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Inner City Mission - August 2015 eNews

Welcome to the Family

Whew. The labor pains were getting sharp there at the end. That’s all behind us now, though, and ICM is the proud parent of a beautiful bouncing baby ministry. ReNew Consignment & Thrift came into the world at 10:00 a.m. October 1, 2015 and yes, we have pictures! 

Renew Opening Day

Okay, sort of opening day. Bobbi Reddix, our store manager, let some passersby into the store a day early for a “dry run” that included not just shopping, but some early giving as well. A probation officer stopped in wanting to help out a new parolee. Bobbi and her staff stepped up on behalf of the ministry, supplying clothing and household goods. This is the sort of work we look forward to when the ministry center opens in January.

Thursday morning prior to the grand opening, employees and supporters gathered in prayer to offer the store and ministry to God. That was the last quiet moment of the day as the store kept hopping all day long and throughout the three-day opening.

We did take photographs of opening day. Thankfully, there is no need to subject you to those. In attendance as a member of the press was Ann Hoagland of Lincoln’s Herald News. Ann is an excellent photographer, and you can view the photo slideshow she created here.

Bobbi and the entire ReNew team is counting itself blessed after a successful opening. ICM thanks you for your support that got this operation going, and we ask for your prayers as we move forward, looking at ways to invest needed resources in the lives of our neighbors.

Visit ReNew Consignment & Thrift at 201 S. Sangamon in Lincoln, Illinois. Store hours are Tuesday-Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturday 10:00 until 2:00. The Facebook page is active at The website is coming soon.


Many of our friends visited ReNew Consignment & Thrift in Lincoln on October 1. Among them, Pastor Glenn Shelton of the Second Baptist Church in Lincoln. As head of the church Bobbi attends, he was invited to pray over the store and ministry center. Shelton has a good perspective on why this project is generating a lot of enthusiasm in Logan County and beyond:

“I love the concept of a resource like this,” Shelton says. “At one time it serves the whole person, the body, soul, and spirit. One-stop shopping, you could say. It’s not that you have to come in (to the ministry center) if you buy something; it’s all voluntary. But it’s here and available. 

“As a pastor, I see the poor and those in need. I see the need in the community. To have a place like this…where, as a church, we can pay some money for someone in need to get what they need to get their household furnished. And we can encourage them to take classes, to help them be able to handle finances, for instance.

“The spirit of giving is something the Lord placed on all of us. The Lord says, give and you shall receive. When we give our life to him and begin serving, he blesses us in ways we cannot even fathom. I see this ministry serving the needs of the people.”

New Face

Jennifer Mollet of Lincoln was brought on as an employee to work the ReNew floor during our grand opening. Bobbi and worked with her in the past and knew she was good. Glowing reports from shoppers followed.

Jen is going to be working full-time at ReNew, and we are glad to welcome her to the team. Among other roles, Jen will be setting up a Pinterest account to share ReNew’s “re-purposing projects” that show alternative uses for everyday items online.

Back at the Ranch...

The activity in Lincoln doesn’t mean there is any less happening here at the shelter. The last of our summer missions groups are reseeding the ground after plumbing repairs, and painting trim on the sheds and garages. This month, I (heart) Springfield  is coming in to do one of their wonderful resident-room remodels, and Michelle Oast in maintenance is installing heat and air-conditioning in the garage that is used to organize donations. 

The heat and air is good news to Myrna, who has taken on the oversight of that phase of our operation.

With Myrna on the job we now have clothing and shoes sorted by size that the residents can draw on for their needs, and a stock of items like bedding, dishes, lamps and rugs to assist residents when they are ready to set up their own homes.

At the end of the month, the house will enjoy a good old-fashioned Halloween party. Children will trick-or-treat room to room in the safety of the shelter, there will be costumes, games, and food. We’ll try to get a few pictures onto our Facebook page.

Praises & Prayer

  • Resident Kayla and her 7 year old are moving next door to the level 2 building, an accomplishment in the Stability for Life program. Kayla has begun taking CNA courses.
  • Resident Allen, a sixth grader at Washington Elementary, made the basketball team.
  • Our children’s programming coordinator has been seeking additional employment. Praise God that children at a local daycare center are now benefiting from her wisdom, compassion and experience. 
  • Please pray for resident Tim, trusting in the Lord and working with ICM to regain his feet after a setback, and for employee Michelle, having health issues.
  • Six new residents were welcomed into ICM this month, including a baby. Let’s be in prayer that they discover why the Lord brought them here, and that they grow through the experience.
this month's top needs
Here are some donations we know will come in handy:
  • Toilet paper
  • Coffee
  • Non-scary Halloween costumes and decorations for our Halloween party.
  • We have a room now that needs a good used bunkbed.
ICM gratefully accepts donated items any time at our North 7th Street shelter. 

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