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December 2013


Happy Holidays!

I am very much looking forward to 2014 as a fresh start...
The last couple of years have been difficult with the nerve issues with my hands and the setbacks with my second album.

Things have started to come together again with my music, though-- slowly but surely at least!  Besides the animation project below which I am very excited about and some other film projects in the works, I'm setting my sights on being ready to finish my second album in the first half of 2014.

I have gone through all the physical therapy sessions, changed my guitar and hammer dulcimer techniques for the better, changed my exercise and diet routines, and am now becoming healthier and more inspired than ever before.

I have been practicing and working up all my music again and will start rehearsing with cellist Sophie Webber in January with plans of raising funds and starting the recording process shortly after.

Here's the album track list!

Thank you so much for your continued support!  I look forward to hearing from you and keeping you updated.

Animation Short  Finished & ready to view!

After over a year and a half of collaborating with animator and architect Fernanda Torres over Skype, the animation, music and sound effects are complete!  Check it out:

*Note: If you are not a member of Vimeo or do not want to signup for an account to "like" the Bicycle Notes video on, please "like" the YouTube version here:  (Thanks!)
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