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Hivos and Greenpeace launching new campaign to stop Amazon deforestation

Hivos and Greenpeace Netherlands, together with indigenous groups from the Amazon rainforest, are launching a new campaign against deforestation. The programme, All Eyes on the Amazon, is possible thanks to generous contribution from the Dutch National Postcode Lottery’s Dream Fund. It will combine modern technologies, such as satellites, drones and tablets, with the centuries old knowledge of the Indigenous inhabitants of the Amazon. 
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International Women's Day @ Hivos East Africa

The 2017 theme ‘’Be Bold for Change’’ called on everyone to help forge a better working world that is gender inclusive and truly drives change for women. In line with this, Hivos East Africa creatively profiled bold women doing exemplary work in their own communities thanks to support from our hub.
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An event that shall never be repeated

On March 8, while the world celebrated women’s historical fight for equality and equity on International Women's Day, almost 60 Guatemalan girls were locked up and burned alive inside the “Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asunción” shelter, located in San José Pinula, Guatemala. 
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Young people key to uptake of renewable energy

When young people at the Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) expressed dismay at the lack of funding opportunities to scale up their renewable energy innovations, Hivos Southern Africa’s Project Manager for Renewable Energy, Reginald Mapfumo, urged the students to seriously invest their skills in renewable energy technologies and innovations because it represents the future.
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Idea Jam 1: Agrifood issues and solutions

Idea Jam is an integral part of the Social Entrepreneurship Support Initiative, a six-month pilot project spearheaded by Hivos Southeast Asia and Coworkinc aiming to support social entrepreneurs through capacity building. Started in February, we will conduct Idea Jam “pressure cooker” sessions and pop-up consultation hours at Coworkinc in Jakarta on a monthly basis.
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Women in Zimbabwe face barriers to equal participation in politics

Even though women’s participation in all levels of politics in Zimbabwe has increased, it remains extremely low. A dialogue session organised by Alpha Media Holdings with support from Hivos Southern Africa, "Women’s participation in Elections," indicated that a the violent nature of Zimbabwe's political system is an important reason for women’s lack of interest in politics.
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Leave no one behind: Voice

Hivos East Africa’s Voice Programme, part of a new Dutch government grant managed and executed jointly by Oxfam Novib and Hivos, is aimed at the most marginalised and discriminated people in ten low and lower-middle income countries. The East Africa programme works to amplify the voices of the unheard and those most likely to be muzzled due to stigma and discrimination throughout the region.
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Blog posts

Meet our partner Transvida

The HIV Costa Rica project we participate in wouldn’t be the same without Transvida (Translife in English), our partner organization. Their methods of HIV care and prevention in trans women represent a new frontier in terms of innovation and creativity, as well as institutional and organizational impact.
Read Ángel Damián Reyes' blog post


The global gag rule's impact on Kenya's reproductive health sector

Within the first week of assuming office, US President Donald Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy, also known as the Global Gag Rule. Simply, this policy prohibits any entity that receives US Government (USG) funding from carrying out any abortion-related activity, regardless of the source of funds. 
Read Mendi Njonjo's Op/Ed


On internet freedom and access in Zimbabwe

As Hivos, we fully believe that freedom of expression and the media is a basic requirement for citizens to stay informed, express an opinion and become civically involved in society. Across the globe, the internet has been growing as a medium of communication, facilitating freedom of expression and economic development.
Read Masimba Biriwasha's Op/Ed


Doña Angela, the water lady

Even at 71, doña Ángela still recalls her mother's dream of having drinking water access at home. Although she did not live to see it become a reality, Ángela is proud of the key role she played in achieving her mom’s dream some years later. "Water was so scarce in Seares, my community, that people did not even believe it was possible to have a potable water system”.
Read Silvia Ulloa's blog post


Women's political participation as novelty 

 Man to woman the evening of March 8: “Your day is over, time to go back to the kitchen”. *laughter* It’s easy to assume that this type of sexist humour just comes out of typical male cafés in Lebanon. But this joke was used by seasoned Lebanese television host Marcel Ghanem in a tweet to open his weekly political show ‘Kalam Ennas’ - one of the most-watched political talk shows on mainstream Lebanese  television - during the week of International Women’s Day (IWD) 2017!
Read Nay Al-Rahi's blog post


Hivos director of operations tours projects in Zimbabwe 

Hivos Director of Operations Sanne Nolst Trenité recently toured selected projects in Harare, Zimbabwe and also held a townhall-type meeting with all staff in the Southern African region. Members of staff for Malawi, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe had an opportunity to interact and engage with the DOO on the trajectory of the organizations as well as air out any outstanding issues.
Read Masimba Biriwasha's project visit


Building strong partnerships to stop TB-HIV in the Philippines

As programme officer for the Hivos HIV & Human Rights Programme, I joined our team in Manila this January for the launch of our newest project. During the course of  visit, I also met several of our partners working on HIV issues in the Philippines. I would like to tell you about the situation of HIV, and Tuberculosis in the country and how we are planning to address both epidemics.
Read Tomas Chang Pico's blog post


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