September 2019


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Welcome to the September issue of our Helping Parents Heal Newsletter!  Hello, beautiful Shining Light Parents!  We are glad you have found us.  This newsletter is a space that allows us to share our amazing children. We are all in this together.  We understand and we walk the same path. Thank you for your compassion and for the constant support you provide.  Together, we will help each other heal!

Our Second Helping Parents Heal Conference, April 16-19, 2020, in Charleston, SC!
Our 2020 Conference Banner (thank you, Jason Durham!)

Our wonderful Conference Director, Irene Vouvalides, is hard at work on our Second Helping Parents Heal Conference in Charleston, SC, which will be from April 16-19, 2020!  Over 482 parents have already signed up.  We hope that you can join us! 

The registration price of $279 includes a Welcome Cocktail Reception on Thursday evening with appetizers and unlimited beer and wine, three breakfasts (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and two lunches (Friday and Saturday). 

Suzanne Giesemann, Susanne Wilson, Karen Newell and Dr. Eben Alexander, Jeffery Olsen, Dr. Jeffrey O'Driscoll, Drs. Gloria and Heidi Horsley, Dr. Raymond Moody, David Kessler, Dr. Mary Neal, Mark Anthony, Mitch Carmody, Dr. Mark Pitstick, Rick and Beth Olsen, Jake Samoyedny, Tina Powers, Maureen Hancock, Jamie Clark, David Router, Mark Ireland, Ernie Jackson, Christine Salter, Nicole Reilly, Debra Martin, Melinda Kushner, Kim Griffin, Kat Baillie, Michelle Clare and Fara Gibson, will all be presenting at our conference. 

We are thrilled that many of the esteemed presenters from our first conference will be returning to this conference! You can register for the conference by clicking here

A Beautiful Poem from The Gift of Mary by Lucille Masko
A Double Rainbow in Cave Creek

-Written by Lucille Masko, Mary's Mom and Author of  The Gift of Mary

Lucille Masko is an amazing woman and a pioneer as a Shining Light Parent. When her daughter, Mary, passed from a sledding accident at the age of 9 in 1972, Lucille immediately knew that she was Still Right Here.  However, she had no guidebook to follow, and no bereavement groups that spoke to her. 

Lucille wrote a beautiful book of poetry, entitled The Gift of Mary, to celebrate Mary's life shortly after.  The above poem is from the book and is similar to all of the poems in the book. Through personal experience, and by reading the works of Kahlil Gibran, Ruth Montgomery, and Edgar Casey, Lucille forged a healing path for herself and for others. 

I feel grateful to have met Lucille through Kari Lake of our local Fox News Channel and to have been able to read the wonderful poems in her book.  We hope that they will be available to all of you soon as well.

-Elizabeth Boisson

Mitch Carmody - The Quantum Physics of Continuing Connections
Mitch, his granddaughter Olivia and son Kelly
December 1st, 1987 changed my life forever; my 9- year-old son Kelly James died from a malignant brain tumor. Twenty-three years later to the day my life inextricably changed again; my granddaughter Olivia Kelly was born. Same weight, same length, same face, same eyes. We were shocked by the resemblance and the incredible timing that she was born on the calendar day of his death, but we were not totally surprised. We knew. A friend, a psychic told me several months before my daughter even knew that she was pregnant; that this was going to happen; and it did.

This friend from high school called me out of the blue circa 2009. We had not spoken or seen each other since 1973 when we both graduated. She had seen my book in a bookstore (Letters to My Son) while browsing grief books, as she had too lost a son recently and felt a psychic connection with him. My contact information was in my book and she called me about using my publisher. While she was speaking with me, she said, wait a minute, Kelly is coming to me now…she then went on to say 'Congratulations, you are going to be a grandpa again, Kelly is coming back to be born into your family.'

I was speechless for the first time in my life. My jaw literally dropped, accompanied by a rush of reactive hormones that seemed to be buzzing throughout my body. I literally could not speak.  I regained my composure within a few moments and I lamely croaked out: Wow, I will have to call my daughter; which I did post haste. Meagan, what are you not telling me?  I have it on good authority you are pregnant. Her turn to be almost speechless but she quickly managed to say quite vociferously: Your friend is nuts Dad I am not pregnant.

I said honey don’t shoot the messenger and I explained the call. She went on to say that the lady is obviously confused, that’s is just plain bat shit crazy, no one can know that, besides I am on the pill, my husband lost his job, we are losing our house, we have no insurance with a 3-year-old toddler to raise. We are not pregnant or plan to be anytime soon. End of story.

Six weeks later I get a call from Meagan. Dad this is crazy, I missed my period and have taken two home EPT tests that read positive. She met with a doctor who confirmed that her home tests were correct, and she was indeed pregnant with a due date of November 16th, 2010.  My son Kelly’s birthday. Coincidence?

November 16th came and went, no baby. I was disappointed it did not happen on Kelly’s birthday but also grateful, as I was out of town at the time. She was now running two weeks late and they were considering an induction but did not have too as she spontaneously went into labor a little after midnight on December 1st, Kelly’s angel day.  Later that morning my daughter gave birth to a little girl, Olivia Kelly. For her birth and grateful for the miraculous manipulation of the mystery that provided us with such a gift.  Continuing connection.

Fast forward 5 years I find Olivia in our yard hugging a tree and crying. I asked her what was wrong? She replied “I miss Uncle Kelly, and when I hug a tree like this, he talks to me. I simply replied, wow what did he have to say today? She said, he said, “we are going to call you Winnie the Pooh now”.  I replied that’s interesting and I dug through our DVD collection and found the movie and we watched it.  The whole 100 Acre Wood characters in this video were trying to fix Eeyore’s grief for the loss of his tail. Epiphany!  I then created a grief workshop “Who are you in the 100 Acre wood? “which is now part of the proactive grieving model used in my presentations ever since. Continuing connection.

December 1st, 2018 Olivia turned 9 years old, now the same age as her uncle when he died. She is now old enough to articulate better what she is feeling. She said she had a dream a few years back of her being in the ER at a hospital and she was so scared, and she associated it with Kelly.  She told us this spring she had a dream with Uncle Kelly in it and she asked him why she was born on his death day? She said he replied, “so I can see the world through your eyes”. Best thing I have heard in response to her unique birth circumstances.

I share this story publicly as my granddaughter has only known a continuing connection with her uncle by living it. It is not a learned behavior, hidden behavior or wished for, but it just is… as natural as brushing your teeth she has known nothing else her whole life. We keep Kelly in the present tense in a non-physical relationship. Quantum Physics theory supports that a sustaining molecular relationship is involved in all matter and is not limited to time and space.

This summer I was asked to provide a full day Proactive Grieving seminar for the Canadian branch of The Compassionate Friends in Winnipeg. The seminar is broken into 4 pods of lecture & interaction; body, mind, soul, and spirit. In the “spirit” pod we focus on the topic of continuing connections, signs, dreams, and synchronicities. We talked about signs on the drive up to Canada from the Twin Cities. She said I want 4 signs this weekend from Uncle Kelly, a purple orb, a feather, a heart, and a rainbow. Olivia was on the alert.

The first night at the hotel she scurried over to “the claw” toy machine in the lobby.  I think, for the most part, it is impossible to win.  She saw a purple ball and said Kelly I need that orb! Of course, she picked it up!!! She later found a heart rock, and a feather, but rainbows are harder to come by.

 At the conclusion of the day, we had a candle lighting and we played Alan Pedersen’s’ iconic song Tonight I Hold This Candle that is used for ceremonies worldwide.  I was on stage performing an interpretive sign to the song and was not at the table with my granddaughter, but my wife was and witnessed a miracle. When the lyrics came on…” if your looking down tonight and see this candle burning bright, it says I am wishing you were here” my granddaughter closed her eyes and she saw Kelly smiling at her, coming toward her and he hugged her. She said he had short hair and was wearing a long-sleeve white robe with gold trim. She said to me later: It was real Papa; I saw him he hugged me.  

That night we go up to our hotel room and we see a huge storm blow in right before sunset. They had not had rain in 6 weeks. Olivia was praying for rain to get her rainbow. We heard thunder and looked outside to an approaching storm. It rained hard briefly, the sun came out and a huge double rainbow appeared outside our hotel room. The look on her face indelible in my mind, one of pure love and gratitude stamped with eternal hope.

Hope is validated by quantum physics. Our thoughts, actions and intentions are not limited to constraints of classical mechanics. Our ability to communicate with our loved ones who died is backed up by the quantum mechanic’s entanglement theory. This occurs when two particles are inextricably linked together no matter their separation from one another. Although these entangled particles are not physically connected, they still are able to share information with each other instantaneously — seemingly breaking one of the most hard-and-fast rules of physics: No information can be transmitted faster than the speed of light…yet it does. And for the bereaved its a miracle. Even Einstein acknowledged the unusual phenomenon in saying it is real, but just plain spooky.

Continuing connections, communication and even choice is integral to subatomic particles creating matter, which is life itself and eternal. Quantum theory proves it is impossible to be separated; death does not win.

-Written by Mitch Carmody, who will be speaking at our Second Helping Parents Heal Conference in Charleston, SC
YouTube: MrHeartlight  

We are thrilled that Mitch will be presenting at our Second Helping Parents Heal Conference in Charleston, SC in April, 2020.  

The Caring ListenersLinda McCarthy, Ernie Jackson, Glenda Pearson, Suzi Smith, Tracy Soussi, Lisa Laniewski, Tywana Smith, Brian Smith, David Alison, Jeff Hollahan, Lynn Hollahan and Suzanne Klokkenga of the Caring Listeners

Twelve wonderful Caring Listeners, created by Dr. Mark Pitstick and led by Linda McCarthy, are willing to talk in person, by phone, or on a video-conference call like Skype or Zoom.  They each are bereaved parents who are now shining brightly – most of the time – and want to help others.  Please click here to learn more!

Dr. Mark Pitstick and his book 'SoulProof'

Evolved Souls Don’t Need Long Earthly Lives
September 2019
by Mark Pitstick, MA, DC 

To all parents, I am very sorry about the physical death of your child.  However, I am glad you are open to learning how to heal and transform.  Six key understandings to making that shift are:

1. Your child is alive and well in another phase of forever.

2. Only his physical body died.  Everything else continues eternally: all the love, light, energy, humor, personality, memory, energetic and subtle bodies, and much more.  Really knowing this allows you to journey from seeing yourself as a bereaved to a shining light parent

3. She is happy, peaceful, and enthusiastic – and wants you to be that way now.

4. You will see her when you pass on and can enjoy relationships with her now.
5. You can choose to transmute your grief into a spiritually transformative experience that powerfully improves your life and blesses others.

6. You can heal and increase the gifts from his life by lovingly serving others 
Many parents have realized this great news and are living happy and fulfilling lives again.  You can do the same.  It’s not easy and doesn’t happen overnight, but it is possible with small steps day by day.  Here are five action steps . . .

  1. Attend local and online Helping Parents Heal (HPH) meetings
  2. Call The Caring Listeners to talk at no charge.
  3. Read relevant Foundational Articles for Healing & Transforming on and take action steps
  4. Listen to my free Radio Shows and our answers to life’s toughest questions including why children die. 
  5. Lean on others then later, when you are doing better, pay it forward
Q: It’s been six years since my son Ben passed on.  Some of the time, I feel like I’ve reached acceptance, but then it doesn’t last.  How can I keep from bouncing back and forth?  - Shirley
A: Great question, Shirley, and there’s no set answer since each parent’s experience is different.  It’s quite normal – at any stage of grieving – to feel like you’ve dealt with it and then be leveled by a little or big memory, anniversary, or memento. 
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD taught that the five stages of grief are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. These usually do not arise in order and they can come and go over time.  Eventually, however, many people reach a state of acceptance. 
Achieving acceptance, and moving beyond that to be a shining light parent, is more likely when:
  • You have an internalized knowledge that death is not an end, just a new beginning.  
  • You selectively focus on higher energy emotions besides pain, grief, sadness, anger, guilt, loneliness, fear, etc. that can accompany any loss.  

Depending on a number of factors, you may still feel these emotions a little or a lot.  However, at the same timeyou can also choose to:
  1. Appreciate all the blessings and lessons that came from your relationship with Ben.  Think of the many experiences you two had while he was wearing his earth-suit.  That rich array of events, feelings, and memories are yours forever.   
  2. Realize you will see him again when you pass on.  In addition, your relationship can continue now in a different way (see #4 above).  Also realize he is enjoying a dimension characterized by love, peace, joy, gratitude, meaning, and enthusiasm.  You likely will perceive him more as you get on a similar wavelength.  
  3. Transform each aspect of your life for the better as a result of being his mother.  Enjoy a spiritually transformative experience by more deeply knowing life and love are forever.  Honor his life by shining more brightly and serving others. 
To use this technique using deep relaxation and visual imagery, visit A.R.T. Technique.  Then please let me know how you are doing in 90 days. 
Hugs, love, and blessings,

Note: I mention my products so you know all the information/strategies needed for healing and transformation.  Let me know if you truly cannot afford them and we’ll send digital copies.
Disclaimer: This information is not designed to replace medical or psychological care.  Dr. Pitstick’s recommendations are based on forty-five years of training and experience in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers, and holistic health practice.  Some of his statements are supported by clinical and scientific data while others are based on empirical evidence and his best current understandings.  

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC is an author, masters clinical psychologist, holistic chiropractic physician, frequent media guest, and workshop/webinar teacher.  He also trained in pastoral counseling and suicide prevention.  Mark directs the
 SoulPhone Foundation and co-founded Greater Reality Living groups.  His mission is to help you know and show that this earthly experience is a totally safe, meaningful, and magnificent adventure amidst forever.

Fellowship and Coincidences 
Ernie Jackson, Credere

This novel was gifted to me by my friend and classmate from West Jefferson Junior High School and Evergreen High School, Jeff Mehle.  I have so many books on the bookshelf waiting for me, this one waited a while too, but I finally read it this week.  I loved it and highly recommend it to anyone interested in what Heaven may be.  I read it as I used to read; I took a journey and enjoyed the ride!
The book is fiction, not unlike The Shack and The Celestine Prophecy, but being a work of fiction doesn’t take away from what I believe and the truths it speaks to.  This book speaks of death and of being greeted on the other side by souls that we know.  It speaks to an unconditional love that greets, nurtures and heals our departed loved ones when they arrive; this will is what awaits us as well!  This book speaks about what our departed loved ones may very well be doing, just like so much of what I have read.
The growth continues on the other side too!  While here in the physical, our trials and struggles are designed in large part as opportunities for spiritual growth, this book explains that if we haven’t taken advantage of our opportunities for growth while here, we will face them again in some way.  Now that is a thought that may or may not bring you joy. How interesting when you view life in terms of opportunities for growth instead of as being a victim.  It may be even more interesting when you take the perspective of “what am I supposed to learn from this”?
This book shares that our growth continues on the other side by helping others with their struggles and addictions as well as helping them with their emotions if they are struggling in some way.  That too is part of spiritual growth, helping others selflessly!  This book speaks of guardian angels and how they come into being which really resonated with me because I know who my guardian angel is!  You will find this in the sequel to Quinton’s Messages.
We are all part of God, whether we believe in God or not, and our lives in the physical and nonphysical are a journey back to God.  This too is shared and illustrated within the pages of Credere.  And what does Credere mean?  It means “to believe”.

I wish you all the best and feel free to contact me if you have questions.  Dialogue is good.  Each of us is both teacher and student. 

God Bless and Namaste, Ernie-Quinton’s Dad 
-Ernie Jackson is a Board Member of Helping Parents Heal, a Caring Listener and the proud father of Quinton. His two books, 'Quinton's Messages' and 'Quinton's Legacy,' are available at  

Healing Events with Talented Presenters:

Our Second Helping Parents Heal Conference in Charleston, SC 

Please join us in Charleston from April 16-19, 2020 at the Charleston Marriott for our Second Conference!  Over 480 parents have already registered; click here to join us!  We hope that you will all be a part of this healing, joyful event! 
Soul Summit Scottsdale

Please join Susanne Wilson as she welcomes John Holland, George Noory, Suzanne Giesemann and Howard Martin from THIS WEEKEND in Scottsdale.  Day Passes are also available!! Click here to register.  Helping Parents Heal benefits from a special discount code for the conference: HPH_Carefree.
John Holland and Susanne Wilson at Soul Summit Scottsdale

Mediumship for the Grieving Heart Cruise with Christine Salter 
Join Christine Salter, a presenter at our First and Second Helping Parents Heal COnferences and a talented Evidential Mediumon a 7-night cruise from November 15-22, 2020 on the Oasis of the Seas. Please click here to register and learn more.  

Affiliate Updates -

New Group! Helping Parents Heal - San Francisco Bay Area

Marlene Madsen and Beverly Wilson with the Parents of HPH SF Bay Area

Marilene Madsen & I held our 1st HPH meeting today & welcomed 8 parents(1 missing here) to our SF Bay Area chapter. Two hours went by quickly as we talked about our shining light children & signs they send to let us know they are near! It was a lovely gathering & we look forward to growing our group. There wasn’t even time to do our painted rocks activity! Maybe next month. :)

-Written by our SF Bay Co-Affiliate Leader, Beverly Wilson

New Location!  Helping Parents Heal - Long Island
Patricia and Michael McHenry

HPH Long Island has its first meeting at a new location last night! We had 11 people show up, some familiar faces and a few new faces. Being Sept 11th we all knew that so many families were feeling like us across the US. We know how none of us will ever forget! Everyone got along great and we spoke openly about our children from crying to laughing. I feel for the most part that people left better than when they came. Looking forward to the next one and I’ll make sure I remember to take a picture!

-Written by our HPH Long Island Co-Affiliate Leader, Patricia McHenry

New Group!  Shining Light Moms Boxing Classes!
Samantha and some of the Shining Light Moms who train with her

Samantha Ford Cordi held another Shining Light Boxing class on Sunday, September 1st at 10:30 at her Jabz Boxing Studio and we had a blast!  Please join us if you'd like.  The next class will be September 30th at 10:30 am and it is free of charge.  Sam will provide a loaner glove and there is no prior boxing experience required!  We hope to see you there.  Please click
here to RSVP and learn more.

Helping Parents Heal - San Diego
The Parents of Helping Parents Heal - San Diego


We had an exciting meeting with 18 members, where Ellisa Beaver shared her amazing experience from the “We Don’t Die Discovery Workshop” in Orlando, hosted by “We Don’t Die Radio” host, Sandra Champlain. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from world-renowned after-life Brazilian researcher, Sonia Rinaldi.

Ellisa explained how Rinaldi was able to receive trans images of many of the attendees’ children in spirit. They were also the first ever to witness the experimental set up by which these images are received.

Sonia taught them about a phenomenon called “Transfiguration,” where Ellisa’s face was altered with spirit friends shaping the light over her face. In one of the images, a face in 3 dimensions appears under hers. You can also see images of her son, Matthew. Ellisa has shared some of the images here, including her son’s.

Fellow member Maria Pe also shared her previous experience with Sonia Rinaldi, along with images of her sons, Sean and Kyle. Thank you, Ellisa and Maria, for sharing your experience and the many images you received, and also for kindling our excitement in exploring this further!

-Written by our San Diego Co-Affiliate Leader, Dawn Richards

Helping Parents Heal - Parents of Children with Special Needs
Evidentiary Medium Christine Salter

Monday, September 9, 2019, HPH Parents of Children with Special Needs welcomed HPH Medium Christine Salter to visit with our group. Christine took the time to speak directly with each parent and brought through a message from their child. Christine also spent time helping parents with ideas on navigating some of the obstacles they found were blocking them from feeling a connection. Christine has graciously provided free videos available to parents on her website: and encouraged all of us to take advantage of these tools. These are available to anyone within Helping Parents Heal!

We thank Christine for her huge generosity and commitment to our children and to Helping Parents Heal (She had also spoken at the HPH meeting in Phoenix the day before). Please join us for the next meeting on October 14, 2019. 
-Written by Lisa Wilcoxson, our Helping Parents Heal - Parents of Children with Special Needs Affiliate Leader

Helping Parents Heal - Online
Beth West, Tywana and Brian Smith and Tracy Soussi, our Wonderful Online Affiliate Leaders at our First Conference

Our wonderful lineup of upcoming Online Speakers:
From left to right, top and bottom:

-Suzanne Giesemann, Messenger of Hope on September 23rd
-Debra Diamond, Author, Psychic Medium and Death Doula on October 5th
-Sandra Champlain of We Don't Die Radio and Author on October 21st
-Nicole Reilly, Evidential Medium on November 18th

The Online Group welcomed Cathi Marcus on August 21stCathi Marcus, Spiritual Intuitive Coach

Miraculous Mindset Coach Cathi Marcus spoke to the Online group on August 21st. Please click here to view. 

-Tracy Soussi, CoAffiliate Leader of Helping Parents Heal - Online

The Online Group welcomed Brian Smith - Shining Light Father, Life Coach, Author, HPH Board Member, on September 11th

Brian Smith

Brian Smith - HPH Online Affiliate Leader, HPH Board Member, Life Coach, Author - This is so motivating and inspirational! Brian is now offering Life Coaching!  Please click here to view.

-Tracy Soussi, our Helping Parents Heal - Online Co-Affiliate Leader

Please be sure to join our online group here to sign up for the upcoming Zoom conference meetings. They can be attended by anyone, anywhere in the world with Internet service! They hope to see you there.

Helping Parents Heal - Hilton Head/Bluffton
The Parents of HPH Hilton Head/Bluffton

Helping Parents Heal - Hilton Head/Bluffton had a wonderful meeting on Sunday, September 8th where we watched Suzanne Giesemann's keynote speech from the IANDS conference and make name bracelets with our children's names thanks to Sue Zettler. We are looking forward to our October meeting when Suzanne Giesemann will be our guest speaker. 

-love to all, Irene Vouvalides, Affiliate Leader of Hilton Head/Bluffton, Board Member and Conference Director

Helping Parents Heal - Atlanta/South Atlanta
Janis Boscarello and Andrew Grant

HPH Atlanta invited HPH South Atlanta to two gallery-style evening events together with Andrew Grant, a very talented medium whom we were blessed to have met just a few months ago. Andrews readings didn’t finish until well past midnight both times! The event was held exclusively for HPH members and their invited guests.

Coming up in October HPH South Atlanta has invited HPH Atlanta to visit us for a local community tribute to Mayhayley Lancaster who was known as both an oracle and fortune teller back in the early 1900s. This all-day alternative healing expo will feature modern day local oracles, healers and mediums. Followed by an evening of spirit messages with the south side’s very own intuitive medium Janis Boscarello.

-Written by Jean Doremus-Felts, our Atlanta South Side Affiliate Leader

Helping Parents Heal - St Luis Obispo
Jamie Clark

September was our 6th meeting. Several months ago I contacted Psychic Medium Jamie Clark & invited him to be a guest speaker via Zoom & he accepted.

I was so nervous beforehand. This was my fist time to facilitate a zoom meeting & naturally it would be with one of my favorite mediums! Jamie is a powerful force. He delivers his message with so much love & humor. He started out by saying, I bet you guys think I talk to dead people!!! Haha, There are no dead people !!

Jamie spoke for 90 minutes. He delivered heavenly messages to 5 of our 12 members. Our children & loved ones in spirit were in the room with us that day & it was so obvious 🔆 Lights flickered, goosebumps were reported by 8 parents. I could go on.....

My husband & I are loving our HPH group so very much. It’s as though we’ve known each other forever.

-Our San Luis Obispo HPH Affiliate Leaders, Michele & Bill Tillery (Jordan💜🦋)

Helping Parents Heal - Minneapolis/St Paul
Lynn Argetsinger and Seth, Pam Demars and Brandon

Our Minneapolis-St. Paul HPH decided to add a monthly book club because so many members wanted a way to meet more frequently. Our first meeting was last evening and it was an incredibly beautiful and memorable time. We read Matthew McKay's "Seeking Jordan," which seemed to resonate with each of our nine participants.

-Written by our Minneapolis/St Paul Co-Affiliate Leader, Lynn Argetsinger

Helping Parents Heal - Madison
Dr. Craig Hogan 

Hello! We were so blessed to have Dr. Craig Hogan, President of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute (AREI), and speaker at the first Helping Parents Heal Conference,
present and field questions at our September Helping Parents Heal Madison WI online meeting.
What follows is a list of the many resources he suggested for us:

  • Repair and Reattachment Therapy, a form of EMDR:
Dr. Hogan highly recommended Rochelle Wright’s techniques. Personally, I (Tava) have used EMDR for PTSD associated with my daughter’s death and it has been enormously helpful.
This is on Dr. Hogan’s AREI website and is FREE!!! It’s a self-hypnosis online training program.
  • Voices Across The Veil™ was created to give more people access to affordable, small group, after-death communications and to add to a body of research about life after death.
  • Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz: A book about soul planning, this is highly recommended by Dr. Hogan and many others in this field.
  • Allan Botkin’s website: Induced After Death Communication
  • Mediums: look under Providers on the main Helping Parents Heal website and you will see a list of mediums certified by Mark Ireland. also has a list of mediums all of which are tested through the Windbridge Institute.

Dr. Hogan spoke with us about a number of ways we can connect directly with our children in Spirit, and answered some great questions. There were 30 parents who attended this meeting from a variety of states. It was an uplifting session!

-Written by our Helping Parents Heal - Madison Co-Affiliate Leader, Tava Wilson

Helping Parents Heal - Binghamton
Roseanne Grover Norris

We had a wonderful September meeting tonight and I forgot to take a photo. We were a small group and no one had meditated before so we watched 
Brian Smith’s Grief to Growth podcast about meditation and then did a one-minute meditation to get the idea. A couple of people downloaded the Insight Timer app so they could look it over.

Thank you, Brian, for that podcast. It helped take some of the fear out of trying to meditate for them.

-Written by our Binghamton HPH Affiliate Leader, Roseanne Gover Norris

Helping Parents Heal - Akron/CantonJake Samoyedny, Christine Moncheck and Sylvia Christian/Jake's Books

Last night we held our Akron/Cleveland OH Affiliate monthly meeting. Since there were a few newer parents, we did brief introductions and shared photos of our beloved kids on our photo board at the front of the room....We are so fortunate to have had "The Compassionate Medium" Jake Samoyedny as our guest speaker.

Jake gave us some insight and perspective to think about by answering questions about our children in Spirit, the afterlife/heaven and he also shared his experiences as a well-known medium. We are so grateful he shared his knowledge. He also shared his new book with us and signed them. My dear friend Sara Ruble was also in attendance! We ended the meeting with a Heartfulness Meditation led by my co-affiliate leader Sylvia and gathered for refreshments and conversation afterward. It was great meeting!

-Written by our Akron/Cleveland Co-Affiliate Leader, Christine Moncheck

Helping Parents Heal - Chicago/Madison
Alicia Moag-Stahlberg

In September, Alicia Moag-Stahlberg facilitated a great Zoom meeting for the Chicago affiliate and we discussed the topic of dream visits. Participants joined us from Colorado, the Chicago area and Wisconsin. Our record was set by Shannon Hache who joined us from Paris France and shared a recent, awesome dream visit from her precious Pickle!

Meeting video recording on the Chicago and Madison WI, Helping Parents Heal affiliate Facebook sites.💕

-Written by Mary Bertun, Co-Affiliate Leader of Madison, WI

Helping Parents Heal - Coldwater Creek, MI
Louis Crist

We had our second Coldwater HPH meeting in September with 17 in attendance, including 4 newbies. The farthest out on this journey was 14 years, and several members were new to their losses this year. We had 6 dads show up too, which is awesome! Many of us are coming into our "season" of grief, with losses and or birthdays in September, October, November, and December, so we discussed triggers, sharing ideas about what to do and how to cope on birthdays and anniversaries.

I shared an interesting article I found on grief words that try to describe the indescribable, like "grief brain" for instance. I picked up some cool rocks on my vacation last month and parents took them home to paint and either carry with them, or put their child's name and favorite phrase on them...that way they can take them wherever they go or perhaps they may want to leave a rock with the name on it when they go on vacation.

We talked about our children's best attributes and had some good laughs along with tears. It seems that the things our children all had in common were a love of animals, sports, a great sense of humor and a joy to be around!

Our local funeral director is also willing to come in and do a Q and A on those burning questions you always wanted to know (but were afraid to ask) if that is something they want. (She has also lost babies.) We also discussed practical things like buying plots around your child's grave now if at all possible so that you can be near them when it's your time.

It was a great meeting. No matter how diverse we are, we seem to have a lot of things in common. It's nice to know that there are people who "get it", even though you wouldn't wish membership in this group on your worst enemy.

They all want to do it again next month, so our next meeting will be Monday, Sept 30th at 6:30 pm. I will be about 3 weeks post-surgery on my foot, so I am hoping I can think straight. Making my notes now, before I am on pain medication!

p.s. In the middle of the meeting, I think we were talking about signs. Suddenly Siri pops up on my phone with "Hi!"

-Written by our HPH Coldwater Creek Affiliate Leader, Louis Crist

Helping Parents Heal - Cave Creek
Carol Allen and the Parents of Helping Parents Heal - Cave Creek

A wonderful meeting in Cave Creek in September! Many uplifting stories. We had a large group with some new parents. For one couple it has only been two months since their son passed away. Thanks to so many of you beautiful parents for giving them hope! LeAnn Hull read a chapter of her new book, 'How to Live When You Want to Die' which is amazing! I can’t wait to read it!!

Margaret Anderson talked about how we are blessed to have our own angels with us. Tom Zoulek came for the first time with Gina Cosentino Zoulek and I loved how he spoke up and said “they ARE” in the present tense when a parent talked about how amazing their child WAS. Lisa Wilcoxson sharing what the kids were telling her. We always love that! So grateful for you all!

-Written by Carol Allen, our Helping Parents Heal - Cave Creek Affiliate

Helping Parents Heal - Phoenix/ScottsdaleChristine Salter speakers to the Parents of Helping Parents Heal - Phoenix/Scottsdale

Another fabulous meeting of Helping Parents Heal - Phoenix/Scottsdale in September with Evidential Medium Christine Salter! Please read the right sidebar of this newsletter about Marlene Perlove's reading from Christine.  It was also wonderful to hear LeAnn Hull read from her new book, ‘How to Live When You Want to Die’. Thank you all for coming and we love that so many kids came through! You are amazing, Christine.

-Written by Elizabeth Boisson, Phoenix Affiliate Leader 

You can read the bios and see photos of each of the affiliate leaders on the Groups page of our website:

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Helpful, Healing Information

Stories of Validation-

Patti Brennan's Validation with John Holland
Fran and Patti Brennan, Rachael

In March of 2019, just 5 months ago, I was in AZ hurriedly packing to move out of our condo in Phoenix.  My husband and I put our condo on the market and intended to move back east where we lived in the summer, so he could be surrounded by his family since he had pancreatic cancer. I sent him back in February while I hurriedly packed all of our belongings knowing he didn’t have long, and researching a moving company.

One day as I was driving home from Scottsdale, I snapped mental pictures of the beauty of the desert, tears came at the thought of leaving AZ. It had been my dream to move to Cave Creek where I could to be closer to my friends, horses, and the mountains. Suddenly I saw a sign for a new condominium development in Cave Creek, with affordable starting prices. As if on autopilot, I drove straight there. Within a week I had a deposit on one of the condos. It felt awkward to do this while my husband was still alive because I knew he would never live in that condo, but I knew in my soul I belonged in that part of the world. 

I firmly believe my only child, Rachael, drew my attention to that sign.  Rachael passed from a peanut allergy 15 years ago, but we’ve stayed in touch through mediums and the signs she sends me. I’m so grateful I had the courage to see mediums soon after her passing.  The experiences and knowledge I’ve gained from those meetings have helped me to heal the deep wounds of my only child leaving this world.

Needless to say, I never booked a cross-country moving company, instead, I moved about 10 miles east on Friday, March 16.  I could only stay in my new home for two days because I needed to get back to MA for my husband. I woke the next day amongst boxes up to my waist and started to cry.  I was grieving my husband and he hadn’t passed yet, but it was so strange to be in this new place without him.  Suddenly the phone rang, I glanced at my email and saw 22 (Rachael sends me 22 frequently) I answered and it was Elizabeth Boisson from Helping Parents Heal. She was elated, and with tremendous enthusiasm started talking about a raffle I’d won. I swear she sounded like she was jumping up and down with excitement and it was 7 AM. When I heard her voice I started to cry, I know her to be extremely compassionate and I needed contact at that moment. She proceeded to tell me I’d won a reading with John Holland, a well-known medium. I believe Rachael nudged Elizabeth to call me at that moment and with the number 22 staring at me I felt loved and grateful.

My husband, Fran, passed two weeks later in our bed as I spooned him.  I felt honored to take care of him when he had enveloped me with loving kindness through all the years of grief and trauma after my child passed. It's been difficult to get accustomed to living alone, and without my closest confidante especially, but I know he’s still here, he and Rachael.

August 15th was my phone meeting with John Holland.  His immediate compassion for my multiple losses was reassuring. He told me to only answer yes or no unless he requested information. He asked if my husband died slowly of an illness in his stomach (pancreatic cancer), he asked if Rachael died suddenly and with her lungs full of fluid (she passed from anaphylactic shock), he said, your first husband has passed also, but Rachael considered Fran her father, he asked if someone I love was having a birthday (it was my sisters birthday yesterday), and he relayed the details of Fran’s unique funeral and post-funeral gathering. 

Rachael was present also, and John was able to identify her characteristics well, but everyone on the other side knew I needed to hear from Fran. John said Fran wanted to remember the happy, funny times, like a sailing trip gone awry, sitting in front of the fireplace together, and a time I made a disastrous cookie baking mistake (I used cayenne pepper instead of cinnamon).  

John asked if there was a picture of Fran in front of me on the right, I had a picture of Rachael on the left and Fran on the right. Although John didn’t know the name of the location of our honeymoon, he described it beautifully.  In the hour and a half that we talked, John spoke of many things that were true for us, all three of us, and finally, he said Fran wanted me to go on that trip we were planning together. During Fran’s last year, I suggested we go back to Italy because I knew he had wanted to do that, but he said no, it was time to work on my bucket list instead.  I’d wanted us to spend a week in a guest ranch in the North West US or Canada for years.  I dreamt of us riding near crystal clear lakes with snow-capped mountains and rolling green hills behind us, maybe I’d be fortunate enough to hear or see an eagle. I’ll get there someday, and although I may have to travel there alone, I won’t be there alone.  My greatest loves will be with me.

-Written by Patti Brennan
Many thanks to both Susanne Wilson for organizing this wonderful raffle that raised money for a scholarship for 23 parents to attend the Second Helping Parents Heal Conference in Charleston, SC, as well as to John Holland and to the 14 other talented Mediums who participated, donating free readings to fortunate winners of the raffle. We are very grateful.

Marlene Perlove's Validation with Christine Salter
Allison and Adeline, Marlene's Daughter and Granddaughter, Christine Salter

My name is Marlene and I lost my beautiful daughter, Allison on February 13, 2019, after a two-year battle with breast cancer. In the months since Allison passed, I felt myself becoming more and more anxious, depressed and consumed by grief.  I felt like I had hit a wall; there was nowhere to go and no one who could help me. I was scared and feeling desperate when a friend told me about the group, HPH.  I reached out to Elizabeth and that very same day I received a message back from Elizabeth. After that Elizabeth called me and I remember thinking this is the lifeline I desperately needed. We talked; Elizabeth with all her compassion, wisdom, empathy and knowledge provided me with the hope that I can survive this devastating and painful grief. It felt like I was being hugged by the kindest woman in the universe. Elizabeth knew this pain times two; as she lost her amazing and beautiful son Morgan’s and daughter Chelsea.  Even with this unimaginable loss, her heart was full of love, gratitude, and hope. 
I attended the HPH meeting in August where Elizabeth and the wonderful LeAnn Hull each gave a powerful and inspirational speech about life, loss, and hope.  I left that meeting feeling that although life is not fair, maybe, just maybe it is still good. I decided that day to choose life and find joy even though my heart was broken.
This past Sunday HPH had their monthly meeting and at this meeting, they had Christine Salter, a Psychic Medium. I had no previous experience with Mediums and so I didn’t know what to expect. I was excited and hopeful and maybe just a bit guarded. 
My experience that day with Christine was amazing. Christine brought me messages and validation that my daughter Allison is very much here with me. These are the things she wanted me to know; through Christine, Allison let me know that she was proud of me and that she appreciated everything I did for her. The things Christine told me she could not have known since I have never met her before. She told me that Allison had long dark hair with curls and that her hair was a big deal, which it was because Allison spent a lot of money and time to get straight hair with the help of her flat iron and lots of product. Christine told me that Allison had a long illness and that she fought hard until the very last moment. My daughter had breast cancer; she battled it for two years as it invaded every major organ in her beautiful 29-year-old body. Christine knew that I took care of my daughter almost around the clock when she became too weak to care for herself. Being a retired nurse I worked alongside the RN’s to provide Allison with comfort and dignity.  
Christine knew of specific details, such as how I massaged my daughter’s feet.  Every day after bathing her I massaged my daughter with lotion and I especially spent time on her feet remembering how Allison enjoyed a good pedicure when she was well. Christine said that she felt something was happening that involved a baby or the importance of being a grandmother. My daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer four months after giving birth to her first child, a daughter named Adeline. I along with my husband are helping our son in law take care of this sweet little girl who just turned three. Christine knew that Allison loved Sunflowers and Butterflies. The Sunflowers were in the yard of the vacation home we rented on the beach.  It was our last trip before Allison passed. The butterflies were where my daughter enjoyed taking her daughter to the butterfly garden. She knew there was a scent that is a very special reminder of Allison; coconut creme that I now use on Adeline’s hair that her mommy gave me for her. All these validations and messages changed everything for me.  Maybe I’m not alone.  Maybe it’s different than it was but it is still beautiful.  Christine told me that my daughter is everywhere and she is watching me and she wants me to be happy and live my best life. And now I am going to try to do just that.  
This turned out to be the best day I’ve had since losing Allison. I felt connected in a way I did not know was possible.
Thank you, Christine, thank you Elizabeth, thank you HPH and thank you to all of the wonderful, beautiful parents I have met at HPH who are traveling their own personal journey of loss and love. Your kind hearts and gentle souls give me hope that there is a way to navigate through this if we stick together and help each other one day at a time. 
-With gratitude, Marlene Perlove

Michelle Stein's Validation with Tony Stockwell
Olivia Marie Stein, Tony Stockwell

Something wonderful happened that I'd like to share with all of you. Harvey and I attended a gallery reading with James Van Praagh and Tony Stockwell in Sacramento last Friday night. I wasn't going to go but a dear friend was flying in from Phoenix for it and so we went...

Tony Stockwell began reading and he was giving a situation that could apply to several so I didn't take much notice. He said that he had a young woman whose mother was still here. Kept saying it. Kept looking straight at me! Mentioned a name that is similar to my daughter-in-law's. My friend elbowed me and I raised my hand.

He made a very clear validation when he said, "She says that she died twice". Yes, she did. Then he said, "She says that there is a photo of her that has been widely circulated". Oh! I knew that she was talking about this photo and said, "I belong to a group called Helping Parents Heal and there are over 12,000 members. Olivia's photo is seen twice a year among those members. Elizabeth and Irene reminded me that this photo of Olivia is also on the slideshow from the first conference, which is on the homepage of the website 🤩 So, it's even more widely circulated than I thought! The reading went on, it was great. In 9 1/2 years, Olivia has never come through in a group reading. I always felt that since we had such a strong connection she was letting other parents have the reading.

Now comes the magical part...when the reading was over there was a break and the woman in front of me turned around and started asking me about Helping Parents Heal. Her daughter crossed in 2010, just like Olivia. She had never heard of HPH until the DAY BEFORE this event! Her husband had just heard of the upcoming conference and said that they should look into it.

I smiled and said, "I think that your daughter wants you to do just that! She and Olivia worked together just now, why else would Olivia have mentioned a photo of herself?"

-Michelle Stein, Olivia's Mom

New Book Recommendations:

How to Live When You Want to Die by LeAnn Hull
I feel honored to have written the foreword to LeAnn's book. She is a Shining Light Mom and a member of our Scottsdale/Phoenix group of Helping Parents Heal and a close personal friend.  Her new book, How to Live When You Want to Die, is a roadmap for those who are suffering from the passing of a loved one, for embarking on their own journey of healing and hope.  LeAnn shows, through personal life experiences, that we can both survive the passing of a beloved child and lead a purposeful and joyful life once again.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

-Elizabeth Boisson

From the back cover: In How to Live When You Want to Die, LeAnn Hull recounts her heartbreaking experience of losing a child to suicide and the subsequent discovery of a purpose-driven conviction to spread love, inspiration, and encouragement to others.  Her message strikes a welcome chord for anyone struggling through loss or trauma of any nature. 

Andy Hull was a great student, a star pitcher scouted by major league baseball teams, on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout, and was dearly loved by his friends.  Andy's 2012 suicide at the age of 16 sent a piercing thunderbolt through the hearts of thousands of people-his family, his friends, and his community. 

How to Live is candid about the immense difficulties she and her family encountered after her son's death: her husband's cancer diagnosis, the loss of friends, and the estrangement of another one of her sons all tested her resolve.  Her steadfastness not only helped her to reinvent herself in the face of such adversity but has also given her the patience and drive to carry on her mission to help others become hopeful again.  
Would you like to share a story of validation or healing with other Parents? We are all able to heal when we share personal stories about our children with others.  Moreover, everyone benefits from validations that we receive from our children.  We love to hear about them!  If you have a story that you would like to share about your child, please let us know and we will include it in a future newsletter.  Please send it to Elizabeth Boisson at (Due to space limitations, please be sure it is no longer than 500-600 words.) 

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