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November 2020

Hello  — I hope you are continuing to stay safe and healthy out there.  

This is going to be a bizarre Thanksgiving, huh?  I know I won't be able to see my family at all.  I'm mostly just trying to stay productive and creative (making use of my 30 trillion cells - you'll see below. :)

Fortunately, I do have more time than usual, so I thought I'd offer some fun and different gift options for the Holidays in the upcoming month.

The new composer-for-hire music commissions have been going well.  I've already started on several of them.  I estimate that I'll have the time to accept about 4 or 5 more for a holiday delivery.  So let me know ASAP if you're interested in hiring me to write a new piece of music for a friend or loved one that you can give as a gift— and I'll reply with all the details.

For your gift purchasing & gift giving pleasure, I am also offering:
1.  Giftable online lessons (Taught by me to anyone in the world of your choosing.  To be redeemed in 2021.)

  • Piano
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Hammered Dulcimer
  • Ukelele
2.  Giftable online music classes (all taught by me online)
  • Rhythm 101 (for all instruments) 🎸🥁🎹🎤
  • Rhythm bootcamp (Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced) - applied to any instrument 🎶
  • Rhythmic subdivisions, in-depth for Dancers 💃🕺
  • Hand Drums - Overview & rhythmic crash-course
  • Music theory 101
  • Ear training 101
  • Music recording/production (Via Zoom screen-share with Garage Band/Pro tools, Ableton, etc.)
  • How to Practice (improving efficiency, working with the metronome, time management and more.)
  • Write what you hear! Transcribing music (Drums or Piano)
  • Dissect your favorite song(s)! 🐸🎵 (Step-by-step guidance for learning to hear, understand and even play all the layers)

 3.  Custom music written for a friend or loved one (or a music commission for yourself.)  Email me Lets talk!

 4.  One of the last 100 Copies in Existence! 💿 That's all I have left of my original CD-version of "Relax Your Ears." Give the gift of uplifting and relaxing music with a high-fidelity mastered CD and full 6-panel layout with photos by renowned photographer Paul Elledge.

5.  Gift digital album downloads:  The new folk/jazz album "Listessence" or the classically inspired "Relax Your Ears" (Just click "send as gift.")

Contact me directly for more information on pricing, questions and your interests:

Thank you for your continued interest and support in these challenging times.  By the way, the black and white photos above and below were taken by the talented photographer Sarah Boudreau.

Oh - I'll also include below a recent online collaboration with a very talented dancer from San Francisco (Rebekah Enderle)— a video and music project about climate change and the recent forest fires out in the Western United States.  I wrote and recorded a brand new piano and strings piece for it.

Take good care and see ya next month—

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Feature from Instagram
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Floating around the Web:
ONE HUMAN CELL!!!  (I think I might try writing a new piece based off this incredible image!)

The most detailed model of one human cell to date, obtained using x-rays, nuclear magnetic resonance, and cryoelectron microscopy data sets.

Most recent estimates put the number of cells in each human body at around 30 trillion. Written out, that's 30,000,000,000,000.

Source and Credit: Transformation of the Cellular Landscape through a Eukaryotic Cell, by Evan Ingersoll Ingersoll Gael McGill ~ Digizyme's Custom Maya Molecular Software
Biología Al Instante
Live video clips from my October 2020 performance at the Thirsty Ears Festival (📹: Fernanda Styzens)
New 2020 Album Release
Folk Jazz Americana 
"Exploring the sonic possibilities of accordion, hammered dulcimer & acoustic bass..."

Currently available as a "name your price" digital download.
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