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Hello Valiant One,    

You might find the pace, energy and direction of your life is heating up now that Mars, the Warrior planet of Action, Confidence and Sex Appeal has moved into Aries through July 5th.

Mars in Aries encourages you to express Your Self in important (new) ways: Your leadership, your drive to achieve your desires and sex appeal can all be more pronounced and immediate now.

Mars here is unabashedly powerful, lusty, and very independent. It makes us more passionate, direct, impatient, and willing to bet big on ourselves and our abilities.

It’s exciting!  

Plus, Mars’ energy is supercharged as it is conjunct Lucky, Expansive Planet Jupiter, also in Aries. This is a rare astrological configuration and a very, very big deal.  It ignites a spurt of new growth and opportunities you might not have seen for over a decade.

Mars and Jupiter can give you a whole new vision of what you would like to achieve and the energy to do it!

By far, you’ll feel Mars’ driving, initiating, independent, risk taking, sexy energy in the area of your life ruled by Aries in your Astrology Chart. 
Let’s talk about where that is for you and how to make the most of this positive influence. It’s just getting started.

*You’ll also experience Mars’ thrust of drive, independence, new beginnings and sex appeal according to your Sun Sign. Read below for yours.

Consider: Mars is the Warrior Planet. Aries is the Warrior Sign.  Mars in Aries is the consummate Warrior energy.

Used wisely, this warrior energy can help you slay fears and reluctances to go directly for what you truly want in life.  You can channel its strength and valor into new projects and relationships that express your unique gifts.

But used unwisely, Mars in Aries’ warrior energy can make situations worse.  It can spark angers, recklessness, and inflammations. Fights and wars are more likely with Mars in Aries as it can ignite a "win at any cost" egocentricity. It doesn't want to negotiate... it wants to conquer!!

Perhaps Mars in Aries’ highest expression is the Spiritual Warrior: A determination to overcome our lower nature's negative drives to valiantly act on the call of our Highest Self. 

Holding the motivation to do what is for the Highest Good of All Concerned helps guide us to that end.

What is your Highest Self urging you to Do? To Achieve? To Express?

This Astrologer Adores YOU!

Phyllis Mitz, M.A.

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*Here’s Where Mars In Aries Activates New Direction, High Energy, Independence, and Sex Appeal for Your Sun Sign through July 5th.  Direct your Warrior Energy valiantly here.

Aries: YOU! This is BIG for YOU in General.  It give you Power, New drive and and sex appeal, including towards your Direction in Life, Self-Image, Personality, and Body. Big new doors are opening for you!

Taurus: Your Spirituality can be activated! Also, Your Healing, Behind-the-Scenes Activities, Completions, Rejuvenating, Sacred Service, Intuition.

Gemini: Exciting new endeavors with Your Future Goals, Friends, Social Groups, and Helpful People can all expand and grow.

Cancer: Your Career, Worldly Endeavors, Reputation, Status, Your Authority and Authority Figures can take a new direction now.

Leo: Pursuits that Inspire You, Including Spiritual Exploration, Writing, Travel, Education, Communication, Foreign People, Legal Dynamics, and Marketing can be very expansive. 

Virgo: Matters of Sexuality and Intimacies, Joint and Business Finances, Other’s Crises and Transitions That Affect You can take dynamic new turns now.  

Libra: Your Relationships: Partners, Marriage, Closest Friends are getting way more activated and can take important turns! Mars is heating things up!!! 

Scorpio: Your Work and Health Routines, Co-Workers can get very active and expansive.

Sagittarius: Your Love Life, Lovers and Children, Creative Self-Expression, Having Fun, Being in the Spotlight, Pleasure can really grow now.  

Capricorn: Matters of Your Home, Family, Real Estate Matters, Your Connection to Your Soul can go through an active change or growth spurt now.

Aquarius: Your Ideas, Contracts, Communications, Travel, Education, Neighbors, Siblings can activate and grow! 

Pisces: Expansive, active energies are coming with Your Money, Possessions, and Self-Worth.

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