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Hello Grand-Hearted One, 

You might want to use extra caution in communications and decision making now that MERCURY IS RETROGRADE through July 31st.

This period “when weird things happen” is occurring  between July’s destiny-altering Eclipses, amplifying the unpredictability of the coming weeks.
Be wise! This week (July 7-13th)  can be particularly volatile. 
Mercury is aligning with warrior planet Mars and explosive Uranus.  
This can bring tremendous valor and inventive thinking. But it can also trigger pride, stubborn ultimatums, even explosions. I’ll write you more about that tomorrow.
Mercury Retrograde can be helpful in that it allows you (or makes you!) to review recent decisions and actions to make sure they are right for you.

This one travels between two signs, Leo and Cancer, helping you clarify your creative next steps and emotional, family dynamics.
And, yet, caution is recommended. Mercury Retrograde can sometimes cause some annoyances. Re-do’s, reviews and snafu’s are more likely, such as:

-   Communications can muddled (So be extra -clear)  

-   Decision-making, Agreements and Contracts can become fuzzy or reverse. (Big decisions not recommended as changes of mind are common

-   Technology can fail (leave room for snafu's) 
  • It's not a good time to buy or fix technology or autos. 

-   Travel plans can be interrupted or problematic (plan alternative routes
Astrologers counsel it might be best if you avoided signing contracts or making big decisions during Mercury Retrograde as matters can turn out differently than planned. Or not work out at all.
But life keeps moving and so should you.  Just be prepared to double-check and tweak whatever you do and decide during Mercury Retrograde.

Between now and July 19th Mercury will be retrograding through the creative, regal and proud sign of Leo.  This can bring insights into how to best express your power, sex appeal, leadership and loving, especially in the area of your Astrology Chart ruled by Leo. After all that’s where you have a natural urge to shine and “Be the Best.”

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**Your Sun Sign will also be influenced by Mercury Retrograde in Leo. Read below for where that is.

The challenge of Mercury Retrograde in Leo, and especially this volatile week, is allowing our egos and stubborn pride to run our show.

This could lead to overbearing, aggressive standoffs, arguments and even separations. 

Instead, use this Mercury Retrograde to review your heart’s intentions: What does your Spirit want to express, love, and create?

And, importantly, what might have to be released in order to do more of that?

This Astrologer Adores You!

Phyllis Mitz, M.A.

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Here’s Where Mercury Retrograde in Leo will influence your Sun Sign. Creativity, Sex Appeal, Leadership and Loving are highlighted. But Reviews, Re-do’s and Snafu’s are more possible through July 19th.  
Aries: Your Love Life including Lovers and Children, Creative Self-Expression, On stage.
Taurus: Your Home, Family, Real Estate Matters
Gemini: Your Contracts, Communications, Travel, Education, Neighbors, Siblings
Cancer: Your Money, Possessions, and Self-Worth

Leo: YOU! This is big for YOU in General. Including your Self-Image, Personality, Body, and Direction in Life.
Virgo: Your Spirituality, Unconscious, Your Past, Behind-the-Scenes Issues and People, Selfless Service, Intuition and Dreams, Endings and Retreats.
Libra: Your Friends, Social Groups, Future Goals and Helpful People.
Scorpio: Your Career, Reputation, Authority and Authority Figures
Sagittarius: Pursuits that Inspire You, Including Writing, Travel, Education, Communication, Foreign People, Legal Dynamics  
 Capricorn: Your Joint Finances, Taxes, Insurance, Sex, Other’s Transitions that Affect You 
Aquarius: Your Partners, Marriage, Closest Friends
Pisces: Your Work, Co-Workers, and Health Routines

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