Mick Jagger and Henri Matisse walk into a dusty old bookstore...
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Ann Howell Bullard creates her namesake line of painted clutches in Raleigh, North Carolina. She believes in observing the world with artful and curious eyes by infusing stories, colors, moods, and otherworldly fascinations into the objects we carry. Stringing together brain stamps from art history, literature, music, and architecture, Ann Howell Bullard designs exquisite leather goods that reflect authentic, imaginative experiences. Meticulously handcrafted, each piece is a painterly-luxe objet d'art—perfect for collectors, curators, and partygoers. Her most recent collection, AT THE MUSEUM, was inspired by muses from Henri Matisse and Mick Jagger to spectacles such as Egyptian wall paintings and Victorian architecture. This week, Ann Howell pulls her most beloved designs from the collection and explains the story behind each one...
"I'm fascinated by the intersection of different art forms—writers who are also painters and musicians or two artists who explore the same subject in different ways. For example, listen to "Love in Vain" by blues singer Robert Johnson and "Love in Vain" by The Rolling Stones." - AHB
"I'm really drawn to the textures in this clutch. Graphic black and white patterns become softened against the natural tone of the leather. The rabbit fur pom poms add a touch of richness." - AHB
"I love the vintage Baluchi tassels on this clutch. They're from the Baluch region of Afghanistan and Pakistan back in the '80s—completely one of a kind. Each one is exquisitely handmade and I love the colors...mostly blues and whites with a hint of red." - AHB
"The Dendur clutch was inspired by Egyptian wall paintings, the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and faded glamour." - AHB
"The cherry red clutch was inspired by Henri Matisse, Mick Jagger, and dusty old bookstores." - AHB
"I'm interested in objects and visuals that are a tad bit "undone"—crumbling, faded, natural, unfinished, and imperfect. It bothers me when something is too pristine or manufactured. To me, that patina symbolizes a rich history that has faded, but is still beautiful and meaningful and somehow more wise and mysterious. That's exactly why I'm drawn to the Egyptian wall paintings." - AHB
"The painted screen clutch was inspired by paintings of odalisques, Yves Klein Blue, and Victorian architecture." - AHB
"What's more on the intersection of different art forms...Henri Matisse switched from paint to cut-outs late in his life. During that process, he said 'I have not changed, because all of this time I have looked for the same things which I have perhaps realized by different means.' I think this is also why I like to think about the intersection of art and fashion—perhaps artists and designers are searching for the same things and realizing them by different means." - AHB
"The Mudcloth clutch was inspired by Malian bogolanfini, natural wood textures, and sun speckles." - AHB
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