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March 2013

I'm back (or at least on my way)

Nerve problems with my hands

I almost can't believe it's been over a year and a half since I've sent out a newsletter.

The end of 2011 I was in the middle of recording my next album when my hand problems started-- since then I have been to many physical therapy sessions, doctors and specialists.

The good news is that things are slowly healing and I'm working my instruments back up--  coming back wiser, stronger, and more inspired than ever before. :))

I have completely changed and improved my guitar and hammered dulcimer techniques and have adopted a new exercise routine (lots of swimming!), a new warming up/warming down stretching routine and a new diet.

Luckily, I have still been able to maintain some momentum with some other projects-- including a new documentary film and an animation short (see below).

I also have my first performance in ages coming up on March 26th in Chicago/Evanston, IL.

My overall plan is to re-learn all my music with my new techniques and go back into the studio to finish my next album towards the end of the year.

I look forward to hearing from you and keeping you updated with an occasional email.  Cheers!

New Documentary Film

I have had the honor over the last couple of years to collaborate on this very special film which features some of the music from my album 'Relax Your Ears' as well as some new music I wrote for it.

You can watch the trailer, read more about and buy the dvd at:

You can also stay up to date about screenings in your area.  We just had the Chicago premiere a couple of weeks ago-- next will be Springfield, IL on March 19, then PA, NY and more:
FUSED MUSE ENSEMBLE  Upcoming Chicago debut!

Music Institute of Chicago, Nichols Concert Hall
Mar 26 Tue 7:30pm. 1490 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL
A New Ensemble I'm a part of  (please help spread the word)

If you are in the Chicago/Evanston area or know anyone who is please come out or invite anyone who might be interested.

FME celebrates Women's History Month by exploring Chicago's own relationship to the domestic violence and trafficking that occur daily. The mixed-media event combines classical, folk, jazz and Latin American music with modern dance, trapeze artistry, visual art and poetry. The group hopes to create an uplifting and awareness-raising response to these issues in a creative and invigorating way, while promoting the work of two important local nonprofits: CAASE (Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation) and CMBWN (Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women's Network).  ('Like' on Facebook!)

*Direct link to purchase advanced discounted tickets:
Animation project
Here are some images from an in-the-works animation project.  It's a collaboration with an animator from the Republic of Colombia-- we've been collaborating via Skype and I'm doing all of the Music and Sound Effects.  Will keep you updated!
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