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We are about to have a *Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn on Tuesday, July 16th. That brings us important feedback about how we've been handing our responsibilities and empowerment in life.

Tuesday's Eclipse also reveals deeply-held feelings about whether we are emotionally satisfied with all we have been working towards. 

Eclipses usually bring something to fruition: Endings and beginnings are likely. This one highlights the balance of our Worldly Endeavors with our Emotional, Home and Family Lives.

Most of you will feel the strongest effects of this Eclipse in the Capricorn area of your personal Astrology Chart. That’s where you are likely overcoming obstacles, and doing a bit of restructuring 2019-2020 in order to build something worthwhile. 

Let’s talk about where that is for you and why the decisions and actions you take now are so significant in 2020 for you.  

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**Your Sun Sign also has something coming to fruition with this Full Moon Eclipse. Read below for where that is for Yours.

Exactly what Tuesday's Eclipse will bring to fruition for you will depend on your Karmic Journey.

For some of you, success is imminent, and rewards are coming soon.

For others, fruition can mean you are at a crossroads: A choice will be presented that asks if you want to double-down in your efforts, (and relationships) or change course all together.

Circumstances can be wobbly, if not downright volatile over the coming 35 days. Eclipses trigger course-corrections designed to help you achieve your highest destiny, but can seem initially disruptive.

Actions taken now can have surprising twists and turns.

Adding to the unsettling nature of this time is
Mercury traveling Retrograde.

Keep in mind that, although life is highly changeable now, Tuesday’s Eclipse activates long-term effects, reverberating all the way through 2020.
Other qualities of eclipses are:

-   Plans can be interrupted or “eclipsed” by something else taking precedence.

-   You might hear or discover something that changes your view of a person or circumstance quite a bit.

-   Something you have planned for later – such as a move, a promotion, an engagement (or a breakup) – can happen much quicker than planned.

-   Usually, if something ends during an Eclipse, it is over. No going back.

-   Relationships come to (surprising) crossroads.

The higher theme of this Capricorn Eclipse involves how you are expressing your Divine Parent:

Are you being an excellent caretaker of yourself? ( Believing in your resourcefulness and making wise, healthy choices)

Are you accountable? (Not blaming others)

Holding healthy boundaries? (Agreeing to what nurtures and sustains you rather than bowing to other's demands) 

Acting with maturity and mastery? (Leading with your Inner Adult, vs child-like reactivity or dependent smallness)

Good Job!
This Astrologer Adores You!
Phyllis Mitz, M.A.
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*Astrology Lovers: The Capricorn Full Moon (Lunar) Eclipse is at 2:38 P.M. PDT at 24 degrees Capricorn. The Moon is also conjunct Pluto, the South Node and Saturn.  That brings serious implications. Eris is also involved, possibly surfacing exposures about the misuse of power and sexuality necessary for healing.  

I cover it all!

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**Here’s Where the 7/16 Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse Brings Something to Fruition For Your Sun Sign. Matters Can be "Wobbly" As They Course-Correct. 
Aries: Your Career, Reputation, Authority and Authority Figures
Taurus: Pursuits that Inspire You, Including Writing, Travel, Education, Communication, Foreign People, Legal Dynamics  
Gemini: Your Joint Finances, Taxes, Insurance, Sex, Other’s Transitions that Affect You 
Cancer: This is BIG for YOU: Especially Re: Your Partners, Marriage, Closest Friends
Leo: Your Work, Co-Workers, and Health Routines
Virgo: Your Love Life including Lovers and Children, Creative Self-Expression, On stage.
Libra: Your Home, Family, Real Estate Matters
Scorpio: Your Contracts, Communications, Travel, Education, Neighbors, Siblings
Sagittarius: Your Money, Possessions, and Self-Worth

Capricorn: YOU! This is big for YOU in General. Including your Self-Image, Personality, Body, and Direction in Life.
Aquarius: Your Spirituality, Unconscious, Your Past, Behind-the-Scenes Issues and People, Selfless Service, Intuition and Dreams, Endings and Retreats.
Pisces: Your Friends, Social Groups, Future Goals and Helpful People.

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