October 2012

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Meditation to Connect with Our Children
By Laura Sheehy
Long before my David transitioned to the next world, I was a student of spiritualism. I was drawn to this belief system (belief in communication with discarnate spirits) because it was so similar to my childhood experiences of communicating with my spirit guide. As a child I could see, feel and hear spirit and felt a natural affinity to angels, Jesus and the Blessed Mother. But as I grew older, I shed that spiritual aspect of my life in favor of a more materialistic one. Despite this shift, I was always surrounded by family members who integrated curandismo with their Catholic faith. Curandismo is a form of folk healing, commonly practiced among Mexicans from Mexico and Mexican Americans in the Southwestern United States. Coming from Mexican American culture, I was surrounded by family members who practiced these traditions, which included mediumship. My meditation practice has not always been consistent. However, it became a regular ritual after David, our son, our love, transitioned on October 21, 2009 at the young age of 20. Meditation turned out to be a blessing that has helped me with healing, direction in life and most importantly, connection with my son. Now with the honor of serving as Coordinator of HPH for the Falls Church, Virginia area, I look forward to helping others reach their loved ones through meditation.
The experts will tell you that meditation is the single most helpful practice we can perform to raise our vibration, which is needed for spirit communication. Just because we can’t perceive something does not mean it does not exist. The sound from a dog whistle cannot be heard by human ears and yet we know a dog can hear it, by watching his reaction to the sound. Similarly, the frequency rate of our loved ones vibration is outside the range of human perception. But they do exist and you can learn to perceive higher spiritual dimensions by raising your vibrational frequency. Doing so heightens awareness and increases extra sensory perception abilities that enable us to live our lives in a more conscious manner resulting in balance, joy and inner peace. Of course there are those who have these abilities without having to cultivate them. But everyone has the innate ability that can be developed even further. Here are a few things you can do to raise your vibration: daily practice of meditation (when you meditate you give your loved ones an opportunity to reach you. All you have to do is listen); eating healthy unrefined foods and drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated (toxins lower your energy and your vibration); laughing aloud; listening to your favorite music; communing with nature; exercising; practicing compassion; doing volunteer work; doing things that tap into your heart chakra; and journaling, to name a few.  
My tremendous pain and sense of loss is not any less because of these experiences, but it has helped me to better understand and appreciate what our son gave us in leaving us so soon. Many medium psychics report that losing someone very close to them is not any less painful because of their special gifts. Heavy grief can block communication, even for mediums. Often times, they seek the assistance of another medium to get messages from their loved ones until enough time has passed for them to process their grief.   
It is said that we are “spiritual beings having a physical experiences.” Most of us are more in touch with our physical selves, grounded in the expression of our emotions through our five senses. Not being able to ever feel, touch, see, taste, and smell our kids (yes, even smelly, dirty socks), is a tremendous shock to our system. And though it is necessary to go through the grieving process, it is at the same time, a very heavy emotion that can temporarily halt our evolution until we are able find our balance and move forward. It is not an easy concept to think of ourselves as spiritual beings as our primary make up, but it is possible. Connecting to spirit has many benefits, one of which is communication with our children.  Sheri Perl in her book, “Lost and Found” says it best “…connecting up is the only real solace because it allows you to maintain communication with your loved-one. Instead of dwelling in memories of the past, you begin to cultivate something infinitely better: an ongoing present-time relationship with your loved one on the other side.” If you have not had the opportunity to read Sheri’s book, I highly recommend it. She can help guide you with “connecting up” to your loved one. She has agreed to one day come to one of my meetings. 
As time goes on we know we are growing when we start to dwell less on the fact that our loved one transitioned and more on the impact they had on our physical lives and will continue to have in our connection to them spiritually. Our children want to connect with us as badly as we want to connect with them. All we have to do is trust what we are receiving through our imagination. Once you start to trust, the flood gates will open up with messages and a new way of interacting with our child will be established. Meditation and prayer can help transform pain into learning and growing experiences which ultimately leads to healing. And with continued practice, life gets better and better.

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