed to long before you were born. If you are here in this moment, it is because you are meant to be… and as impossible as it may feel right now, be mindful of honoring the beautiful spirit who took on this difficult role all because they love you and want to help you along on your journey by choosing to work towards healing.

Healing does not mean that things will go back to ‘normal’. It does not mean forgetting, or leaving our children behind. They have gone on before you and are watching, supporting, loving, and guiding you as they hold your hands. They will reunite with you when the time is right. When you find yourself wanting to say “they should be here to do this” or “It’s not fair their life was so short” please remember they are still right here – and that there will be many opportunities to plan other lives together. This was not your first life with them, nor will it be your last, and often what we don't experience during our current lifetime, we have done so in previous ones. 

Moving forward after the passing of a child, no matter the circumstances, no matter their age at the time of death, transforms a parent/guardian in ways that could never be predicted. The fear of death often completely fades away without any effort. Most people are fearful of what might be, how their time here might come to an end, but not a parent who has experienced the passing of a child. The thought of the reunion with their child in spirit is often one of the motivating factors that keeps that parent/guardian moving forward on their journey. 

Often parents want to know everything about their child’s transition, especially if they were not there, and your loved ones in spirit will continuously remind you that they are not defined by their death. What is death but the closing of one chapter to begin the next? Your beloved children in spirit, no matter what earthly age they were when they went Home, will always bring forward encouraging, loving, healing messages as they know you are stronger than you believe, and that they will be with you every step of the way on your unique journey. Above all, they come through with messages that reinforce that you are not enduring their loss due to ‘karma’ or because you did anything ‘wrong’. Please know that everything you are going through is not without its purpose – and you will always have the love, motivation, and guidance from spirit to help you as you move forward and heal.  Happy Holidays, and may this season be filled with gentle memories and validations from your beautiful children in spirit.  

Spiritual Medium Michelle Stokotelny
Michelle was certified by Mark Ireland and she is included in the Providers who are recommended by Parents on our Helping Parents Heal website.

Uplifting Validation Stories from Parents:
Ana Molina's Validation from her two sons through Marilyn Kapp

JoseLuis, Franky and Marilyn Kapp

I would like to tell you something that happened during the Helping Parents Heal Zoom presentation with Marilyn Kapp, but first I wanted to tell you about the day I had.
I started with the pains and consequences of my illness.  It was so bad that I pulled over from  driving my car and asked my two sons, Jose Luis and Franky, to protect me.

As I return to my house and no desire to touch the phone I decided to listen to Marilyn Kapp as she was channeling for Helping Parents Heal. She was doing a fabulous job.

I wrote in the Chat Box of the Zoom meeting that as a mother, I was worried that my son had passed away from a bullet shot to the head and 3 months later my other son from an overdose. My concern was that I had heard these spirits were at a low vibration in the Afterlife.  As a mother we can understand this.

Suddenly, my question was read and Marilyn Kapp started channeling my two kids in spirit.
It was accurate! She spoke the same way that they do, and told about the fact that  Jose Luis loved to study and learn as well as the fact that Franky’s overdose was an accident.
It was awesome! Especially when she told me that they were holding me and holding my stomach with love I was amazed! All day long I had tremendous stomach pains that even doubled me over from the pain! 

I felt deep love and a certainty that this indisputable validation was coming directly from my kids.  My reading is proof that our children in spirit are still right here! Be sure to watch the YouTube.  It is wonderful.  I have been filled with so much love, gratitude and finally feeling WHOLE! Thanks to all of you!

Love and light, Ana Molina, our Helping Parents Heal en Espagnol Affiliate Leader 

Karol Hennessey's Validation through her Son Brendon's Car
Brendon and his car, Karol's T-shirt, Karol and Brendon

I was at the grocery store shopping.  I was wearing a T-shirt from Brendon's Memorial service which has his picture on the front of it.  There was a young man in the same isle about 10 feet down from me.  This young man said to me, "Excuse me, do you know him", as he is pointing to the picture of Brendon on my shirt. I proceeded to tell him that it was my son Brendon.  He made mention that Brendon used to train him in the gym and then all of a sudden he just stopped coming to the gym.  I explained that Brendon ran ahead to heaven on June 25th of 2018.  He expressed his condolences and we had small talk.  We were both done shopping and proceeded to the cashier while continuing our conversation.

I was ahead of him, paid for my groceries and left for my car.  When I got to my car I noticed the car next to mine looked exactly like the car Brendon had when he left this earth.  It was virtually brand new when we returned it.  The young man came out right behind me and proceeded to the car next to mine.  At this point, I knew Brendon brought me and this young man together.  I asked him, "Is this YOUR car"?  He said that it was.  I then asked him when he purchased the car and he told me it was a little over 2 years ago.  I think at this point my mouth was literally hanging open in disbelief.  LOL  I proceeded to ask him if there was a gouge in the vinyl inside the trunk on the left side of the car, this young man was unsure so I asked him to open the trunk.  Low and behold, there it was, the gouge in the vinyl right where I said it was.  I proceeded to let him know that he purchased Brendon's car and that we turned the car into the dealership in July 2018.  He bought the car a month later.  Neither he nor I could believe it.  He was grateful to know he was driving Brendon's car now, he said he really admired my son in life.  We hugged, I thanked him and we both left the store.

I got into my car and spoke to Brendon letting him know how grateful I was that he sent such a HUGE sign to me.  He knew I needed it!!! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!  My son never ceases to amaze me, in life and now from across the veil.

Love and Light to you, Karol Hennessey, Brendon's proud mom

Stephanie Johnson's Validation with her daughter, Natalie, through Pauline Mason
Natalie, Natalie Sledding and Pauline Mason

As soon as Pauline started to describe the symptoms on our Helping Parents Heal Zoom meeting on December 3rd, my body started to feel heavy and everything around me seemed to stand still.  I knew she was talking about my daughter.  She exactly described the symptoms to my daughter’s illness and how quickly it happened.  Her message touched on details that we would know and were specific to us; her bracelets that are on a shelf in her room, the doll she had in her casket, her joy and liveliness.  

She mentioned a photo with a flower.  I immediately recalled one that I had taken of my daughter.  She mentioned her sledding.  She loved to sled with her family and friends.  We used to sled every year when we had enough snow.  Natalie would often ride down the hill with her sister or on her Dad’s back. She was always reading for some fun and adventure.  

I was so happy to hear that she knew she was loved.  As a parent, we always want our children to feel loved and when they die young, it is especially important to know that they had a good life while they were here.  Pauline relayed to me that my daughter felt loved.  That means everything.  Having an accurate message brings a sense of comfort especially when missing my daughter.  The knowing that she is with us and still happy and living is so important.  I am grateful for this time with my daughter. I am also thankful to Pauline and Helping Parents Heal for allowing me to keep the connection with her.

-Written by Natalie's proud Mom, Stephanie Johnson

Please watch Pauline's December 3rd Zoom meeting by clicking

Brenda Horn's Validation from her son Trevin through Medium Daniel John
Trevin in Rome, Daniel John

Divine Intervention!  My son, Trevin, has always been tenacious and persistent.  It started on the very day he was born, 12/12, 6 weeks early, and continues now from across the veil.  On November 11, when Daniel John was presenting to HPH, I was actually on another Zoom meeting.  I heard my son nudge that I had to log off that Zoom and sign onto the HPH Zoom.  I listened closely as Daniel provided messages to two other mothers trying to figure out what message I was supposed to be receiving since it obviously was important to him that I be on the Zoom.  As Daniel was finishing up the loving messages to Helen from her daughter, I heard my son say, “pay attention.”  Ok, Trevin, I am listening.  😊 Daniel indicated he had time for one more and before he even said anything, I had a strong feeling it was going to be my son.  I am very thankful to Daniel for bringing my son through with so many validations.
Daniel started by asking if anyone resonated with the letter “J,” the number "10," Domino’s/pizza, and shoes (holding them).  All of these things connect to my son.
Daniel went on to validate the colorful wooden train blocks my son had, that my son loves my new hair color from the week before, and then Daniel asked about sunglasses.  When we were in Italy the summer before my son transitioned, I bought him a pair of sunglasses he really wanted.  My son loved the glasses, but they broke a couple of weeks before he crossed over.  It was my intention to fix the sunglasses for him, but after the accident, I just could not bring myself to fix them or let them go.  They are still on his dresser next to his bed and I often hold them and think about our trip.  

Daniel inquired about the month of September, and someone moving out of our house and then back in, and then out again.  He also indicated there is conflict with her and someone else, there is an opportunity for growth, and not paying attention to nit-picky things.  When I asked my stepdaughter (whose birthday is in September, and she just moved out/in/out of our house) about these things, she got a huge smile on her face.  She is in college living off campus and said they had to have a roommate meeting (also on Nov. 11!), because one of the roommates was being too nit-picky (that exact word was used in their conversation).  She said she felt Trevin in the room with them that night supporting her, but thought she was imagining it!  She also said it definitely was a learning experience and all is good now.  

There were a few other validations that were spot on, but the final validation from Daniel was so incredibly meaningful to me.  Daniel shared that my son was “okay with the new relationship.”  My son’s girlfriend and I have remained close and the week before this Zoom she had come over for dinner.  My son transitioned 20 months ago, and his girlfriend told me she was starting to have some feelings for another person.  She felt like she was betraying my son and she felt horrible.  This message from my son that he was okay with the relationship was so significant, but when Daniel said, “Who is Matt” my heart skipped a beat.  Unfortunately, my computer froze, and I was kicked out of the Zoom.  When I was finally able to log back in, everyone was saying “thank you” and logging off.  The end of my message with Daniel was not recorded and there were only 20 or so people left on the Zoom.  It was important for me to connect the dots for Daniel and how “Matt” ties it all together.  My nephew, Matt, transitioned in 2007 at 21 years old due to a farming accident.  When Trevin’s girlfriend was at my house that evening, I told her all about my nephew Matt and his girlfriend.  When Matt's girlfriend eventually started a new relationship, she was having the exact same feelings.  Even though it was difficult to move forward, both my sister and his girlfriend knew Matt would be happy for her.  It has been 13 years since my nephew transitioned and I shared that Matt's girlfriend went on to marry the man, and today they have three beautiful boys.  I told my son's girlfriend that I would always be here for her and I was certain my son was supporting her from the other side.  We both want the same life happiness for her.   I cannot even begin to tell you how healing it was for Daniel to confirm that my son was okay with her new relationship.  When I shared this message with Trevin's girlfriend, I could feel a shift in her energy and a heavy weight lifted from her.  I love how our children are always around us and how they can be persistent when they want to provide a little extra support and guidance. Two hearts  Thank you again, Daniel!

-Written by Trevin's Proud Mom, Brenda Horn

Please view Daniel John's YouTube presentation on November 11th by clicking here.

Tina Pinder's Validation from her daughter, Lula, After Stacey Cripps' Meditation
Lula's Teddy Bear, Lula

I was participating alongside many other shining light parents in the HPH presentation of a meditation with the wonderful Stacy Cripps on November 9th and felt very grateful to feel the presence of peace and love. My hands got hot and were tingling minutes into it and although, this time, I didn’t see my daughter or hear her I could feel she was around me. At the end of it I said to myself how lovely it was but I usually feel her much stronger when in a group meditation with all that high energy, intention and love coming together as one. I silently gave gratitude for what I had received and right at the end I heard my husband come downstairs and go into the kitchen.

I was just about to put my camera back on when I heard my husband leaving the kitchen to go back upstairs followed by a loud noise of something crash in the kitchen. I then heard him laugh and say “What are you doing Lula?” I asked him if he was ok, I was worried he’d bashed into something or fell and he said “I’m fine, I think Lula’s messing around”. I went into the kitchen and our daughter's picture had moved, pushed against a porcelain teddy next to her photo, and it had fallen onto the floor.

My husband had gone to get some water and as he was leaving the kitchen, and right at the end of the meditation, that had happened. We both looked and started laughing because the teddy had one of its legs fall off as it hit the floor. I laughed and said to my husband “ Did you do that? I know you weren’t keen on that teddy my mother had given me?” He laughed and said “No, because I’m not bothered either way about it”. I knew he was already on his way back upstairs when her photo moved but I had to tease him about it.

After the presentation was over we had a real giggle about it and said to our daughter  “Thanks for letting us know you’re here and your Dad doesn’t have to look at the teddy anymore, it’s a double bonus!”.  It was a little lesson for me too because I know when I feel her presence, but I get that little feeling of disappointment when it’s not a big gesture or I wonder “Am I right?”. The feeling should be enough for me to know she is with us but just to prove a point she let us both know “When you think of me or need me I am right there with you, don’t doubt it”. As always she continues to make us laugh and put a smile on our faces. We love you Lula xxx

-Written by Lula's Proud Mom, Tina Pinder
Please view Stacey's November 9th YouTube by clicking here.

Would you like to share a story of validation or healing with other Parents? We are all able to heal when we share personal stories about our children with others.  Moreover, everyone benefits from the validations that we receive from our children.  We love to hear about them!  If you have a story that you would like to share about your child, please let us know and we will include it in a future newsletter.  Please send it to Elizabeth Boisson at (Due to space limitations, please be sure it is no longer than 500-600 words.) 

A Huge THANK YOU to our Amazing Zoom Presenters!
Debra Diamond, PhD, Joseph Higgins, Hallie Twomey, Jeralyn Glass, Pauline Mason, Marilyn Kapp, Mark Anthony and Tricia Robertson.

During this difficult time of COVID-19, Irene Vouvalides and I have had the pleasure of hosting some incredible, healing speakers who are all dedicated to letting all of us know that our kids are not gone.  They are happy, healthy and whole and they share in everything that we do.  They have all shown us that this lifetime is all about love.  Please check out our new YouTube Channel, where you will find their presentations!  Or check our the YouTube Videos tab on our website, where all of the videos are broken down into easy-to-find categories.

Our Fabulous Upcoming (Holiday) Speakers!
Andrea Courey, Daniel John, Susanne Wilson, Kat Baillie and Isabella Johnson, Suzanne Giesemann, Becky Hesseltine, Laurie Savoie, Pauline Mason, Shelley Buck, Debra Diamond, PhD, Dr. Mark Pitstick, Marilyn Kapp, Lisa WIlcoxson, Wendy Zammit and Joseph Higgins
Please be sure to watch our incredible lineup of upcoming speakers:  
-Andrea Courey and Sound Healing on December 15th
-Gallery Readings with Spiritual Medium Daniel John on December 16th
-Susanne Wilson, the Carefree Medium on December 21st
-Gallery Reading with Kat Baillie and Isabella Johnson, December 22nd
-Messenger of Hope Suzanne Giesemann on December 22nd

-Gallery Reading with Becky Hesseltine, December 23rd
-Shining Light Mom and Medium/Reiki Master Laurie Savoie on January 6th
-Gallery Readings with Clairvoyant Pauline Mason on January 7th
-Debra Diamond, Evidential Medium, on January 11th
-Dr. Mark Pitstick, Author of SoulProof, January 12th
-Fred Guttenberg, Author of 'Find the Helpers', January 13th
-Evidential Medium Marilyn Kapp on January 18th
-Evidential Medium Lisa Wilcoxson on January 19th
-Afterlife Expert Wendy Zammit on January 20th
-Bestselling Author and Medium Joseph Higgins on January 25th

Please view our recent presenters on our YouTube Channel or on our Helping Parents Heal FB under 'videos', where all of the videos are available! Please also join our Facebook group here to sign up for the upcoming Zoom conference meetings. They can be attended by anyone, anywhere in the world with Internet service! They hope to see you there.

Dr. Mark Pitstick and Lynn Hollahan lead our 25 HPH Caring Listeners
The Caring Listeners By Alphabetical Order: Manisha Akhauri, David Alison, Carol Sanna Allen, Claudia Ardelean, Elizabeth Boisson, Patti Brennan, Mabel Chan, Dolores Salazar Cruz, Pamela DeMars, Nancy Hejna, Karol Hennessey, Point of Contact Lynn Hoff-Hollahan, Jeff Hollahan, Suzanne Klokkenga, Lisa Coyne Laniewski, Paige Lee, Conrado Leslie, Paola Bottoni Leslie, Joyce Lupp McLaughlin, John Rooks, Brian Smith, Tywana M. Smith, Suzi Smith, and Irene Vouvalides of the Caring Listeners

Our twenty-six wonderful Caring Listeners, led by Dr. Mark Pitstick and Lynn Hollahan, are willing to talk in person, by phone, or on a video-conference call like Skype or Zoom. They each are bereaved parents who are now shining brightly – most of the time – and want to help others. We have Spanish-Speaking, French-speaking, Italian-Speaking, Cantonese-Speaking, Romanian-Speaking and Hindi-Speaking Caring Listeners as well. Now more than ever, please do not hesitate to call! Please click here to learn more!  

The Caring Listeners Welcome Nancy Hejna
Nancy Hejna

About Nancy Hejna: 
I am mother to four incredible children Katie, Maggie, Will and Joe.  Both of my sons left this earth two years apart at age 26.  Will passed from an accidental overdose in 2016, and Joe from a car accident in 2018 on the day of his sister’s wedding. To say this seemed beyond comprehension is an understatement.  Armed with the clear sense my boys could not possibly be “just gone”, I began a fervent search which led me to Helping Parents Heal with all it’s compassion and collective wisdom. I read many books, cultivated tools, and continue to this day the spiritual journey which has led me to “know” our relationships continue.  I am fortunate to live near the shores of Lake Michigan and draw inspiration from nature, the joyful energy of my beautiful daughters and grandchildren, and undeniable signs from my sons. I hope to support anyone on this difficult path in the best way possible. 

-Written by our newest Caring Listener, Nancy Hejna

Dr. Mark Pickstick, Author of 'SoulProof'tstick and his book 'SoulProof'

Evolved Souls Don’t Need Long Earthly Lives
December 2020
by Mark Pitstick, MA, DC 

In this holiday season, your child’s passing can understandably make you feel more sad and hopeless.  However, some bereaved parents consciously choose to move closer to being shining light parents – not in spite of, but because of – the holidays.  

Here are two gifts to help you do this. 

My first gift is sharing the many benefits that accompany knowing the latest evidence about afterlife and the nature of reality.  Controlled and replicated research at the University of Arizona has now been reported in peer-reviewed scientific journals.  The data clearly indicate that life continues after bodily death. 

That means you and your children are not just flesh and blood physical bodies.  You are beings of energy, consciousness, spirit.  There is no reason to fear death since it’s just another stage in life – much like puberty, middle-age, and other developmental phases. 

This life-transformative news will be officially announced in 2021 after completion of multi-center studies at other universities and institutes, release of the books Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence and Soul Science, and completion of a scientific journal paper describing the results of the multicenter studies.  But I wanted to share it with you now.  

The benefits?  Much scientific, clinical, and experiential evidence now shows that you and everyone else.   
1.  are still alive after the human form dies.

2. do not really ‘lose’ loved ones after their earthly bodies perish since you reunite with them when you change worlds. 

3. can enjoy a continued, but different, relationship with your ‘departed’ loved ones now.

4. are integral, infinite, and beloved parts of Source Energy / Creator / One Mind.

5. receive assistance and guidance from sources variously described as angels, guides, master teachers, and higher energies.

6. can have different and, perhaps, simultaneous life experiences.  That means you may be with ‘deceased’ loved ones right now in a parallel reality / different slice of Life.  

7. create how heavenly or hellish your life feels by your predominant thoughts, words and deeds.

8. are interconnected in sacred ways with all people, animals, and nature.

9. have special purposes for experiencing being on this planet at this time.  It’s an optical delusion that this time on earth is all there is.  

My second gift is an audio file for the
Facilitated After-Death Communication Technique.  You can use this in the comfort of your home to better perceive the living presence of your children.  This is one of the best ways to visit with them until postmaterial communication technology is available.  Here are the links:



Six action steps to internalize this great news and enjoy enhanced relationships with your children include: 
1.   Attend local and online Helping Parents Heal meetings

2.   Contact The Caring Listeners to talk with them at no charge 

3.   Read FREE Articles – especially #1, 2 and 60 – at and take action steps 
4.   Listen to FREE
Radio Shows at and our answers to life’s toughest questions including “Why do children die?” 
5.   Lean on others as needed.  Later, when you are doing better, you can help others.
6.   Use my ‘Healing and Transformative’ products at
Shop.  If you cannot afford them, email me at and we will send free digital copies.   

Hugs, love, and blessings, Mark

Disclaimer: This information is not designed to replace medical or psychological care.  Dr. Pitstick’s recommendations are based on forty-eight years of training and experience in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers, and holistic health practice.  Some of his statements are supported by clinical and scientific data while others are based on experiential evidence and his best current understandings.  

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC is an author, counselor with a masters in clinical psychology, holistic chiropractic physician, frequent media guest, and workshop / webinar teacher.  He also attended theology school, majoring in pastoral counseling, and trained in suicide prevention.  Mark directs The SoulPhone Foundation, founded Greater Reality Living groups, and assists research for the SoulPhone Project.  His mission is to help you know and show that – no matter what is happening to you or around you – this earthly experience is a totally safe, meaningful, and magnificent adventure amidst forever.  To learn more, visit

Note: I mention my products so you know all the information/strategies needed for healing and transformation.  Let me know if you truly cannot afford them and we’ll send digital copies.

Fellowship and Coincidences 
Kristine and Ernie Jackson, their son Quinton

The Gift
Another holiday season…  Regardless of where we are on our grief journey, the holidays can be challenging.  It is so easy to get caught up on the “what could have beens” or “what should have beens”, or worse, the “woulda, coulda, shoulda’s.”  Well, here at Helping Parents Heal, we endeavor wrap that pain in a blanket of love and a higher understanding.  This is our gift to you. Will you accept our gift?  

Here we provide you with a safe place, without dogma to share both your pain and epiphanies as both are meant to be shared, while just maybe exposing you to new thoughts and concepts.  In sharing the pain, we begin to purge it from our essence; keeping the pain (and shock, disbelief, anger, etc.) inside can become a poison, limiting our ability to fully experience what comes next.  Even more important is the sharing of the epiphanies, the aha’s, the wait a second(s) – “Did I just receive a sign” from my son, my daughter, mother or father?  Those epiphanies and new knowledge are glimpsed in a quote from Michael Newton, Ph.D. on page 1 of his book Journey of Souls, “If death were the end of everything about us, then life indeed would be meaningless.” The point with the quote is, clearly and obviously, life is not meaningless. Further driving home my point being there is so very much going on this planet Earth is this quote from Brian Weiss M.D. on page 210 of his first book Many Lives, Many Masters, “Humankind is immortal, and what we are doing now is learning our lessons.  We are all in school.  It is so simple if you can believe in immortality.”  This knowledge imparted by our transitioned children with their signs whether they are frequent or few, just when “normal” was thrown out the window, allowing the knowledge to take root.  

Our children are part of this dance of self-discovery, this dance of re-awakening; in fact they love us to much that they agreed to leave early in an effort to jump start or accelerate the learning of the lessons we chose to learn in this lifetime.  While this is hard to believe or even understand in the early days of grief, over time, fellowship, sharing and reading the picture begins to take shape.  And the signs, oh those glorious signs from our children, well, please know this as well – Only the living send signs!  All of this, all of it, can mark a new beginning of sorts.  Therein is the gift, if you choose to accept.  And in accepting this gift, may you realize and embrace your purpose moving forward, whatever that may be.  

May you come to recognize each new breath and each new day as a gift.  The gift of honoring our children, by our actions, each and every day.  The gift of a new perspective as maybe we remember what we wanted to learn, master or overcome in this lifetime. The further gift of helping somebody on the same path, and what a glorious gift that is as doing so serves both you and the other.  

The gift is recognizing our children live on, as will we.  Their signs show us this.  As this door opens, I pray you step through and look at your time here in a new light.  We at Helping Parents Heal are here to serve you.

I wish you all the best and feel free to contact me if you have questions.  Dialogue is good.  Each of us is both teacher and student. 
God Bless and Namaste, Ernie and Kristine, Quinton’s Dad and Mom
Reprinted from our August, 2019 Helping Parents Heal Newsletter
-Ernie Jackson is a Board Member of Helping Parents Heal, a Caring Listener and the proud father of Quinton. His two books, 'Quinton's Messages' and 'Quinton's Legacy,' are available at   Ernie was interviewed by HPH on October 15th.  Please watch the YouTube video here

Affiliate Updates -
In an effort to keep all of our wonderful parents safe during this Covid-19 pandemic, Helping Parents Heal has now switched to Zoom meetings, instead of in-person meetings, for the foreseeable future.  Our Affiliate Directors, Dawn Richards and Sherry Day are working to ensure that our Affiliate Leaders can hold meetings by Zoom.  

Please Welcome Our Newest Affiliate Leaders!

NEW AFFILIATE LEADER - Helping Parents Heal - South Africa
Simone Stamp & Shereen Pillay

Please join me in welcoming the newest member of our Affiliate Leader team, from our newest region of the world! Shereen Pillay will be joining Simone Stamp in South Africa. Welcome, Shereen and we are so grateful to you! ❤

Simon Stamp:
My name is Simone, my beautiful son Sage transitioned and graduated on the 22/02/2020. 
Being led unknowingly at the time to Helping Parents Heal, I was enlightened and came to realise that all the things Sage was sending and the signs he was giving, was to guide me and help me on our journey. 
After joining Helping Parents Heal, it gave me strength and knowledge that our children are always with us, from research provided and many books read months following Sages graduation. It was without a doubt and thanks to HPH that I know Sage is here and never left, neither of our children have. It is with their Love in our hearts and our bond which never dies that we want to help all other parents who have suffered such a loss to also realise that our children are still here. 
We welcome all parents with children on the other side.
Shereen Pillay:
My name is Shereen. My “perfect” son, Deeshalin, passed away on 28/03/2018. He was 28 years old. Losing him left a void so big that at first it felt empty and so painful. As time passed, I began to realise that this void was no dark hole of despair but a well filled with so much of love that I wanted to share this with others.
I talked to my friend Simone about my many signs that Deeshalin is connecting with me. She introduced me to Helping Parents Heal and said she wanted to lead a group in South Africa. I thought it would be beautiful to be a shining light to other parents whose children have moved on to the next realm and I offered to assist her. Dawn Richards and the other members of HPH have reaffirmed that I had found a purpose for living, as well as the amazing bond that I continue to have with my beloved Deeshalin."

-Written by our Helping Parents Heal - South Africa Affiliate Leaders, Simone Stamp & Shereen Pillay

NEW AFFILIATE LEADER - Helping Parents Heal - Austin, TX
Rhonda Andrews and her son, Reece

Our Helping Parents Heal Austin Group is very grateful to Daisy Dongieux and Becky Yatsu for their guidance over the past several years. 

Rhonda Andrews has graciously agreed to take over and we are thrilled to have her. 

Hi there...I'm Rhonda from Austin, Texas. My sweet son Reece transitioned by suicide at 17 in March 2017. Right from the start, he was sending me signs and synchronicities. I was so fortunate to find Helping Parents Heal about six months into this journey. Reece and I have grown together and he has taught me so much along the way. I'm forever grateful for the friends in HPH that I've made along the way. So many have been instrumental in my healing. I look forward to helping other parents and getting the message out that our children are always with us.

-Written by our new Helping Parents Heal Austin Affiliate Leader, Rhonda Andrews

Some Affiliate Updates:
Helping Parents Heal - India!
Ms. Mahalaxmi - Psychic, Healer and Animal Communicator.

On 17th December, 2020, HPH India Affiliate is hosting Ms. Mahalaxmi. She has kindly agreed to address our group members and talk to them about her journey and healing❤️  The time will be 4:00 AM EST.

Mahalakshmi is a psychic, healer & animal communicator. She started her journey with Tarot Cards 7 years ago and provides services in divination facets. She also practices a simpler & practical form of Tantra working with the Divine Feminine. Her ability to enhance, empower and assist an individual to find their own point of balance without any side effects is what she strives and is reputed for. She has always been closely working with animals since childhood and believes the animals taught her to communicate with them. Mahalakshmi has her own Oracle deck named Devi - oracle for blessings & power.  They are pack of 90 cards based on the Dus Mahavidya.  Inviting all shining light parents to December's zoom meeting.

-Written by Anal Shah, our Helping Parents Heal - India Co-Affiliate Leader

Helping Parents Heal en Espagnol con Julio Bevione, el 23 noviembre!
Julio Bevione

De Ana Molina: Julio Bevione, autor de 'Aceptación'es algo increíble !! Por favor, visita únanse a la comunidad y también la intención del día a diario. Durante la entrevista tuvimos personas desde el Peru y Espana escuchando al Maravilloso conferencista julio Bevione educándonos sobre el camino espiritual y que nuestros hijos están tan vivos!

Unase al Grupo de Facebook de Ana
aquí.  Vea el video de YouTube haciendo clic aquí.

Helping Parents Heal - Carmel, CA
Galen Call and the Second Helping Parents Heal - Carmel, CA Zoom Meeting!

On December 4, 2020 the conversation was lively!  We gathered to share from the heart, to learn, to explore and find comfort in each other’s presence. Zoom has become such a normal way to to see and feel and hold another’s heart, it astonishes me how accepting and molded we are by this fact. There is nothing sweeter than a face to face coming together yet we have adapted to what it takes to continue our growth on our healing journeys. Elizabeth Boisson was my gracious co-host! She delighted all  who got  to know her and learn her perspective of living with loss and thriving nevertheless to serve others. This meeting had the chance to follow suggested topics but instead took on  a life of its own, delving into what is important today, what matters most, with vulnerability and truth. It was just a beautiful meeting! Join us on the second Friday of each month, 10am PST...the journey continues. Happy New Year 2021!

-Written by our Helping Parents Heal - Carmel, CA Affiliate Leader, Galen Call

Doris Acquaviva of HPH - NE Atlanta interviewed Terri Ann Russell
Terri Ann Russell

We welcomed Terri-Ann Russell, who is a natural-born lightworker. She has been intuitive since she was a child having many visions and premonitions.  Terry-Ann is a Shining light mom and spoke to our HPH group on December 10th, 2020. Terri-Ann’s son Anthony “Butters” transitioned to the spirit on 7/16/2019 forever 27 years. He came to her right away to let her know he was OK. He communicates with her regularly and has written a book through her. She tells us that Anthony is the author and writer of her book and directed her every step of the way. Her book is entitled 'From Death to Life, The Incredibly True Story of Anthony Joseph' which you can find on our HPH site listed on our resource page in the book section.  Please watch Terri Ann's video by clicking

-Written by our Helping Parents Heal Affiliate Leader, Doris Acquaviva

Helping Parents Heal Calgary!

Bill and Susan Van Oije

The Calgary, Canada affiliate of Helping Parents Heal welcomed 12 parents and their amazing children to the group's second meeting via Zoom on November 17th. Thanks to Zoom, we were able to meet and share with parents from all over North America! The topic was 'Raising Your Vibration to Communicate with Your Child'. After some remarks from co-affiliate leader Bill Van Oije, who shared about how he more easily connects with his son Greg by being heart-centred, parents shared about what they do to raise their vibration, including keeping a gratitude journal, practicing meditation, having a good laugh, writing poetry, and walking in nature.

We look forward to our next Zoom meeting on December 15th, 6:30 pm Mountain Time (8:30 pm Eastern Time), when the topic will be 'Thriving - Not Just Surviving - Through the Holidays'. We hope you can join us!

-Written by our Calgary, Canada co-affiliate leaders, Susan and Bill Van Oije

Helping Parents Heal - Australia / New Zealand

Co-Affiliate Leader Danny London and his son Ethan

December 9th was the first Angel Date of Ethan, the son of Danny and Angela London.  Danny wrote a beautiful tribute to Ethan that he read at his remembrance ceremony:

Sharing of my thoughts and feelings one year after Ethan passed.
Grief is a painful time.  The pain of loss is an intense and profound feeling.  Our brains remember that pain just as our brain remembers the pain of touching a hot stove.  What does that mean?  How do our brains associate love and the pain of loss?  Do our brains tell us to avoid love to avoid pain?  If so where does that leave our hearts?  I don’t want my heart too close for fear of loving.  I therefore have a choice.  To feel pain or to feel love.  I have to make that choice every day.  Some days I choose pain.  On those days the pain of loving and loosing is too great, and I succumb.  Those days are dark.  On other days I choose love.  On those days I feel ok and I feel my heart is more open.  It is fucking hard.  It is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, to make that choice every day.  But I know that to keep my heart open I must choose love more than I choose pain.  How can I continue to give and feel the love of family and friends if my heart is closed?

So, each day I choose to feel my love for Ethan.  I choose to feel his smile, his laughter, his warmth.  I choose to continue to feel the love I felt for him as he snuggled into my chest as I rocked him off to sleep after a feed.  As a parent, as a Dad how could I choose pain over this?  Pain is not who Ethan is.  Ethan is joy and good times.  He is comfort. He is strength.  He is friendship.  He is action from heart.  He is Love.  On the days I choose this he makes me laugh.  This is healing me, and I believe is helping to heal his spirit.  It will heal you too.  Make the choice.  Choose to feel the love and joy you shared with Ethan.  Choose to feel it with all of those that have passed from your life.  Choose it in the moment.  Choose it often.  Choose to keep your heart open and choose to extend this openness to those around you.  Choose to teach this to the generations.  This is the eternity of love.

I am not a religious person, but I know believe in spirit.  I believe you feel the same in spirit as you do on earth.  What you feel here goes with you but when you feel in spirit you are held in Divine love.  The love and support of this community is like that.  It holds us all and is the Divine acting right here before our very eyes.  I feel blessed for having felt it.  Ethan too will always be a part of that.  Thank you all for your love and support.  Much love to you all.

-Written by our Helping Parents Heal Australia/New Zealand Co-Affiliate Leader, Danny London

Helping Parents Heal - Portland
Annie and Marc Adams, Elizabeth Boisson

The Portland Shining Light Parents welcomed Elizabeth Boisson as a guest speaker for their September virtual meeting.  Fourteen of us shared with our children in Spirit and were touched with the story of Elizabeth’s journey to create Parents United In Loss and eventually Helping Parents Heal with the help of Mark Ireland.  Mark also joined us until his grandchild arrived, and we feel so fortunate to have Mark as part of this growing Portland community.  The highlight of our Saturday meeting was Elizabeth leading us in a lovely Yoga Nidra meditation.  It never ceases to amaze the healing and growth that comes from being gentle, aware and open to Spirit working through us.  We look forward to connecting each month on the 3rd Saturday to celebrate our children and share stories of hope.

-Written by our Helping Parents Heal, Portland Co-Affiliate Leader, Marc Adams

Irene Vouvalides & Kathy MacMannis hold a Chat Room every Tuesday!
Irene Vouvalides and Linus, Kathy McMannis

Kathy McMannis and I are co-hosting Chat With Irene and Kathy on Tuesdays at 4 PM EST. We have a topic of discussion every week and have wonderful, open, honest and poignant sessions with members of HPH from around the world. We have formed new friendships, gotten to know our children in spirit and each other and we welcome you to join us.

Sending much love, Irene and Kathy

Please join Irene Vouvalides and Kathy McMannis every Tuesday at 1 pm PT/AZ, 2 pm Mountain, 3 pm Central and 4 pm EST for a wonderful opportunity to connect with other parents in her Chat Room.  Please contact Irene
here for the Zoom link! 

Kathy MacMannis presented to Helping Parents Heal on August 17th (and she was fabulous).  Please click here to view! 

Helping Fathers Heal 
Mike and Dylan Edwards

Mike Edwards, the Affiliate Leader of Helping Fathers Heal, continues to hold bi-weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 8 pm Central!  Please contact Mike for more information and the Zoom link

Helping Parents Heal - Meditation Group
David, Davey and Allison Alison

Please join David and Allison Alison of the Helping Parents Heal Online Meditation Group, every third Wednesday of the month at 9 pm EST! 

Allison and David are the parents of three amazing adult children: Jocelyn, Davey and Julia. Davey transitioned on July 20, 2016; he was involved in a solo car accident at the age of 24. This is documented along with their journey in David’s book Finding Davey. We felt Davey right away and knew he was not gone. We found out about HPH and it has helped us heal and connect with other patents. We enjoy talking about the signs we get from Davey and hearing about other parents’ experiences. Being a “Shining Light Parent” has helped us find meaning. Now with the HPH Mediation group, we would like to help others through positive energy and love with the help of our children on the other side.  Please click
here to learn more!

Helping Parents Heal - UK
Kat Baillie, Shining Light Mum and UK Affiliate Leader, with Isabella Johnson

Kat Baillie and Isabella Johnson will be holding a special Holiday Gallery Reading on December 22nd at 2:30 EST, 7:30 pm UK time.  Please click here to learn more and join! Please join Kat Baillie every last Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm UK time, 5:30 pm EST, 4:30 pm Central, 3:30 pm Mountain and 2:30 pm AZ/PT for an uplifting Zoom meeting!  Please click here to contact Kat and learn more.  

Shiome Healing Sessions with Judi Hancox
Judith Hancox

Judith Hancox, MSW BCETS, has kindly given several healing sessions to parents, and she will be continuing to do so on the first Friday of every month from 12 pm - 2 pm EST throughout the pandemic.  Her next session is on January 1st.

From Judi: Shifting in the “Magic Circle” is an involved protocol I developed over 30 years of studying with different healers. It's a therapeutic transformational process where we shift our energy to a higher vibration by releasing a disturbing memory/feeling and transforming the energy to a beautiful peaceful feeling/vision. It's part of what I do in my professional individual sessions.

I'll facilitate and guide the process with a surrogate volunteer from the group who helps me "test" the group, with everyone’s permission. We're all connected, and we all help each other. I'll share a new science-based "Flash Technique” first, then move into energy psychology (EP) and desensitization and reprocessing when needed. When appropriate, we'll shift the disturbance together in our "Magic Circle" or Medicine Wheel over the ocean, through all the elements. Everyone will receive the gift of a positive installation through a technique of brain balancing from EP.

Be prepared to work a bit, and please come with a strong positive engaging focus - a happy thought and feeling - whether a song, a memory, something powerfully uplifting to focus on. Also bring that disturbing memory you'd like to desensitize. We'll put it in a sacred container for you to keep and shift during the process. We honor all memories, and although the Truth never changes, the disturbing feelings can be changed to bring peace. If someone needs assistance after our Healing Circle, please feel free to contact me at, gratis.

Much love and peace to you, Judith
Judith A. Hancox

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Healing Events and Information

The Afterlife Report by Victor and Wendy Zammit
A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife, Wendy & Victor Zammit
The Afterlife Report, edited and published every week by Wendy and Victor Zammit, contains information about the Afterlife community that is helpful and healing.  If you have not yet done so, please be sure to subscribe to receive weekly issues by clicking

Also, we are thrilled that Wendy Zammit will be joining us from Australia on January 20th at 8 pm EST, 12 pm NSW.  Her topic will be 'How Do We Know What the Afterlife is Like?'.  Please click
to RSVP and learn more! 

Holiday Events with Susanne Wilson, the Carefree Medium
Susanne Wilson
Susanne Wilson is a strong supporter of Helping Parents Heal and we are grateful that she will be speaking to our group by Zoom on December 21st at 5:00 pm MST.  She will also be holding a "Solstice Soiree" Dec 21st, 6:30 pm MST (please click here) , and a "Carefree Medium Circle", on Dec. 30th, 6:00 pm MST (please click here), and "Past Lives", Jan 9th, 2 times to suit world time zones, please click here.

Healing Books by Parents & Providers
Helping Parents Heal has had the pleasure of interviewing many talented parents and providers who have written about their children and their journeys.  Here are a few of the books from recent  Zoom meetings: Life After Near Death by Debra Diamond, PhD, Always Connected by Joseph Higgins, Aceptación by Julio Bevione, Evidence of Eternity by Mark Anthony, From Death to Life by Terri Ann Russell, and It's Life and Death by Tricia A Robertson. Please check them out on the Recommended Books pages of our website,

View our Events Page on Facebook

Due to Covid-19, Our Helping Parents Heal Affiliate Groups will be holding Zoom meetings in lieu of in-person meetings for the foreseeable future.

Please check our Website,,
for contact information and bios!

Helping Parents Heal Affiliate Group Information
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Helping Parents Heal - Phoenix/Scottsdale with Elizabeth Boisson, please click here to learn more.
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