November 2016

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Welcome to the November issue of our Helping Parents Heal Newsletter!  Hello!  We are glad you have found us.  This newsletter is a space that allows us to share our amazing children. We are all in this together.  We understand and we walk the same path. Thank you for your compassion and for the constant support you provide.  Together, we will help each other heal! 

If you have not done so, take a look at our beautiful new website:  It is a wonderful tool to share our affiliate chapters, recommended books, providers, links and videos as well as our favorite causes. There is also a new page for 'Daily Tributes' to celebrate our children's' birthdays and Angel Dates.  This is a private page and the password is Everest.  Please take a moment to enter your child's name, dates, information and photo.  Each child will automatically appear twice a year with his or her tribute, photo and information.  This is a permanent and wonderful way to remember our children!  

Please join us for our very first Helping Parents Heal Online meeting October 30th!  Diane Romagnoli and Rachel Pearson will be holding meetings with parents throughout the US and the world through Zoom Video Conferencing.  You can RSVP and learn more about Diane and Rachel here.  

For those of you who live in the Phoenix area, we have a wonderful upcoming meeting schedule! We have many talented speakers who have graciously agreed to give their time and energy to our group: Healer Linda Moser on October 16th, Nita Lapinski, the author of 'Habits that Heal' on November 20th,  The Carefree Medium Susanne Wilson on December 18th and Roberta Grimes, attorney, author and afterlife expert, on January 15th.  Please be sure to RSVP for these events as seating is limited! Hope to see you there.

First Annual Helping Parents Heal Conference April 2018
As many of you know, Helping Parents Heal (a 501C3 corporation) plans to hold its first annual conference in Scottsdale, Arizona April 13-15th, 2018.  We are thrilled about the many talented presenters who have agreed to speak as well as the 100+ parents who have already said they would join us for this joyful event.  Irene Vouvalides and Tracy Venters, our Hilton Head and Dallas affiliate leaders, are hard at work coordinating the conference. Please click here to be transferred to the fundraising site.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the path of Hurricane Matthew.  May you stay safe and sound.  

Sending love and light to each one of you and to your beautiful children.  You are not alone.

-Elizabeth Boisson, Co-Founder and President of Helping Parents Heal, Newsletter Editor and Affiliate Leader for Phoenix/Scottsdale.

Bill Guggenheim - Guest Speaker for our First Annual HPH Conference! 
Bill Guggenheim and his book written with Judy Guggenheim, Hello From Heaven

Hello from Heaven: A New Field of Research-After-Death Communication Confirms That Life and Love are Eternal

By Bill Guggenheim, Judy Guggenheim

“After-death communications,” or “ADCs, ” occur when someone is contacted spontaneously and directly by a deceased family member or friend, without the help of any medium. The authors’ research shows that these spiritual experiences offer hope, love, and comfort for thousands of people. Included are more than 350 first-hand accounts of those whose lives have been changed and even protected by messages or signs from the deceased.

The 12 Most Frequent Types of After-Death Communications:

1. Sensing their presence
2. Hearing their voice
3. Feeling their touch
4. Smelling their fragrance
5. Seeing their apparition
6. Seeing a flat vision of them like a photo
7. Experiencing one of these types while half-asleep
8. Having a visitation dream
9. Having an out-of-body experience and meeting them
10. Receiving a telephone call (two-way conversations have actually been reported)
11. Experiencing physical activity such as lights, TVs, and radios going on and off
12. Receiving a symbolic message, sign, meaningful coincidence, or synchronicity

The 16 Most Frequent Messages Expressed By Departed Loved Ones:

1. I’m okay.
2. I’m fine.
3. Everything is okay.
4. I love you.
5. Everything will be all right.
6. I’m watching over you.
7. I’ll always be there for you.
8. Don’t worry about me.
9. Don’t grieve for me.
10. Please let me go.
11. I’m happy.
12. I’ll see you again.
13. Go on with your life.
14. Please forgive.
15. Thank you.
16. Goodbye.

We are thrilled that Bill Guggenheim will b a guest speaker for our first annual Helping Parents Heal conference April 13-15th 2018.  Please visit his website here.

Leann Hull's Validation through Dr. Mark Pitstick - September 19th
Andy Hull Snowboarding, Wakeboarding and on the Beach

Flying with Andy

At the September 19th Meeting of our Phoenix/Scottsdale affiliate of Helping Parents Heal, Dr. Mark Pitstick was our guest speaker.  As he led us into a wonderful meditative state with his calming/soothing messaging, I was able to once again visit the spiritual realm where my son, Andy resides. My time in this place is treasured beyond belief as it restores my hope and faith of who my true soul is and will one day become again.

I walk through the spiritual door to the other side where I feel the cool soft grass on my bare feet and see the fog surrounding me. As I spend a little more time calming my mind and spirit, the fog begins to lift and the vibrant blue sky leads me on my journey. I am drawn down this winding path to a beautiful garden filled with my favorite roses where I stop to breath in the fragrance of love and restoration. I linger as if to merge myself with the flowers of life. But I am being called further into the beauty of Heaven where my son, Andy awaits my arrival.

The wavy veil creates a momentary barrier, which I only have to reach through to part, allowing me to visit this sacred place where I once roamed freely. My senses are heightened and I am ready to experience all that is available to me for this moment in time. Within seconds, I see the gift that I came to see….. Andy stands before me with his arms ready to embrace me with his strong, loving arms. I bury my nose into his neck so that I can breathe in the familiar scent of my man-cub. I always told him that I would never forget his specific aroma, as his Mom, I would always remember the smell of my sweaty, athletic son. While I am elated to see him, it doesn’t seem like any time has passed since I saw him last. He takes my hand and says, “Let’s go!”

As we both begin to soar through the sky and time, I can see our family compound of several houses all in a circle with a huge bonfire in the middle where everyone is gathered. Laughter, food, joy, love, these are just a few of the emotions that I am experiencing with Andy and my family. This is what I have always envisioned, my family sharing time and life.

After I am filled with this communion, we journey on to the most beautiful swimming hole where the sound of the gentle waterfall envelops my soul. Diving in and out of the water only to end up laying on a huge flat warm rock where the sun warms our bodies and nourishes us for more adventure. “Come on, let’s go snowboarding!” Well, I didn’t want to participate but I loved watching him zoom down the snowy mountain with ease and of course lots of laughter. He knows instinctively that my place of joy is found at the beach, so off we go.

I can see the clear blue ocean as we approach it and without hesitation we begin to dive in and out like the dolphins. The ease of flying and diving into the water seemed so natural like we were both bird and fish all at the same time. Our time is nearing its end so off we go into the deep space where he shows me the colors and beauty of the cosmos. We hover long enough for us to feel at one with the space and yet at the same time we sense the hugeness of the expanse. I know that I have been here before and no doubt, some day will return.

Gently, we return to the Heavenly veil where I must say our temporary goodbyes. I take in the scent of my son, holding the memory close until I return for another flight. After a few deep refreshing breaths, I am grounded back where I began this flight of love. Until I see you again Andy!

-Written by Andy's Mom and the Founder of Andy Hull's Sunshine Foundation, LeAnn Hull

Dr. Mark Pitstick and his book 'SoulProof'

Evolved Souls Don’t Need Long Earthly Lives
November 2016

by Mark Pitstick, MA, DC 

Welcome to the Helping Parents Heal Q & A.  Read the Foundational Articles for Healing and Transforming at the lower left of  Also, listen to the free radio shows with top experts and our answers to life’s toughest questions including why children pass on.  Finally, is an excellent source of evidence that life and love are eternal.  Let me know if you need a recommended product, but truly cannot afford it, and I will send you a digital copy at no charge.  To all parents, please feel free to contact me with any questions and needs.
This month’s questions are difficult so I’ll share my condolences up front.  I am very sorry you have experienced all the pain, sadness, guilt, and other emotions that can occur when your child transitions.  It is very tough, no doubt about it.  No one could blame you if you stayed stuck in depression and imbalance for the rest of your life. 
However, it’s clear that: your children are alive and well in another phase of forever; they are very happy and peaceful and want you to be that way too; you will see each other again; you can have a grief-induced spiritually transformative experience that will improve your life and that of many others around you; you can give more meaning to your child’s passing by serving others and transmuting your pain into love.  Many parents have found a way to do this and you can too!  Let’s get started!
Q: October 30th will be one year since I lost my son Carter. I feel like I'm on a countdown to the worst day of my life. I feel lost and helpless again. I don't want to be strong anymore. I want to scream and cry and beg and plead.  I just want him back. - Erika

A: It’s totally understandable that you feel that way, Erika.  If you’re ready, here’s one way to turn things around.  Each time you feel the way you described above:
1. Take a deep breath and remember a happy time with Carter.  As you exhale, think or say, “Thank you, Carter, for all our wonderful times together.” 
2. As you inhale again, imagine how you will help someone else in small or large ways.  As you exhale, resolve: “I will create more meaning to Carter’s life and death.”
3. As you take a third deep breath in, picture you two being together again here or in the hereafter.  As you breathe out, remind your self about this absolutely true great news: “We will see each other again someday  and have a wonderful reunion!” 

Stay alert and use this technique each time you catch yourself thinking or feeling emotions such as despair and hopelessness.  Read Foundational Articles 1, 2, 6, and 12 and take action steps.  Let us know how it’s going in 90 days, please. 
Q: My beautiful four-year-old daughter Lu-Anne gained her Angel wings 14 years ago.  My heart is still aching for her, crying for her, and loving her! I wish this never happened but it did. Everyday I have to deal with her death over and over again. - Sarah-Ann

A: Thank you, Sarah-Ann, for reminding other parents that deep grieving doesn’t automatically go away after a year or two.  That’s why it’s so good that you reached out to others.  You don’t have to go through this alone; there are so many other bereaved parents and care-givers who want to help.  If you’re still feeling that much pain after 14 years, I recommend that you add these to your self-care program:
Transformational Breathwork - a powerfully healing and energizing technique that involves 40 minutes of deep, noisy, diaphragmatic breathing with music and coaching in the background.  This will release stuck energy and emotions that are keeping you from living more fully in the here and now.
Ask Your Soul – this technique allows your inner wisdom to help you move on from dealing with her death over and over again every day.  While deeply relaxed, you’ll have the opportunity to consider 12 questions and regain your balance. 

Read the Foundational Articles listed above and, as always, participate in a Helping Parents Heal group near you.  If there’s not one nearby, you can join the online support group that is starting soon.  Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing after implementing these positive changes.  
Q: My 21 year-old son Benjamin died in a collision on 6/25/2016. I know it's early in my grieving, but some days, it’s very hard to accept that he's gone. Other days, I feel guilty about being able to go about living.  I think about him every day, but sometimes life gets so busy with the other kids that I completely forget what has happened. – Victoria

A: What a great job of describing the conflicting emotions a bereaved parent can feel, Victoria.  Thank you for helping others who are feeling the same way!  It is early in the grief process so be gentle with yourself.  Some parents feel guilty if they’re not in total anguish all the time.  Benjamin would never want you to feel bad about feeling good; he wants you to be happy.  He also wants you to be there for your other children who are grieving.  So consider the good days as a gift and know you can have more if you let it be.  I hope you let us know about having more good days! 

Q: Three years ago today my daughter Ashley and granddaughter Riley were murdered. I am just as broken now as I was the day it happened. The person responsible for their deaths is serving two life sentences without the possibility of parole. – Katherine

A: Oh my, Katherine, that is a very tough one.  Two, not just one, deaths and by murder to boot.  No wonder you feel so irreparably broken.  However, it will be quite an inspiration to others if you could have a break through – instead of a break down – even a little bit.  You’ll need to use all available support to turn this tragic story into a more heart-warming one.  Ashley and Riley are trying to help you see that it’s all going to work out OK.  I recommend the
Facilitated After-Death Contact session to more deeply know, without a doubt, that love never dies.  Ask them—as well as your angels, guides, soulmates, and God/the Light—how you can feel less broken.  Read article #9 to learn more about enjoying a continued, although different, relationship with them now.  Let us know how we can help.  We would be honored to assist your journey toward healing.  You will be such a force for love and light as you do so. 

Q: How do we start the healing process? Sometimes I think that if I start to heal then I’ll move on and forget my son even though I know I can't ever forget him. It has been two years and I can't and won't go into his room. – Shirley

A: You just asked the million dollar question, Shirley!  Bravo to you for asking, “How do we start the healing process?”  As with Victoria, you are experiencing the paradoxical emotions that are so common after such a huge stress.  I’m glad you realize that, even as you heal more and more, you will never forget him.  So, by all means, continue healing and blessing the world in ways that always accompany a tragic “loss.”  (The quotation marks remind you that, while it looks like your child is gone, he isn’t.)

You brought up going into his room for an important reason.  Your inner wisdom knows that it’s time to go in there.  Yes, doing so may trigger crying and uncover painful times that you’ve tried to forget.  However, you may be pleasantly surprised to also discover a treasure chest of joyful memories and momentos that assist your recovery. Be rested and centered beforehand.  Say prayers and set intentions that this action step will enhance your healing.  And, by all means, have beloved family members and/or friends with you.  Definitely let us know how that goes, please.   
Q: I lost my son Jake 3 years ago. He was totally my heart and soul. He was 22 when he was killed in a car accident. He was really kind and totally loved by all, but I said some really horrible stuff the night before he died. I don't understand why those had to be our last words. I struggle every day with such guilt.  I would do anything just to have that moment back and I think he would still be alive. - Jeanne Lea

A: The guilt that bereaved parents feel is perhaps the toughest area to work through, Jeanne.  The possibilities are endless: “If only I had/hadn’t said/done something differently, he would still be alive.”  It’s a parent’s job to protect your children and it seems like a giant failure when they are hurt or killed.  But that “if only I would have . . . ” thinking is the perfect formula for self-destruction.  It serves no useful purpose. 
The collective after-life evidence reveals that —from the soul’s perspective—our  departed loved ones graduate from earth-school at the right time and in the right way.  I know that can be very difficult to wrap your head around and open your heart to, but it’s true.
We’ve all said or done things that we regret later. Your words were not the cause of his death.  None of us are that powerful.  I would use the sessions described above, read the articles, and participate in a HPH group to help you release that guilt.  You deserve to feel happy again and the world needs your greatest gifts.  You can be sure that Jake will be smiling widely as you forgive yourself and start living again.  Give it some time and check in with us, please. 

Note: This information is not designed to replace medical or psychological care.  Dr. Pitstick’s recommendations are based on his forty-four years of training and experience in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers, and private practice. 
Mark Pitstick, MA, DC is an author, master’s clinical psychologist, holistic chiropractic physician, frequent media guest, and workshop facilitator. He can help you know and show that—no matter what is going on around you and although it certainly may not seem like it—your earth-experience is a totally safe, meaningful, and magnificent adventure amidst forever. Visit for free articles, newsletters, and radio shows with top consciousness experts.  Email your toughest questions about life, death, and afterlife to him at

-Dr. Mark Pitstick is a Board Member of Helping Parents Heal and of Eternea

Fellowship and Coincidences by Ernie and Kristine Jackson
Kristine and Ernie

To Be Heroic

Kristine, Nellie and I just finished going to the movies.  We watched the one called ‘Sully’ on the IMAX screen and I wept through much of it.  I am sure you have heard of the real life event; despite being hit by a flock of birds just after takeoff at 2,800 feet, Captain Sully and his co-pilot were able to safely land the American Airlines flight on the Hudson Bay, with zero casualties! What a miracle and what heroic efforts by the captain, crew, passengers and first responders!  

Let me tell you, I have always felt an emotional pull when watching a hero do something heroic, whether it be real life or just in a movie.  Before Quniton’s transition I could hold my emotions at bay, but not anymore – now the tears flow and if I am alone somewhere I weep out loud.  Being a hero who is heroic to help others and not for acclaim touches my soul in a deep and mysterious way. As the movie came to an end, I not only thought of Quinton, but also of all of you – all of us whose children were called home before their parents.  It is not supposed to happen this way; this is backwards and it is the ultimate tragedy.  As I sat there during the end of this movie, the thought dawned on me; we are all heroes!  

For a parent, living after the transition of a child takes an unbelievably heroic effort.  There is no getting back to normal; this is a new normal, one where we just don’t know what to do.  First, we must grieve and this should take as long as we need.  Each day is a heroic effort, whether we openly grieve or fake normalcy so that we don’t upset those around us.  And as the world moves on, and we are left to face this awful new reality alone, living our lives takes a hero.

There is no right or wrong, no judgment from this sacred group.  We do the best we can.   Remarkably though, many of us, including those of you reading this newsletter, end up doing something even more amazing and heroic through our grief!  Somehow, some way, many of us gravitate toward being of service of others.  We help in any way we can; many of us to honor our transitioned child and some of us just because.  When you look at our actions, every day and with every person we meet, they are heroic.

So how does it feel to be a hero?  Some days we don’t feel heroic, but on others we just can’t help ourselves.  There is a person in need, a person grieving, a child looking for help in some way – and we reach out.  And it feels good.  We feel our child standing beside us in support and we can imagine that he or she is working through us to be of service. This is truly incredible.

So, my fellow heroes – go forth into another day where it will sometimes take a heroic effort just to greet the sun, then to meet the sun with a smile and finally to perhaps do something positive.  This could be something to help Mother Earth or a fellow traveler in this journey called life who is in need of emotional support, of a shift in perspective or simply of a smile.  

Blessings, fellow heroes! 

-Ernie and Kristine Jackson

-Ernie Jackson is a Board Member of Helping Parents Heal and the proud father of Quinton.  His two books,'Quinton's Messages' and 'Quinton's Legacy', are available at Please also view Ernie and Kristine's video of their June 2015 presentation at the Phoenix/Scottsdale Chapter of Helping Parents Heal here.

Affiliate Updates - 

Helping Parents Heal - Dallas
Jessica, her Daughter Noelle and her Mom Tracy Houston Venters

Tracy Venters' Validation with her Daughter Jess

I recently had the most awesome conversation with my daughter, Jessica, through Susanne Wilson, the Carefree Medium. As Susanne told me, Jessica is a very powerful force. For example, as some of you may know to get a phone reading with Susanne can take over a year. That always discouraged me and I started to sign up for her waiting list on three occasions but got discouraged. However after reading yet another story about what a powerful connection Susanne has to our loved ones I finally decided “might as well get on the list or it will never happen”.

So one Saturday afternoon I went to her website and put my name on this list and to my surprise within minutes her webmaster responded and offered me a spot from a cancellation a week later. Now I am pretty sure this is not how waiting lists are normally prioritized, however, her webmaster said that my web request came in as he was doing routine work on the computer so he tried to minimize my request but it would not go away!  Everything else was working fine on his computer but my request “Jessica” was insistent!

A week later, it only took about 15 minutes into the call for Susanne to tell me certain things: this is your daughter, she died on May 5, her birthday is associated with “Halloween, pranksters and pumpkins: (yes, Oct 11), her name is something like “jeffic…jethica…OH Jessica Nicole” (yup) – by the way her dad’s name is Jeff. Susanne told me about an “uncle” whose name was Michael and who had died as a baby  was there. This is something I would never have known.  However, my first reading ever with another medium, I asked my mom about it and she said that my dad (actually stepdad but one who raised me) had a baby named Michael with a woman with whom he was married before he married my mom. WOW! BTW, this is the closest thing Susanne did NOT get exactly right. When I said “not my dad, but man who raised me” she asked if his name was “Chuck”. No, his name was “Chick” (an unusual name – how many men do you know named “Chick”?)

She went on to validate with me that Jess is in her 27th year, she wanted to say “I love you to Barbara” (my mom’s name is Barbara), etc.

Then Susanne said that Jess is physically powerful and manipulates things on this side. She said “she is going to do something with a picture frame.” Suddenly I noticed the picture of her that was inches from my computer on my right side was face down (although it had never moved in over 2 years). Susanne asked if it just fell down and I said “must have,  I didn’t hear it but how could I not notice” (although I was turned slightly to my left talking on the phone) yet in the recording of the session it is a very clear BAM!

We had laughs along the way; since Susanne said she could manipulate electronics and physical things on this side I just had to ask why my iPAD with cellular capabilities (and RARELY needs a cellular connection) suddenly got switched from “ never use cellular” to “only use cellular - don’t use Wi-Fi” while I sat in  my house one night (costing an extra $40 data bill for the iPAD I rarely use) . Susanne said “sorry mom, accident, trying to do something else to send you a picture and messed up…but I am worth it”. That is such as Jessica saying!

Gosh I could go on with at least 25 other examples with this but would take over the entire newsletter.
Other important things I want to emphasize via Susanne:

  • Jess took her life in a time of severe depression and tried to re-negotiate with God for a “do over”; but once she realized it was non-negotiable, she dedicated her life to helping on the other side.
  • She has her own classroom and teaches classes  for people that if they re-incarnate she wants them to remember in their soul what she taught them, recognize signs of clinical depression (which she had) and get help – so they don’t make the mistake she made
  • She wants me to know she is co-leader of our Dallas HPH group – she said I [Tracy] am doing the heavy lifting but she is my “co-leader” in the sense that when kids cross over she tries  to get them to get their parents hooked up with a HPH group
  • She watches after her baby here (probably most important)
  • She plays “games” with me. One night at 1:30 am Dallas time my phone with a completely black screen lit up and started a “Words with Friends” game with Jessica. Odd… the only person I ever played Words with Friends with was Jess and the only reason I still have not deleted the app from my phone is that it includes our fun “trash talking” through the IM app in the game (e.g., haha I so blew away the points on that one LOL). If you are familiar with “Words with Friends” it doesn’t happen this way….someone has to initiate a game and the other person has to accept it before the games starts
  • The significance of the word that started the game is a subject for another article however she also let me know I needed to call my son/her brother immediately. Normally 1:30 am local time is not a good time to call however I came to find out that at the very moment, he was in the process of being admitted into a hospital in Bangalore, India with a serious illness.

Our kids are here. Some people tell me “I never see signs from my loved ones” yet then they try to  discount every single story like this as “we just want to believe”, “there is another explanation”, “maybe you were confused”, “they looked it up on the internet”. It is not my job to convince other people how REAL this is – I don’t go door to door with pamphlets.

However when people try to tell me someone like Susanne “looked it all up on the internet” I just stop the conversation. There is no way she could connect a dead baby with my step-father before he married my mother, for example.

I am so very grateful for people like Susanne and so many others who can provide such a perfect connection to validate our kids are still here, just on the other side of the veil.

-Written by Jess's Mom and our Dallas Affiliate Leader, Tracy Venters 

Helping Parents Heal - Northants
Katrina Thomson (in blue) with Tracy Bayes to her left and Marta Arce-Dubois in the center

On October 2nd, we attended the first Northamptonshire meeting of HPH UK. Northants is the second HPH UK chapters. I can’t tell you how happy I am that we did. Tracy Bayes and Katrina Thomson had poured an enormity of work, care, preparation and, above all, LOVE -with capitals- into it. Everything run so smoothly and effortlessly, it seemed guided by Spirit.

The venue, the Masonic Complex in Corby, had donated the space for the meeting (more love and compassion). Our Affiliate Leaders had provided water, biscuits, tea and coffee, and amazing prizes for a raffle they surely did not cover the expenses for: wine, perfume, luxurious toiletries, toys, diaries, jewelry stands… I bought some tickets at the last minute, after mentioning that I have never won anything in a raffle, and then… of course, my numbers kept coming up. Most of the 12 people attending went home with a wonderful prize.

But that was at the end of the meeting, which we started by doing our ‘Reconnexion Meditation’. Tracy had asked me to lead them through it. I’m going to try to record it, so that you can all have a copy of it to listen to. I hope you all find my Spanish accent as soothing as she does.

Then, Tracy’s dear friend Teesh played amazing, haunting, healing, channeled music on her flute. She has no musical training. She was guided to start playing after she lost her son, as a way to express her grief and later reconnect with him. It was magical! It was the first time she had played in public, encouraged by Tracy to share this beautiful gift.

The highlight of the afternoon was our own Tracy, bereaved mum and sibling and gifted spiritualist medium, gifting us an amazing mediumship session. She gave 150% into communicating with our children and other loved ones. At the end of the session, my son Steven came through so clearly. With the second anniversary of his passing on the 10th of October, I am so grateful for this!

I had asked Tracy how she could work with other bereaved parents if she knew about our children. She told me that she trusts Spirit to give her information that she could not have known about. I now understand what she meant.

Steven made sure he gave her a ton of information that I knew she could not have known, from the fact that he collected keyrings, and that my husband is now using one of his keyrings (I honestly did not even know this), to telling me that there is a framed picture leaning against a wall in my house which he wants to have on the wall again. The story is that my hubby had framed a huge National Geographic 'Map of the Heavens' from (1957) -which was passed down to him from his great uncle- for Steven’s apartment. Steven loved astronomy, and he loved that picture. We brought it home when he died and he hang it on the landing. I never liked it there. We are now having the house painted/decorated, so I took it down and I said to Jan Egil that I wasn’t going to hang it back up where it was, but in one of the other rooms, where he has the treadmill and rowing machine. Tracy said Steven is taking sides with his dad. Oh, dear!

These were only a couple of the many, many validations. Steven ended up bringing through some of the children from parents that were not there: a dear friend of his who is also a bereaved dad, his wife and their baby daughter in spirit, the daughter of another of our bereaved mums in the UK and the daughter of the partner of another one of my friends from California. Go, Steven! You’re becoming quite the networker! I often feel that our children are all together, taking care of each other on the other side, watching over us, and getting us to meet other like-minded bereaved parents. Our children take any opportunity to get a message through to us. It has happened to me before, getting messages from other BPs' children through either Steven or through a medium in training during my courses and workshops. I am now more used to it, and open to it, so keep it coming!! It warms my heart to be able to pass on a comforting message to another parent.

Tracy, you have a wonderful gift. You are amazing. I know how mediumship works, and I also know how much energy it takes to connect with Spirit. Some people are born to do this, and you are one of the chosen ones. Thank you for sharing your gift and your hard work with us. I hope that any of you that live within driving distance will join into further meetings in Northamptonshire. I love these girls. I feel so blessed to have them in my life!

-Written by our Guilford, UK Affiliate Leader, Marta Arce-Dubois

Helping Parents Heal - Cincinnati
Shayna and her Dad, Brian Smith

Helping Parents Heal - Take 3 - Signs

Today is our third meeting of the Helping Parents Heal group.  The first meeting wasn’t.  It was just Tywana and me. The second meeting we had two mothers- one’s child passed 2 years ago, the other’s child 30 years prior. We wonder who is going to show tonight, but I am at peace with whatever happens is supposed to happen. Tywana has had a couple of people commit to coming  We’re expecting the two people who showed up last month and we have a new couple who emailed me during the week. So, we could have as many five or six.  

At 6:50, the new couple shows up.  OK. So, we know we’re having some sort of meeting.  We won’t be headed home at 7:30 again.   We introduce ourselves and make small talk until 7.  At 7, I read the mission statement of Helping Parents Heal.  It turns out the new couple is with another parents’ grief group and has stopped in to check us out. They have passed the 8 year mark. So, they’re old pros at this.  At a few minutes after 7, our mother from last time comes. This is the mother whose child passed 30 years ago. So, it looks like tonight is going to be about the people who have more time helping Tywana and me. The others who had committed to come never show.  I am 100% at peace with that. If and when they are meant to come, they’ll come. If they’re not meant to come, that’s OK.  We’d like to plan an agenda for the meeting in the future, but until we have a certain number of people, there’s no point in bringing in an outside speaker. We have a few ideas. If we get there, fine. If we don’t, fine too.

Tonight is going to be just an open dialog. I glance at the clock around 7:30.  I’m again thinking we’ll be wrapping this up early with just five people, three of whom were here last month.  But, we go until 9 o’clock again when I have to call the meeting to a close.

One of the topics we discuss is signs.  Tywana and I share that we’ve had many signs in the 15 months since Shayna crossed over.  If you’ve been reading, you know they are documented here.   The other couple has been journaling their signs and they’ve had dozens. The mother who is here alone says she’s never had a sign from her daughter. I explain to her that signs are complicated.  The sender has to be able to send them. The receiver must be in a state of mind to receive them.  And perhaps most importantly, the receiver must be open to them in the form that they may come.  It could be “coincidences”, favorite songs playing on the radio, electrical phenomenon, strange animal behavior, dreams, etc., etc., etc.  We share some of our signs and they’re signs that others might dismiss.  The couple tells stories of finding the garment they put on their son for his funeral, in a bag, with the tags still on it, underneath his bed.  His favorite number on his favorite team’s jersey.  They  tell of finding a journal he had just written a couple of entries in tucked away  in a nightstand, on Valentine’s day. And, one of the couple of entries was about Valentine’s day and the types of love other than romantic love that are not celebrated on that day. Their son had a lifelong chronic illness that kept him dependent on them and living at home.  They tell several other stories as well.  

Then, the mother who says she hasn’t had any signs speaks up.  She tells of her second daughter (born a year after her first daughter’s passing) heard knocking in the house and asked if she heard it. She did not.  Then later, while home alone, she heard the knocking again, went to look out from the second story window to see who was at the door and no one was there.  We ask “Wasn’t this a sign?” we ask.  She tells of the second daughter, again she never met her older sister, having dreams of her older sister coming to her giving her career advice (which she has taken) and even taking her into heaven. But, since the sign wasn’t given directly to the mother, she hasn’t counted this one.  She tells of running into her daughter’s best friend multiple times different days, the anniversary of her daughter’s passing, her daughter’s birthday, Christmas.  She was living in a fairly large city at the time.  It’s fascinating to me this stuck out enough in her memory for her to recall it, but she doesn’t count it as a sign.  And, there is the fact that she dreamt of her daughter’s death before it happened and was told by a psychic to look out for her daughter around that time. But, those were before her daughter passed, so they are not After Death Communications. It seems to me she’s had a lot of signs, but they haven’t come in the form she was expecting and maybe not directly to her (the dreams).

I share all of this for a reason.  I will not identify people who attend our meetings or give information that could be used to identify them, but I have a friend who had a very, very dear friend pass a week ago yesterday. She is desperate for a sign.  Not everyone gets a direct sign.  Most parents do, but not all.  The mother who said she did not get a sign referred to parents who have felt their kids tap them on the shoulder or sit on their beds (after passing).  These are very specific types of signs.  And I believe they are very rare.  We have never had anything so dramatic.  The other couple there had not. But, we were and are open to different types of signs and have had many, most in unexpected ways.  To get a sign, the sender must have the skill to send it. The sender must have the intention to send it. The receiver must be open to receive it. The receiver must be ready to receive it.  Christine Duminiak, who runs an After Death Communications group, believes another condition is necessary and that is permission from God (Universe/Source/Creator).  The sign must be in the best interest of all involved. If we want a sign, we should prepare ourselves to receive it, put that intention out into the universe to God and/or our loved one, then be open to whatever results come in whatever form.

The third meeting was a success. I think everybody got something out of it.  Will next month bring more people?  Will it bring different people?  Don’t know.  Doesn’t matter.  We will keep putting the intention out there to help people and we will see what happens.

-Written by Brian Smith, Co-Affiliate Leader with his wife, Tywana Smith, of HPH Cincinnati.  Please read more of Brian's blog 'Beautiful Light' here.   

HPH-Bluffton/Hilton Head Upcoming Events
Dwanna Paul Speaks to Parents in Hilton Head

Our Blufton/Hilton Head Affiliate Leader, Irene Vouvalides, has a wonderful schedule of upcoming speakers; in October, Jake Samoyedny, the Compassionate Medium, in January 2017, Evidential Medium and Messanger of Hope Suzanne Giesemann and in May 2017 intuitive and bereaved mom and blogger Sara Ruble.  Irene holds her meetings on the second Sunday of every month from 1-4 pm in the Seaquins Ballroom, 1300 Fording Island Road, Bluffton SC.  

Suzanne Giesemann is in Bluffton, she will be offering a workshop on January 7th from 9 am - 4:30 pm.  You can learn more and sign up here!

Sheri’s Corner-
Wisdom and Quotes from The East Coast

Sheri’s Corner - Wisdom and Quotes from the East Coast
“Like a silent invisible river flowing beneath the desert, flows the vast dimensionless river of Spirit, through the sands of time, through the sands of experience, through the sands of all souls, through the sands of all living atoms, through the sands of all space.”

-Paramahansa Yogananda

Silent and invisible, yet within everything that we see and hear is the presence of spirit. Spirit interpenetrates everything and not only that, but spirit is the basis for everything that seems so real to us. We look at metal, mountains, the physical body itself and we think, “That is real, that is solid, “ and yet that solidity only holds up for a time. All physical things will perish, but that invisible silent river never stops flowing, but goes on for all eternity.
We have become wedded to the physical, to the impermanent, a losing proposition for each of us. With beloved children-in-spirit, our only recourse is to seek that dimensionless river of spirit that is within the reality that we know. 
The first step is to understand that spirit is real and that you do not have to see something for it to exist. Once you take that first step, the door opens for spirit to enter into an active relationship with you. 

-Written by our NYC Affiliate Leader, Sheri Perl Migdol

Please visit Sheri's Prayer Registry here

Mission Statement of Helping Parents Heal: Our mission is to help bereaved parents, giving them support and resources to aid in the healing process. We will go a step beyond other groups by allowing the open discussion of spiritual experiences and evidence for the Afterlife in a non-dogmatic way. In other words, we will welcome everyone regardless of their religious (or non-religious) background and allow for a very open type of dialog. We receive all and do not judge people or their children on the basis of life choices. -Mark Ireland, Cofounder, Helping Parents Heal

Note: Information in the Helping Parents Heal newsletter is provided for the sole purpose of assisting you in finding resources (information, meetings, books, etc.) to aid in the bereavement process. This newsletter is not intended to endorse, sponsor or encourage your use of any of the information or services listed, whether from members or other individuals. Rather, our intent is simply to inform you of vast amount of resources available for your consideration. We urge you to independently research and consider the value any particular resource for yourself. Further, while we take steps to ensure accuracy of the information posted, especially relative to linked media, we accept no liability for content. Helping Parents Heal is a non-profit Corporation.

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Helpful, Healing Information

Stories of Validation -

Kim Camacho Connects with her son Austin through Hypnosis
Austin Alegre - His last picture while in Rocky Point

I attended the monthly meeting of Helping Parents Heal with special guest Dr. Mark Pitstick here in Phoenix/Scottsdale at Unity on September 18th.  My experience was nothing short of complete contact with my son Austin and my spirit guides. 

Mark took us through three steps. He guided us through the first step and I saw people. Not clear faces but they were all gathered together. I could see smiles, some waving me to come closer, one with very large angle wings.  I immediately knew this were my guides. 

The second step was when I could hear my son Austin. Austin took me back in time to visit a few places that made both of us happy. First he showed me when he was wrenching on his bike in our garage and I was his assistant,  then he took me to the store in Mexico where he bought his acoustic guitar. This was a difficult visit because on this trip Austin had his accident and died. But he wanted me to see that he was so happy to buy that guitar. Then he took me to Safeway where he used to work. He showed me the big smile that he always had and how he would hide behind the wall when I picked him up from work.  

Next Austin spoke to me. He said, "Mom, you are such a good mom. I took you to these places so you could remember how you always made me happy. How you were always there for me. How you let me live my life to the fullest. You need to let go of the guilt. My death is not your fault. I am happy, Mom. Look how amazing my sister Alli is! Off to College, being amazing!  It's because of you Mom!  You now have Jon and he is a great man!"  Austin continued by saying: "I know that your step sons are not me, Mom, but you are a positive role model for them. Give them your all. Live your life to the fullest like you have been doing. Be a role model and teacher to the bereaved parents. I am so proud of you mom! I love you!" 

WOW that was powerful but it didn't stop there. 

Then Mark took us on the third and final step. That's when I could feel my guides working on my health issues. Especially my neck that has been in pain for over a month. My neck has felt wonderful ever since. My inner self has felt more at peace. I have been more positive about all things in life. 

It was by far very powerful, spiritual, and very healing for me! 

Thank you Mark Pitstick!

-Written by Kim Camacho, Austin's proud Mom

Bobby Morton and his Son, Jared Walpole Morton
Jared and the Hawk

My wife Cynthia was at Yoga yesterday morning at our beach down the street. Jared is our Hawk spirit and hangs with us almost everywhere we go. At the end of her Yoga session, they were sitting on their mats and Jared appeared, soared around her screeching for about a minute,  50 feet over head. Nobody in her Yoga class could believe it. Completely (and literally) out of the blue, but really made her day!

-Written by Jared's Dad, Bobby Morton

Kathy Thomas and her son Christopher 
Christopher Thomas

Hello, my name is Kathy Thomas. Let me start by saying that I have always been spiritual and have believed in the afterlife as long as I can remember.

My son Christopher on the other hand, thought it was crazy. He would tease me about my beliefs and we always had a good laugh when I told him I would come back and haunt him after I passed.  Little did I know his life would be cut short by a robbery gone wrong 13 days before his 21st birthday.  

He had been gone approximately 2 weeks when a friend called me to tell me Dwanna Paul was having a circle of light and there was an open spot if I felt up to going. Immediately I said YES, I just knew this was what I needed, to hear he was OK, to validate he was loved and missed more then words could ever say. I counted the minutes that day, trying to find some kind of "normal " which was now impossible. I decided to do some laundry and as I loaded the washer,  there wasn't enough for one load.....nothing, not even laundry would be the same. Christopher took a shower daily, sometimes twice, there was always I started to cry, and I had a sock in my hand, I looked up and said "Christopher,  if this is real tonight, say SOCK".  

Finally  it was time to go meet with Dwanna. As the circle started she went to 2 other people with a few words then came right to me. At first it was very have a son that has passed, he liked to flirt with girls... he is well built, (could of been most 21 year olds in my mind) Then she said " did he have a pet or a cat named Sox, because he is showing me a white sock"! Even though I believe, it took my breath away.   She went on to say that he knew he was loved, he was sorry, so sorry for the pain we all were feeling, that he never felt the stabbing, he left his body quickly before he endured any pain, he wasn't alone, (another fear of mine) that he was met by loved ones .. she answered every question I had in my mind and heart.....she even went on to tell me that his truck looked amazing which I didn't understand because he had sold it about a month before he passed, although it ran great the body was in terrible shape. When I came home that night and told my husband about my experience, I told him about the truck and he started to laugh and I said what is so funny?  He said the guy that Christopher sold his truck to came by and the truck looks awesome,  it was all fixed up! 

She told me a lot of things that were tugging at my heart and I know because of that experience my Grief Journey has not been as hard as I thought it was going to be.  I am at peace knowing that he is in a good place and he is safe and he was not in pain and that he knew he was loved and that he still sees things that go on in our lives everyday.  

Whether you believe or not is not the point that I'm trying to make, what I am trying to say is when a parent loses a child it's the worst experience I think you could ever possibly go through and if what I experienced with the Dwanna helped me, that's priceless! When I saw her at the meeting Saturday right away she said my son's name and that he was there but he was letting other people talk and I do believe that you only hear things when you need it because I am okay now. I miss him terribly, that's what I work through on a daily basis, how badly I miss him, but the other part of grief .....the "what ifs" and wondering if they're okay..... all those answers I received. I just have to learn to deal without him in our lives and that's difficult.

-Written by Christopher's Mom, Kathy Thomas

Would you like to share a story of validation or healing with other Parents? We are all able to heal when we share personal stories about our children with others.  Moreover, everyone benefits from validations that we receive from our children.  We love to hear about them!  If you have a story that you would like to share about your child, please let us know and we will include it in a future newsletter.  Please send it to Elizabeth Boisson at (Due to space limitations, please be sure it is no longer than 1 page.)

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Dr. Mark Pitstick and Evidential Medium Suzanne Giesemann will be hosting a weekend retreat in St Petersburg from February 24th -26th.  Please learn more here

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Mastering Healing Energy
Energy Healer David Router will be holding a workshop in Phoenix at Storm Wisdom on October 23, 26 and 29th.  Please click here to learn more.

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