Limn Number Nine: "Little Development Devices / Humanitarian Goods"

edited by Stephen J. Collier, Jamie Cross, Peter Redfield and Alice Street

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Jonathan Morduch traces the rise of microfinance, and argues that it’s time for a new vision.
Brenda Chalfin and Xhulio Binjaku imagine designs for the future with Dwelling-Based Public Toilets in Urban Ghana.
Tom Scott Smith gets inside an award-winning shelter designed for refugees and asks: what makes it any better than a tent?
Christopher Kelty opens up a toolkit from the 1990s to explore the prehistory of apps, platforms, and algorithms.
David Reubi explores how Chicago Economics remade Global Public Health.
Meena Khandelwal and Kayley Lainreflect on half a century of failed efforts to change how people cook in rural India, before adding a little device of their own to the fire.
Tatiana Thieme explores how doing your business has become an opportunity for business in Nairobi.

Austin Lord considers the unstable politics of micro-hydropower development in the wake of Nepal’s 2015 earthquake.
Peter Redfield probes the merits of small solutions to big problems



The next issue of Limn examines the recent profusion of micro-technologies in the fields of humanitarianism and development, some focused on fostering forms of social improvement, others claiming to alleviate suffering, many seeking to accomplish both. Although small-scale endeavors are far from novel, today’s micro-devices are animated by new intellectual energy, channels of finance, and moral ambition.

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