Epidemics and Homeopathy

It may not be reaching the news in our current climate, but homeopathic medicine has a long and successful history in epidemic medicine.  

Samuel Hahnemann (the founder of homeopathy as a system of medicine) and his colleagues were treating people during some of the huge and devastating epidemics in Europe in the early 1800’s, including typhus and cholera.  In one particular epidemic in 1813, which decimated Napoleon’s army as it marched towards Russia, it is documented that Hahnemann treated 180 cases of typhus, losing only two patients - this at a time when the conventional treatments had a mortality rate of around 30%.  Hahnemann continued to develop his understanding of epidemic medicine, and the specific approach that homeopathy now uses to treat people during epidemics - known as the Genus Epidemicus.  

Each epidemic - whether it is cholera, measles or Coronavirus -  is unique in its presentation and expression of symptoms, and responds to a group of remedies which are needed for the vast majority of cases.  There are in each epidemic certain remedies which are needed in the early stages, and some more often indicated in the later stages of the infection, and in more serious cases.  Across the world there are experienced homeopaths and their teams amassing data from recent cases and sharing their knowledge with the homeopathic community about the remedies which are needed for the present Coronavirus pandemic.

For further evidence of homeopathy’s effectiveness in epidemic medicine, please see this  fully referenced article by the eminent French homeopath, Dr Andre Saine: ‘Historical Data for the Use of Homeopathy in Epidemics’

[Abstract: Homeopathy offers the safest and best outcomes ever demonstrated by any system of medicine for patients with pneumonia and therefore would receive the highest possible recommendation of any intervention for these patients (1A/strong recommendation with high-quality evidence).]

How Homeopathy Can Help You

I am closely studying the information available from existing cases treated by my colleagues, and along with many fellow homeopaths, I am offering my treatment services free of charge for anyone who has, or suspects they have, symptoms of Coronavirus.  This in no way replaces conventional treatment advice, and is intended to be complementary to it.  If you wish to refer yourself or a family member to me for homeopathic advice, please contact me here.

Because homeopathy works by matching the symptoms you are experiencing to a specific medicine, there is limited generic advice that homeopathy can offer.  However, if you feel you may be coming down with early flu-like symptoms, the best course of action is to take Aconite 30c 3-5 times daily for up to three days.  

For natural support for your immune system, please see my previous newsletter.  There is plenty of good evidence that supplementing with Vitamin C and D makes good sense, and in addition Zinc and Selenium in 6X homeopathic potency taken daily.

Jeremy and Camilla Sherr are at the forefront of homeopathic research and treatment in epidemics.  If you would like to know more about their pioneering work, and donate to their project in Africa, please follow this link.

And because you still have to deal with other health problems and pre-existing conditions, you can still book a video or phone appointment with me to tackle those things too.

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