Maine Appalachian Trail Club
Dear Friends of Maine Appalachian Trail Club,
The 2012 season will long be remembered for celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the AT’s completion in Maine and for welcoming the state’s first Appalachian Trail Communities, Monson and Rangeley.
I’m pleased to report 2012 also saw the highest Maine Trail Crew enrollment; 62 one-week slots were filled, exceeding by 30% our original goal of 48 enrollees.

Maine’s section of the Appalachian Trail underwent major upgrades. Crews built 226 step stones and 43 water bars, and installed 100 square feet of retaining walls. The pictures below illustrate the dramatic upgrades.

The Hunt Trail Project

A hearty thanks go to members of the Maine Trail Crew, Maine Conservation Corps, Student Conservation Association and participating MATC volunteers whose work will ensure hiker safety and protect the surrounding environment.

During the off-season, I invite you to visit our Facebook page at  Just click on the link to find comments and photos and friends of MATC.  Spread the word about MATC to your friends and family.
Lester Kenway
MATC President
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