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18th August 2021, Issue 5

Dear GRN Members,

To those currently in lockdown, or those with families who are being affected by the lockdown, our thoughts are with you.

We'd like to introduce our new Administrative Assistant, Liz Baca. Liz is a Curtin graduate in Cultural Studies and Professional Writing and Research Assistant with the School of Education. She will be organising future events and partnerships, so if you would like to collaborate with the GRN or share an upcoming event, publication or achievement, please get in touch with her.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Seminar and Workshop Series. Our inaugural seminar will be a discussion on Navigating the academic journey as a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD) woman, presented by Professor Jaya Dantas and Dr Siddier Chambers. Details of the seminar can be found below – we hope to see you there.

Our first Advisory Board Meeting will be held this Thursday, and we look forward to discussing the productive future of the GRN and its growing membership. We will be launching our web page and Twitter account soon, and will include the details in our next newsletter. We have recently moved the newsletter onto Mailchimp and welcome your feedback.

Best wishes,

Samantha and Therese
Gender Research Network Events

GRN Seminar and Workshop Series: Navigating the academic journey as a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD) woman
The Curtin University Gender Research Network (GRN) invites you to a seminar (online and in person) presented by Professor Jaya Dantas and Dr Siddier Chambers in conversation to discuss Navigating the academic journey as a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD) woman.

Date: 31 August 2021, 2:30pm-4:00pm AWST

GRN Seminar and Workshop Series: Understanding Gender Diversity
What do we mean by “gender” and how is it different to “sex”? Are there really only two genders? How did these concepts become so important? In this seminar, we will explore these and many other questions about the role of gender in today’s society. We will touch on the issues faced by people of diverse genders and explore practical ways to become more inclusive of gender diversity in research.

The Curtin University Gender Research Network (GRN) invites you to a seminar (online and in person) presented by Mx Misty Farquhar OAM to discuss Understanding Gender Diversity.

Date: 13 September 2021, 2:00pm-4:30pm AWST

GRN Seminar and Workshop Series with Global Campuses Brown Bag Seminar Series: Capitalising on Board Gender Diversity: The Mediating Effect of Board Capital Diversity on the Relationship between Board Gender Diversity and Firm Performance
The Curtin University Gender Research Network (GRN), along with the Global Campuses Brown Bag Seminar Series, invites you to an online seminar presented by Dr Tien Ngyuen, followed by a discussion with Professor Linley Lord on women on boards research opportunities in Singapore.

Date: 23 September 2021, 2:00pm-3:00pm AWST
Curtin Based Opportunities and Events

A Female Focus on Finance
Research shows that women face unique challenges when it comes to money and saving for retirement. It’s a complex issue, impacted by the number of women in part-time work, and taking time out of the workforce to care for children and family. This webcast is suitable for women of all ages who’d like to develop a better understanding of financial matters and managing their retirement savings.

Topics discussed include:

  • How to build a financial foundation
  • Understanding your super
  • Insurance considerations
  • Planning retirement

Date: 23 August 2021, 12:00pm AWST. Register with UniSuper for the webcast here.

Call for Contributions: The Charles Telfair Centre (Curtin Mauritius)
The Charles Telfair Centre is a multidisciplinary platform for cutting-edge knowledge sharing and debate in Mauritius.  We offer a safe space where dominant discourses can be challenged and innovative ideas and perspectives scrutinised. We showcase rigorous analyses featuring best practices, pioneering initiatives, and creative solutions to support Mauritius and the region in their ability to respond to challenges and seize opportunities across social, economic and policy domains.

The Centre seeks to make knowledge pertinent to Mauritius and the Indian Ocean region more accessible and publishes weekly blogs. Anyone working in the Indian Ocean region who might be interested in contributing is welcome to contact Myriam Blin

External Talks and Events

Western Australian Women's Roundtable
Join Senator Sue Lines, Deputy President of the Senate and Chair of Committees, Patrick Gorman MP, Shadow Assistant Minister for Western Australia and Tanya Plibersek, Shadow Minister for Women for a virtual roundtable discussion on the Sex Discrimination and Fair Work (Respect at Work) Amendment Bill 2021 currently before the Senate.

Date: Friday, August 20, 12.30pm-1.30pm AWST. Zoom link to be provided upon registration.

Responsive Roundtable Series 2021: Ecologies in-the-making, The Ediths (ECU), Centre for People, Place and Planet (ECU), Boodja Justice Group (ECU), Nulungu Research Institute (University of Notre Dame Australia, Broome Campus) and Common Worlds Research Collective 
Building on The Ediths’ Roundtable series, the Responsive Roundtable Series: Ecologies in-the-making (August 10-November 30, 2021) is inspired by Isabelle Stengers’ (2005) proposition that an ecology of practice is a tool for thinking through the present ecological and climate crisis we are facing. As a tool for thinking, rather than just recognising, an ecology of practice is capable of generating new practices that “are about the production of new relations that are added to a situation already produced by a multiplicity of relations” (Stengers, 2010, p. 33). In the spirit of Stengers’ scholarship, this Responsive Roundtable Series 2021 brings together different ideas, disciplines, people, methods, and research projects to encourage us to approach practices “ they diverge, with attention and appreciation to difference(s)” (Stengers, 2005, p.192). 

Readings: Val Plumwood, (2008). Shadow Places and the Politics of Dwelling and Shadow Places Network Website
Date: Tuesday, August 24, 9:00am-12:00pm AWST. Zoom link. Password: 724404

Women's Economic Wellbeing in Older Age
Growing numbers of often single older women are facing uncertain economic futures. This seminar will explore the emerging situation and public policy responses that can reduce the number of older women experiencing poverty. Curtin University Professor Rachel Ong ViforJ will present with panel members on some of the challenges confronting older women. This online lunchtime seminar will be co-hosted by WEN and ESA.

Date: Thursday September 9, 11:00am-12:00pm AWST. Further details and registration through ESA.

Feminist Responses to Climate Change | 2021, ECU Galleries

Feminst Responses to Climate Change: Unruly experimentations for unstable times is a suite of newly commissioned work by emerging and established artists responding to anthropocentric crisis in unruly ways. Forging new research practices to extend reparative possibilities for alternative climate futures via multispecies worldings, what has emerged are a set of ethical propositions for living well together in these uncertain times. A project of The Ediths, the exhibition shares work developed across three Western Australian research collaboratories: Water, Weather, and Waste.

Exhibition open 24 September – 14 October 2021. Further details.
External Opportunities and Submissions

The Feminist Review Trust
The Trust is excited to receive applications and to fund projects that aim to further gender equality and end oppression. We particularly welcome applications from non-ODEC countries, small activist groups and projects with an intersectional and anti-racist perspective. We seek projects that are transformational and love to fund innovative feminist projects. We are grateful to all the organisations which take the time to submit applications and for the work you do to dismantle the patriarchy! The Feminist Review Trust gives grants to projects in the UK and internationally to a maximum value of UK £15,000 (or its equivalent).

Application due 10 September 2021. Further details.

Professor, Politics and Gender, The University of Vienna 

The Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Vienna is seeking applications for the position of Professor of Politics and Gender. The professorship is dedicated to the analysis of political processes, institutions, and norms from innovative, theory-based, intersectional gender perspectives. Areas of focus may include the comparative analysis of democratic transformations, the transformation of party systems, or of specific policy areas. With their research, the successful applicant will also be expected to contribute to a better understanding of gender as a category of power that structures society, politics, and the state. 

Application due 29 September 2021. Further details.

Magarey Medal for Biography 

The Magarey Medal for Biography is awarded biennially to the female person who has published the work judged to be the best biographical writing on an Australian subject. The 2020 Medal will be awarded for a book published in 2020 or 2021. For the 2022 round, the Magarey Medal will be administered by the Association for the Study of Australian Literature (ASAL).

Applications close 31 January 2022. Further details.
External Call for Papers and Proposals

Call for Stream: The 12th International Interdisciplinary Conference (GENDER, WORK AND ORGANIZATION: A (de)colonial view beyond the borders)
GWO Bogota 2022 will take place for the first time in Latin America, with a multicampus venue approach at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia and Universidad Santo Tomas. The main theme of the conference is A (de)colonial view beyond the borders, aiming to broaden the discussion on the relationships between intersectional perspectives, including gender, race, social class, identities, among other social markers, and to understand the work and organization both inside and outside institutions, especially in the post-pandemic context. It focuses on debates on how to evaluate the quests and fights for the achievement and preservation of political, social and economic rights of different actors, as well as, to face the challenges that organizations have to move beyond measuring and evaluating professional acts and actions, and to understand the social and political contexts of people's lives and the inequalities they face.

Please email your stream proposal and call for abstract/papers (no more than 1,500 words length total, as Microsoft Word attachment - NOT PDF) to before 30th September 2021. Please explain if your stream will ask for abstracts or for full papers. Note: An open stream will be available for abstract/papers that do not fit into the approved streams.

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